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The Effect of Phytoadditive Combination and Growth Performances and Meat Quality in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhychus mykiss)

Author(s): Erol-Florian Gabor | Aurel Şara | Mihai Benţea | Călina Creţa | Anca Baciu
Holographic-Type Gravitation via Non-Differentiability in Weyl-Dirac Theory

Author(s): Mihai Pricop | Mugur Răut | Zoltan Borsos | Anca Baciu | Maricel Agop
Comparative Fingerprint and Extraction Yield of Medicinal Herb Phenolics with Hepatoprotective Potential, as Determined by UV-Vis and FT-MIR Spectroscopy

Author(s): Simona ZAVOI | Florinela FETEA | Floricuţa RANGA | Raluca M. POP | Anca BACIU | Carmen SOCACIU
Results regarding new romanian potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars reaction to in vitro culture conditions

Author(s): Anca BACIU | Adriana PETRUS – VANCEA | Zsuzsanna NEMES | Robert MOTICA | Luiza MIKE
Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. var. Saccharifera) vitroculture initiation from encapsulated seeds

Author(s): Adriana PETRUS–VANCEA | Nicolae PALCUT | Anca BACIU
Epidermal formations of Cymbidium vitro- and exvitroplantlets

Author(s): Adriana PETRUS-VANCEA | Gheorghe Emil BANDICI | Anca BACIU | Cristian Felix BLIDAR | Liviu POP
The study of the potato’s life-cycle phases important to the increase of the individual variability

Author(s): Zsuzsanna NEMES | Anca BACIU | Daniela POPA | Luiza MIKE | Adriana PETRUS–VANCEA | Oana DANCI
The results in the field of the in vitro conservation of the cultivars when using classic and modern conservation methods

Author(s): Anca BACIU | Adriana PETRUS-VANCEA | Rodica ZEHAN | Luiza MIKE | Mihaela PRODAN
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