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Environmental Worldviews: A Point of Common Contact, or Barrier?

Author(s): Caroline L. Noblet | Laura A. Lindenfeld | Mark W. Anderson
Transapical Approach for Mitral Valve Repair during Insertion of a Left Ventricular Assist Device

Author(s): Mark J. Russo | Aurelie Merlo | Elizabeth M. Johnson | Shahab Akhter | Sean McCarney | Jennifer Steiman | Allen Anderson | Valluvan Jeevanandam
Comparison of changes in heart rate variability and sacral skin perfusion in response to postural changes in people with spinal cord injury

Author(s): Yih-Kuen Jan, PT, PhD | Mark Anderson, PT, PhD | Jeanine Soltani, PT, PhD | Stephanie Burns, PT, PhD | Robert D. Foreman, PhD
The Removal of Numerical Drift from Scientific Models

Author(s): John Collins | Brian Farrimond | David Flower | Mark Anderson | David Gill
Implementing health promotion in schools: protocol for a realist systematic review of research and experience in the United Kingdom (UK)

Author(s): Pearson Mark | Chilton Roy | Woods Helen B | Wyatt Katrina | Ford Tamsin | Abraham Charles | Anderson Rob
PAM50 Breast Cancer Subtyping by RT-qPCR and Concordance with Standard Clinical Molecular Markers

Author(s): Bastien Roy RL | Rodríguez-Lescure Álvaro | Ebbert Mark TW | Prat Aleix | Munárriz Blanca | Rowe Leslie | Miller Patricia | Ruiz-Borrego Manuel | Anderson Daniel | Lyons Bradley | Álvarez Isabel | Dowell Tracy | Wall David | Seguí Miguel | Barley Lee | Boucher Kenneth M | Alba Emilio | Pappas Lisa | Davis Carole A | Aranda Ignacio | Fauron Christiane | Stijleman Inge J | Palacios José | Antón Antonio | Carrasco Eva | Caballero Rosalía | Ellis Matthew J | Nielsen Torsten O | Perou Charles M | Astill Mark | Bernard Philip S | Martín Miguel
Determination of bacterial viability by selective capture using surface-bound siderophores

Author(s): Mark L. Wolfenden | Rama M. Sakamuri | Aaron S. Anderson | Lakshman Prasad | Jurgen G. Schmidt | Harshini Mukundan
Direct measurement of oxygen consumption rates from attached and unattached cells in a reversibly sealed, diffusionally isolated sample chamber

Author(s): Timothy J. Strovas | Sarah C. McQuaide | Judy B. Anderson | Vivek Nandakumar | Marina G. Kalyuzhnaya | Lloyd W. Burgess | Mark R. Holl | Deirdre R. Meldrum | Mary E. Lidstrom
Shared Bacterial and Viral Respiratory Agents in Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis), Domestic Sheep (Ovis aries), and Goats (Capra hircus) in Montana

Author(s): David S. Miller | Glen C. Weiser | Keith Aune | Brent Roeder | Mark Atkinson | Neil Anderson | Thomas J. Roffe | Kim A. Keating | Phillip L. Chapman | Cleon Kimberling | Jack Rhyan | P. Ryan Clarke
Undergraduate Sustainable Learning: Effects of Sustainable Soilless Media on Production and Sensory Evaluation of Cucumbers, Basil, Parsley, and Lettuce

Author(s): Neil O. Anderson | Joey Annis | Mark Buchholz | Jared Cutting | Eric Heuring | Emily Jankila | Megan McCrumb | Nicole Nelson | Myra Pehoski | Karl Piepho | Valerie Price | Victoria Russell
Next-generation sequencing for HLA typing of class I loci

Author(s): Erlich Rachel | Jia Xiaoming | Anderson Scott | Banks Eric | Gao Xiaojiang | Carrington Mary | Gupta Namrata | DePristo Mark | Henn Matthew | Lennon Niall | de Bakker Paul
Multiple functions of CXCL12 in a syngeneic model of breast cancer

Author(s): Williams Sharon | Harata-Lee Yuka | Comerford Iain | Anderson Robin | Smyth Mark | McColl Shaun
Predicting the Detectability of Thin Gaseous Plumes in Hyperspectral Images Using Basis Vectors

Author(s): Kevin K. Anderson | Mark F. Tardiff | Lawrence K. Chilton
Polymorphisms in NF-κB Inhibitors and Risk of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Author(s): White Kristin | Vierkant Robert | Phelan Catherine | Fridley Brooke | Anderson Stephanie | Knutson Keith | Schildkraut Joellen | Cunningham Julie | Kelemen Linda | Pankratz V Shane | Rider David | Liebow Mark | Hartmann Lynn | Sellers Thomas | Goode Ellen
New DArT markers for oat provide enhanced map coverage and global germplasm characterization

Author(s): Tinker Nicholas | Kilian Andrzej | Wight Charlene | Heller-Uszynska Katarzyna | Wenzl Peter | Rines Howard | Bjørnstad Åsmund | Howarth Catherine | Jannink Jean-Luc | Anderson Joseph | Rossnagel Brian | Stuthman Deon | Sorrells Mark | Jackson Eric | Tuvesson Stine | Kolb Frederic | Olsson Olof | Federizzi Luiz | Carson Marty | Ohm Herbert | Molnar Stephen | Scoles Graham | Eckstein Peter | Bonman J Michael | Ceplitis Alf | Langdon Tim
A genome survey of Moniliophthora perniciosa gives new insights into Witches' Broom Disease of cacao

Author(s): Mondego Jorge | Carazzolle Marcelo | Costa Gustavo | Formighieri Eduardo | Parizzi Lucas | Rincones Johana | Cotomacci Carolina | Carraro Dirce | Cunha Anderson | Carrer Helaine | Vidal Ramon | Estrela Raíssa | García Odalys | Thomazella Daniela | de Oliveira Bruno | Pires Acássia | Rio Maria | Araújo Marcos | de Moraes Marcos | Castro Luis | Gramacho Karina | Gonçalves Marilda | Neto José | Neto Aristóteles | Barbosa Luciana | Guiltinan Mark | Bailey Bryan | Meinhardt Lyndel | Cascardo Julio | Pereira Gonçalo
Cardiac T2* magnetic resonance for prediction of cardiac complications in thalassemia major

Author(s): Kirk Paul | Roughton Michael | Porter John | Walker John | Tanner Mark | Patel Junaid | Wu Dianne | Taylor Jane | Westwood Mark | Anderson Lisa | Pennel Dudley
Does the pain-protective GTP cyclohydrolase haplotype significantly alter the pattern or severity of pain in humans with chronic pancreatitis?

Author(s): Lazarev Mark | Lamb Janette | Barmada M Michael | Dai Feng | Anderson Michelle | Max Mitchell | Whitcomb David
2039 T2* CMR in hereditary hemochromatosis

Author(s): Grasso Agata | Kirk Paul | Westwood Mark | Anderson Lisa | Bucciarelli-Ducci Chiara | O'Hanlon Rory | Pennell Dudley
Genetically engineered live-attenuated cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccines improve pregnancy outcome in the guinea-pig model of congenital CMV infection

Author(s): Schleiss Mark | McGregor Alistair | Choi Yeon | Anderson Jodi | Leviton Mike | Cui Xiaohong | McVoy Michael
High degree of conservancy among secreted salivary gland proteins from two geographically distant Phlebotomus duboscqi sandflies populations (Mali and Kenya)

Author(s): Kato Hirotomo | Anderson Jennifer | Kamhawi Shaden | Oliveira Fabiano | Lawyer Phillip | Pham Van | Sangare Constance | Samake Sibiry | Sissoko Ibrahim | Garfield Mark | Sigutova Lucie | Volf Petr | Doumbia Seydou | Valenzuela Jesus
Cyclic cidofovir (cHPMPC) prevents congenital cytomegalovirus infection in a guinea pig model

Author(s): Schleiss Mark | Anderson Jodi | McGregor Alistair
Comparative salivary gland transcriptomics of sandfly vectors of visceral leishmaniasis

Author(s): Anderson Jennifer | Oliveira Fabiano | Kamhawi Shaden | Mans Ben | Reynoso David | Seitz Amy | Lawyer Phillip | Garfield Mark | Pham MyVan | Valenzuela Jesus
Estrogen protects against the synergistic toxicity by HIV proteins, methamphetamine and cocaine

Author(s): Turchan Jadwiga | Anderson Caroline | Hauser Kurt | Sun Qinmiao | Zhang Jiayou | Liu Ying | Wise Phyllis | Kruman Inna | Maragos William | Mattson Mark | Booze Rosemarie | Nath Avindra
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