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Group Exercise versus Personal Training for Prostate Cancer Patients: A Pilot Randomized Trial

Author(s): Daniel Santa Mina | Paul Ritvo | Andrew G. Matthew | Ajay Rampersad | Helga Stein | Angela M. Cheung | John Trachtenberg | Shabbir M. H. Alibhai
Effectiveness of the Tier 1 Program of Project P.A.T.H.S.: Objective Outcome Evaluation Based on a Randomized Group Trial

Author(s): Daniel T. L. Shek | Andrew M. H. Siu | Tak Yan Lee | Chau Kiu Cheung | Raymond Chung
A Camera Phone Localised Surface Plasmon Biosensing Platform towards Low-Cost Label-Free Diagnostic Testing

Author(s): Philip J. R. Roche | Sandrine Filion-Côté | Maurice C.-K. Cheung | Vamsy P. Chodavarapu | Andrew G. Kirk
Delayed onset of tricuspid valve flow in repaired tetralogy of Fallot: an additional mechanism of diastolic dysfunction and interventricular dyssynchrony

Author(s): Sun Ai-Min | AlHabshan Fahad | Cheung Michael | Bronzetti Gabriele | Redington Andrew | Benson Lee | Macgowan Christopher | Yoo Shi-Joon
Enhancing Privacy Protection in Multimedia Systems

Author(s): Cheung Sen-chingSamson | Kundur Deepa | Senior Andrew
Photoinduced Electron Transfer Based Ion Sensing within an Optical Fiber

Author(s): Florian V. Englich | Tze Cheung Foo | Andrew C. Richardson | Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem | Christopher J. Sumby | Tanya M. Monro
Pilot Study of Inhaled Aerosols Targeted via Magnetic Alignment of High Aspect Ratio Particles in Rabbits

Author(s): Gillian E. S. Redman | Andrew R. Martin | Paul Waszak | Richard B. Thompson | Po-Yin Cheung | Bernard Thébaud | Warren H. Finlay
Enhancing Privacy Protection in Multimedia Systems

Author(s): Sen-ching Samson Cheung | Deepa Kundur | Andrew Senior
ALFRED: An Allele Frequency Database for Microevolutionary Studies

Author(s): Haseena Rajeevan | Kei-Hoi Cheung | Rohit Gadagkar | Shannon Stein | Usha Soundararajan | Judith R Kidd | Andrew J Pakstis | Perry L Miller | Kenneth K Kidd
LinkHub: a Semantic Web system that facilitates cross-database queries and information retrieval in proteomics

Author(s): Smith Andrew | Cheung Kei-Hoi | Yip Kevin | Schultz Martin | Gerstein Mark
Spotted cotton oligonucleotide microarrays for gene expression analysis

Author(s): Udall Joshua | Flagel Lex | Cheung Foo | Woodward Andrew | Hovav Ran | Rapp Ryan | Swanson Jordan | Lee Jinsuk | Gingle Alan | Nettleton Dan | Town Christopher | Chen Z Jeffrey | Wendel Jonathan
Duplication and relocation of the functional DPY19L2 gene within low copy repeats

Author(s): Carson Andrew | Cheung Joseph | Scherer Stephen
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