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Exploratory Spatial Mapping of the Occurrence of Antimicrobial Resistance in E. coli in the Community

Author(s): Sandra Galvin | Niall Bergin | Ronan Hennessy | Belinda Hanahoe | Andrew W. Murphy | Martin Cormican | Akke Vellinga
A Novel Approach to Analysis of Phage Clones by Reference Strand Mediated Conformation Analysis

Author(s): Declan P. Prendergast | M. Isla Halliday | Neil V. McFerran | Martin Curran | Brian McIhatton | Derek Middleton | Mark T. Fox | Andrew Wallace
Essential to increase the use of generics in Europe to maintain comprehensive health care?

Author(s): Brian Godman | Marion Bennie | Christoph Baumgärtel | Ljiljana Sović-Brkičić | Thomas Burkhardt | Jurij Fürst | Kristina Garuoliene | Miguel Gomes | Vanda Markovic-Pekovic | Andrew Martin | Catherine Sermet | Peter Skiold | Menno van Woerkom | Luka Voncina | Lars L. Gustafsson
Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors in the heart

Open Access Integrated Therapeutic and Diagnostic Platforms for Personalized Cardiovascular Medicine

Author(s): Patrick A. Gladding | Andrew Cave | Mehran Zareian | Kevin Smith | Jagir Hussan | Peter Hunter | Folarin Erogbogbo | Zoraida Aguilar | David S. Martin | Eugene Chan | Margie L. Homer | Abhijit V. Shevade | Mohammad Kassemi | James D. Thomas | Todd T. Schlegel
Mini-Review: Novel Therapeutic Strategies to Blunt Actions of Pneumolysin in the Lungs

Author(s): Rudolf Lucas | Istvan Czikora | Supriya Sridhar | Evgeny Zemskov | Boris Gorshkov | Umapathy Siddaramappa | Aluya Oseghale | Jonathan Lawson | Alexander Verin | Ferenc G. Rick | Norman L. Block | Helena Pillich | Maritza Romero | Martin Leustik | Andrew V. Schally | Trinad Chakraborty
Enhanced Inhibition of Prostate Tumor Growth by Dual Targeting the Androgen Receptor and the Regulatory Subunit Type Iα of Protein Kinase A in Vivo

Author(s): Iris E. Eder | Martina Egger | Hannes Neuwirt | Christof Seifarth | Danilo Maddalo | Andreas Desiniotis | Georg Schäfer | Martin Puhr | Jasmin Bektic | Andrew C. B. Cato | Helmut Klocker
A Novel Rodent Model of Autism: Intraventricular Infusions of Propionic Acid Increase Locomotor Activity and Induce Neuroinflammation and Oxidative Stress in Discrete Regions of Adult Rat Brain

Author(s): Derrick F. MacFabe | Karina Rodríguez-Capote | Jennifer E.  Franklin | Martin Kavaliers | Fred Possmayer | Klaus-Peter Ossenkopp | Andrew E. Franklin
The Relationship of the Sapstreak Fungus, Ceratocystis virescens, to Sugar Maple Dieback and Decay in Northern Michigan

Author(s): Tara L. Bal | Dana L. Richter | Andrew J. Storer | Martin F. Jurgensen
Low dose hard x-ray contact microscopy assisted by a photoelectric conversion layer

Author(s): Andrew Gomella | Eric W. Martin | Susanna K. Lynch | Nicole Y. Morgan | Han Wen
Outpatient Management of Asthma in Children

Author(s): André Schultz | Andrew C. Martin
Payers endorse generics to enhance prescribing efficiency: impact and future implications, a case history approach

Author(s): Brian Godman, BSc, PhD | Mohammed Abuelkhair, PharmD | Agnes Vitry, PharmD, PhD | Shajahan Abdu, MD | Marion Bennie, MSc | Iain Bishop, BSc | Sahar Fahmy, PhD | Kristina Garuoliene, MD, PhD | Harald Herholz, MPH | Andrew Martin, BSc, MPharmS | Rickard E Malmstrom, MD, PhD | Professor Saira Jan, PharmD, PhD | Ulrich Schwabe, MD, PhD | Catherine Sermet, MD | Peter Skiold, MSc, PhD | Luka Voncina, MD, MSc | Professor Lars L Gustaffson, MD, PhD
Drug Adverse Event Detection in Health Plan Data Using the Gamma Poisson Shrinker and Comparison to the Tree-based Scan Statistic

Author(s): Jeffrey S. Brown | Kenneth R. Petronis | Andrew Bate | Fang Zhang | Inna Dashevsky | Martin Kulldorff | Taliser R. Avery | Robert L. Davis | K. Arnold Chan | Susan E. Andrade | Denise Boudreau | Margaret J. Gunter | Lisa Herrinton | Pamala A. Pawloski | Marsha A. Raebel | Douglas Roblin | David Smith | Robert Reynolds
Comparison of methods for measuring and assessing carbon stocks and carbon stock changes in terrestrial carbon pools. How do the accuracy and precision of current methods compare? A systematic review protocol

Author(s): Petrokofsky Gillian | Kanamaru Hideki | Achard Frédéric | Goetz Scott J | Joosten Hans | Holmgren Peter | Lehtonen Aleksi | Menton Mary CS | Pullin Andrew S | Wattenbach Martin
Methods for evaluation of helium/oxygen delivery through non-rebreather facemasks

Author(s): Martin Andrew R | Katz Ira M | Lipsitz Yonatan | Terzibachi Karine | Caillibotte Georges | Texereau Joëlle
Property value estimation for inhaled therapeutic binary gas mixtures: He, Xe, N2O, and N2 with O2

Author(s): Katz Ira | Caillibotte Georges | Martin Andrew R | Arpentinier Philippe
Scalable representations of diseases in biomedical ontologies

Author(s): Schulz Stefan | Spackman Kent | James Andrew | Cocos Cristian | Boeker Martin
Consumers’ Experiences in Dual Focus Mutual Aid for Co-occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

Author(s): Harlan Matusow | Honoria Guarino | Andrew Rosenblum | Howard Vogel | Thomas Uttaro | Sadiqua Khabir | Martin Rini | Thomas Moore | Stephen Magura
Recent Advances and Future Perspectives in Microbial Phototrophy in Antarctic Sea Ice

Author(s): Eileen Y. Koh | Andrew R. Martin | Andrew McMinn | Ken G. Ryan
Hypomethylation and Over-Expression of the Beta Isoform of BLIMP1 is Induced by Epstein-Barr Virus Infection of B Cells; Potential Implications for the Pathogenesis of EBV-Associated Lymphomas

Author(s): Katerina Vrzalikova | Sarah Leonard | Yichao Fan | Andrew Bell | Martina Vockerodt | Patrik Flodr | Kenneth L. Wright | Martin Rowe | Qian Tao | Paul G. Murray
Phylogeographic Diversity of the Lower Central American Cichlid Andinoacara coeruleopunctatus (Cichlidae)

Author(s): S. Shawn McCafferty | Andrew Martin | Eldredge Bermingham
Sonographically guided lymph node biopsy: Complication rates

Author(s): Michael Mueller | Genia Wittich | Suemeyra Oeztuerk | Wolfgang Kratzer | Mark Martin Haenle | Richard Andrew Mason
Using a Genetic Algorithm as an Optimal Band Selector in the Mid and Thermal Infrared (2.5–14 µm) to Discriminate Vegetation Species

Author(s): Saleem Ullah | Thomas A. Groen | Martin Schlerf | Andrew K. Skidmore | Willem Nieuwenhuis | Chaichoke Vaiphasa
Evidence of Ambiguous Differentiation and mTOR Pathway Dysregulation in Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma

Author(s): Brad D BARROWS | Martin J RUTKOWSKI | Şakir Humayun GÜLTEKİN | Andrew T PARSA | Tarık TİHAN
Association of Genetic Variation in the Promoter Region of OXTR with Differences in Social Affective Neural Processing

Author(s): Garret O’Connell | Heather C. Whalley | Prerona Mukherjee | Andrew C. Stanfield | Christian Montag | Jeremy Hall | Martin Reuter
Association of Genetic Variation in the Promoter Region of OXTR with Differences in Social Affective Neural Processing

Author(s): Christian Montag | Jeremy Hall | Martin Reuter | Andrew C. Stanfield | Garret O’Connell | Heather C. Whalley | Prerona Mukherjee
Association of Genetic Variation in the Promoter Region of OXTR with Differences in Social Affective Neural Processing

Author(s): Christian Montag | Jeremy Hall | Martin Reuter | Andrew C. Stanfield | Garret O’Connell | Heather C. Whalley | Prerona Mukherjee
Airway pressure distribution during xenon anesthesia: The insufflation phase at constant flow (volume controlled mode)

Author(s): Ira M. Katz | Andrew R. Martin | Chia-Hsiang Feng | Caroline Majoral | Georges Caillibotte | Thomas Marx | Jean-Etienne Bazin | Christian Daviet
Detection of Chromosome X;18 Breakpoints and Translocation of the Xq22.3;18q23 Regions Resulting in Variable Fertility Phenotypes

Author(s): Attila Szvetko | Nicole Martin | Chris Joy | Andrea Hayward | Bob Watson | Andrew Cary | Stephen Withers
Computer-Enhanced Visual Learning Method to Teach Endoscopic Correction of Vesicoureteral Reflux: An Invitation to Residency Training Programs to Utilize the CEVL Method

Author(s): Michael Bauschard | Max Maizels | Andrew Kirsch | Martin Koyle | Tony Chaviano | Dennis Liu | Rachel Stork Stoltz | Evelyn Maizels | Michaella Prasad | Andrew Marks | David Bolnick
Outcome and Toxicity of an Ifosfamide-Based Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treatment Protocol in Children. The Importance of Local Therapy

Author(s): S. Murray Yule | Roderick Skinner | Martin W. English | Mike Cole | Andrew D. J. Pearson | Helen H. Lucraft | Alan W. Craft
Combined Fruit and Vegetable Intake Is Correlated with Improved Inflammatory and Oxidant Status from a Cross-Sectional Study in a Community Setting

Author(s): Martin M. Root | Megan C. McGinn | David C. Nieman | Dru A. Henson | Serena A. Heinz | R. Andrew Shanely | Amy M. Knab | Fuxia Jin
Book Reviews

Author(s): M.A. van Bakel | R. Borofsky | Andrew Beatty | J.A. Feldman et al. | A.G. van Beek | Christian F. Feest | N. Bootsma | Bernhard Dahm | Aart G. Broek | John de Pool | Martin van Bruinessen | Peter Kloos | J.G. de Casparis | Charles Higham | H.J.M. Claessen | Luc de Heusch | H. Dagmar | Erich Kolig | Anke van Dijke | Linda Terpstra | Anil Ramdas | B.F. Galjart | Hans-Dieter Evers | J. Hoffenaar | G. Teitler | Rudy de Jongh | Sjoerd Rienk Jaarsma | Ward Keeler | J.Joseph Errington | Ank Klomp | Raymond T. Smith | G.J. Knaap | A.H.P. Clemens | Jaap de Moor | E.S. van Eyck van Heslinga | Otto van den Muijzenberg | Jean-Claude Lejosne | Gert J. Oostindie | M.J. van den Blink | Rien Ploeg | Robert M. Hill II | Harry A. Poeze | Takashi Shiraishi | Rob de Ridder | Willem F.H. Adelaar | Marie-Odette Scalliet | Peter Carey | Matthew Schoffeleers | Marion Melk-Koch | Matthew Schoffeleers | Peter Metcalf | J.W. Schoorl | J.F.L.M. Cornelissen | Alex van Stipriaan | Jo Derkx | A.A. Trouwborst | Th. Schweizer (Hg) | Hans Vermeulen | Brian Juan O’Neill | C.W. Watson | Hendrick M.J. Maier | Neil Lancelot Whitehead | Edmundo Magaña | J.J. de Wolf | Meyer Fortes
When is informed consent required in cluster randomized trials in health research?

Author(s): McRae Andrew | Weijer Charles | Binik Ariella | Grimshaw Jeremy | Boruch Robert | Brehaut Jamie | Donner Allan | Eccles Martin | Saginur Raphael | White Angela | Taljaard Monica
The Protein-Protein Interaction tasks of BioCreative III: classification/ranking of articles and linking bio-ontology concepts to full text

Author(s): Krallinger Martin | Vazquez Miguel | Leitner Florian | Salgado David | Chatr-aryamontri Andrew | Winter Andrew | Perfetto Livia | Briganti Leonardo | Licata Luana | Iannuccelli Marta | Castagnoli Luisa | Cesareni Gianni | Tyers Mike | Schneider Gerold | Rinaldi Fabio | Leaman Robert | Gonzalez Graciela | Matos Sergio | Kim Sun | Wilbur W | Rocha Luis | Shatkay Hagit | Tendulkar Ashish | Agarwal Shashank | Liu Feifan | Wang Xinglong | Rak Rafal | Noto Keith | Elkan Charles | Lu Zhiyong | Dogan Rezarta | Fontaine Jean-Fred | Andrade-Navarro Miguel | Valencia Alfonso
BioCreative III interactive task: an overview

Author(s): Arighi Cecilia | Roberts Phoebe | Agarwal Shashank | Bhattacharya Sanmitra | Cesareni Gianni | Chatr-aryamontri Andrew | Clematide Simon | Gaudet Pascale | Giglio Michelle | Harrow Ian | Huala Eva | Krallinger Martin | Leser Ulf | Li Donghui | Liu Feifan | Lu Zhiyong | Maltais Lois | Okazaki Naoaki | Perfetto Livia | Rinaldi Fabio | Sætre Rune | Salgado David | Srinivasan Padmini | Thomas Philippe | Toldo Luca | Hirschman Lynette | Wu Cathy
Genetic variants in LPL, OASL and TOMM40/APOE-C1-C2-C4 genes are associated with multiple cardiovascular-related traits

Author(s): Middelberg Rita | Ferreira Manuel | Henders Anjali | Heath Andrew | Madden Pamela | Montgomery Grant | Martin Nicholas | Whitfield John
Antimicrobial management and appropriateness of treatment of urinary tract infection in general practice in Ireland

Author(s): Vellinga Akke | Cormican Martin | Hanahoe Belinda | Bennett Kathleen | Murphy Andrew
Characterization of healing following atherosclerotic carotid plaque rupture in acutely symptomatic patients: an exploratory study using in vivo cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Author(s): Teng Zhongzhao | Degnan Andrew | Sadat Umar | Wang Fang | Young Victoria | Graves Martin | Chen Shengyong | Gillard Jonathan
Who is the research subject in cluster randomized trials in health research?

Author(s): McRae Andrew | Weijer Charles | Binik Ariella | White Angela | Grimshaw Jeremy | Boruch Robert | Brehaut Jamie | Donner Allan | Eccles Martin | Saginur Raphael | Zwarenstein Merrick | Taljaard Monica
The Scythe Statistical Library: An Open Source C++ Library for Statistical Computation

Author(s): Daniel Pemstein | Kevin M. Quinn | Andrew D. Martin
MCMCpack: Markov Chain Monte Carlo in R

Author(s): Andrew D. Martin | Kevin M. Quinn | Jong Hee Park
Capability and dependency in the Newcastle 85+ cohort study. Projections of future care needs

Author(s): Jagger Carol | Collerton Joanna | Davies Karen | Kingston Andrew | Robinson Louise | Eccles Martin | von Zglinicki Thomas | Martin-Ruiz Carmen | James Oliver | Kirkwood Tom | Bond John
Cluster randomised trial in the General Practice Research Database: 1. Electronic decision support to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care (eCRT study)

Author(s): Gulliford Martin | van Staa Tjeerd | McDermott Lisa | Dregan Alex | McCann Gerard | Ashworth Mark | Charlton Judith | Grieve Andrew | Little Paul | Moore Michael | Yardley Lucy
Ethical issues posed by cluster randomized trials in health research

Author(s): Weijer Charles | Grimshaw Jeremy | Taljaard Monica | Binik Ariella | Boruch Robert | Brehaut Jamie | Donner Allan | Eccles Martin | Gallo Antonio | McRae Andrew | Saginur Raphael | Zwarenstein Merrick
MR spectroscopy-based brain metabolite profiling in propionic acidaemia: metabolic changes in the basal ganglia during acute decompensation and effect of liver transplantation

Author(s): Davison James | Davies Nigel | Wilson Martin | Sun Yu | Chakrapani Anupam | McKiernan Patrick | Walter John | Gissen P | Peet Andrew
Does clinical equipoise apply to cluster randomized trials in health research?

Author(s): Binik Ariella | Weijer Charles | McRae Andrew | Grimshaw Jeremy | Boruch Robert | Brehaut Jamie | Donner Allan | Eccles Martin | Saginur Raphael | Taljaard Monica | Zwarenstein Merrick
Using internet enabled mobile devices and social networking technologies to promote exercise as an intervention for young first episode psychosis patients

Author(s): Killackey Eoin | Anda Anna | Gibbs Martin | Alvarez-Jimenez Mario | Thompson Andrew | Sun Pamela | Baksheev Gennady
Mutation of a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor β subunit is associated with resistance to neonicotinoid insecticides in the aphid Myzus persicae

Author(s): Bass Chris | Puinean Alin | Andrews Melanie | Cutler Penny | Daniels Miriam | Elias Jan | Paul Verity | Crossthwaite Andrew | Denholm Ian | Field Linda | Foster Stephen | Lind Rob | Williamson Martin | Slater Russell
Safety and tolerability of donepezil 23 mg in moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Farlow Martin | Veloso Felix | Moline Margaret | Yardley Jane | Brand-Schieber Elimor | Bibbiani Francesco | Zou Heng | Hsu Timothy | Satlin Andrew
Characterization of pathogenic germline mutations in human Protein Kinases

Author(s): Izarzugaza Jose | Hopcroft Lisa | Baresic Anja | Orengo Christine | Martin Andrew | Valencia Alfonso
C-Type natriuretic peptide: a potential urinary biomarker for renal remodeling and fibrosis during aging

Author(s): Sangaralingham Jeson | Heublein Denise | Grande Joseph | Cataliotti Alessandro | Rule Andrew | McKie Paul | Martin Fernando | Burnett John
Opt-out as an acceptable method of obtaining consent in medical research: a short report

Author(s): Vellinga Akke | Cormican Martin | Hanahoe Belinda | Bennett Kathleen | Murphy Andrew
FGFR2 protein expression in breast cancer: nuclear localisation and correlation with patient genotype

Author(s): Martin Amy | Grant Andrew | Ashfield Alison | Palmer Colin | Baker Lee | Quinlan Philip | Purdie Colin | Thompson Alastair | Jordan Lee | Berg Jonathan
Immunotherapy of Brain Cancers: The Past, the Present, and Future Directions

Author(s): Lisheng Ge | Neil Hoa | Daniela A. Bota | Josephine Natividad | Andrew Howat | Martin R. Jadus
Recombinant Spider Silks—Biopolymers with Potential for Future Applications

Author(s): Martin Humenik | Andrew M. Smith | Thomas Scheibel
Pilot Study of Inhaled Aerosols Targeted via Magnetic Alignment of High Aspect Ratio Particles in Rabbits

Author(s): Gillian E. S. Redman | Andrew R. Martin | Paul Waszak | Richard B. Thompson | Po-Yin Cheung | Bernard Thébaud | Warren H. Finlay
Edema by T2-weighted imaging in salvaged myocardium is extracellular, not intracellular

Author(s): Ugander Martin | Bagi Paul | Booker O Julian | Hsu Li-Yueh | Oki Abiola | Greiser Andreas | Kellman Peter | Aletras Anthony | Arai Andrew
Myocardial extracellular volume imaging by CMR quantitatively characterizes myocardial infarction and subclinical myocardial fibrosis

Author(s): Ugander Martin | Oki Abiola | Hsu Li-Yueh | Kellman Peter | Greiser Andreas | Chen Marcus | Bandettini W | Aletras Anthony | Arai Andrew
Phantom validation of 17 and 11 heartbeat MOLLI T1 mapping sequence at 3T

Author(s): Liu Songtao | Huang Justin | Ugander Martin | Sibley Christopher | Oki Abiola | Han Jing | Greiser Andreas | Messroghli Daniel | Kellman Peter | Arai Andrew | Bluemke David
Quantitative T1-maps delineate myocardium at risk as accurately as T2-maps - experimental validation with microspheres

Author(s): Ugander Martin | Bagi Paul | Oki Abiola | Chen Billy | Hsu Li-Yueh | Aletras Anthony | Shah Saurabh | Greiser Andreas | Kellman Peter | Arai Andrew
Non-contrast quantitative T1-mapping indicates that salvaged myocardium develops edema during coronary occlusion, whereas infarction exhibits evidence of additional reperfusion injury

Author(s): Ugander Martin | Zemedkun Micheas | Hsu Li-Yueh | Oki Abiola | Booker O Julian | Kellman Peter | Greiser Andreas | Aletras Anthony | Arai Andrew
Use of Health Information Technology to Manage Frequently Presenting Emergency Department Patients

Author(s): Stokes-Buzzelli, Stephanie | Peltzer-jones, Jennifer M | Martin, Gerard B | Ford, Maureen M | Weise, Andrew
A culturally sensitive Transition Assistance Program for stroke caregivers: Examining caregiver mental health and stroke rehabilitation

Author(s): Paul B. Perrin, MS | Andrew Johnston, MPH | Bruce Vogel, PhD | Martin Heesacker, PhD | Mercedes Vega-Trujillo, BSOT | Jane Anderson, PhD, ARNP | Maude Rittman, PhD, RN
The PPI affix dictionary (PPIAD) and BioMethod Lexicon: importance of affixes and tags for recognition of entity mentions and experimental protein interactions

Author(s): Krallinger Martin | Tendulkar Ashish | Leitner Florian | Chatr-aryamontri Andrew | Valencia Alfonso
Preparation of aminoethyl glycosides for glycoconjugation

Author(s): Robert Šardzík | Gavin T. Noble | Martin J. Weissenborn | Andrew Martin | Simon J. Webb | Sabine L. Flitsch
New fat free mass - fat mass model for use in physiological energy balance equations

Author(s): Thomas Diana | Das Sai | Levine James | Martin Corby | Mayer Laurel | McDougall Andrew | Strauss Boyd | Heymsfield Steven
A randomized controlled trial of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) testing for cervical cancer screening: trial design and preliminary results (HPV FOCAL Trial)

Author(s): Ogilvie Gina | van Niekerk Dirk | Krajden Mel | Martin Ruth | Ehlen Thomas | Ceballos Kathy | Peacock Stuart | Smith Laurie | Kan Lisa | Cook Darrel | Mei Wendy | Stuart Gavin | Franco Eduardo | Coldman Andrew
Does the number of free nicotine patches given to smokers calling a quitline influence quit rates: results from a quasi-experimental study

Author(s): Cummings K Michael | Fix Brian | Celestino Paula | Hyland Andrew | Mahoney Martin | Ossip Deborah | Bauer Ursula
Myocardial extracellular volume imaging allows quantitative assessment of atypical late gadolinium enhancement

Author(s): Ugander Martin | Oki Abiola | Kellman Peter | Aletras Anthony | Arai Andrew
Equilibrium contrast CMR for the measurement of diffuse myocardial fibrosis

Author(s): Flett Andrew | Harward Martin | Ashworth Michael | Hansen Michael | Taylor Andrew | Kolvekar Shyam | Yap John | Elliott Perry | McGregor Christopher | Moon James
Electronic search strategies to identify reports of cluster randomized trials in MEDLINE: low precision will improve with adherence to reporting standards

Author(s): Taljaard Monica | McGowan Jessie | Grimshaw Jeremy | Brehaut Jamie | McRae Andrew | Eccles Martin | Donner Allan
Correction: Image guided dose escalated prostate radiotherapy: still room to improve

Author(s): Martin Jarad | Bayley Andrew | Bristow Robert | Chung Peter | Gospodarowicz Mary | Menard Cynthia | Milosevic Michael | Rosewall Tara | Warde Padraig | Catton Charles
Environmental DNA sequencing primers for eutardigrades and bdelloid rotifers

Author(s): Robeson Michael | Costello Elizabeth | Freeman Kristen | Whiting Jeremy | Adams Byron | Martin Andrew | Schmidt Steve
CRP identifies homeostatic immune oscillations in cancer patients: a potential treatment targeting tool?

Author(s): Coventry Brendon | Ashdown Martin | Quinn Michael | Markovic Svetomir | Yatomi-Clarke Steven | Robinson Andrew
PLAUR polymorphisms and lung function in UK smokers

Author(s): Stewart Ceri | Hall Ian | Parker Stuart | Moffat Miriam | Wardlaw Andrew | Connolly Martin | Ruse Charlotte | Sayers Ian
Complexity of genome evolution by segmental rearrangement in Brassica rapa revealed by sequence-level analysis

Author(s): Trick Martin | Kwon Soo-Jin | Choi Su | Fraser Fiona | Soumpourou Eleni | Drou Nizar | Wang Zhi | Lee Seo | Yang Tae-Jin | Mun Jeong-Hwan | Paterson Andrew | Town Christopher | Pires J Chris | Pyo Lim Yong | Park Beom-Seok | Bancroft Ian
Image guided dose escalated prostate radiotherapy: still room to improve

Author(s): Martin Jarad | Bayley Andrew | Bristow Robert | Chung Peter | Gospodarowicz Mary | Menard Cynthia | Milosevic Michael | Rosewall Tara | Warde Padraig | Catton Charles
Immunological considerations of modern animal models of malignant primary brain tumors

Author(s): Sughrue Michael | Yang Isaac | Kane Ari | Rutkowski Martin | Fang Shanna | James C David | Parsa Andrew
An integrated approach to the interpretation of Single Amino Acid Polymorphisms within the framework of CATH and Gene3D

Author(s): Izarzugaza Jose | Baresic Anja | McMillan Lisa | Yeats Corin | Clegg Andrew | Orengo Christine | Martin Andrew | Valencia Alfonso
Ethical and policy issues in cluster randomized trials: rationale and design of a mixed methods research study

Author(s): Taljaard Monica | Weijer Charles | Grimshaw Jeremy | Belle Brown Judith | Binik Ariella | Boruch Robert | Brehaut Jamie | Chaudhry Shazia | Eccles Martin | McRae Andrew | Saginur Raphael | Zwarenstein Merrick | Donner Allan
Mortality with upper gastrointestinal bleeding and perforation: effects of time and NSAID use

Author(s): Straube Sebastian | Tramèr Martin | Moore R Andrew | Derry Sheena | McQuay Henry
Psychometric properties of a single-item scale to assess sleep quality among individuals with fibromyalgia

Author(s): Cappelleri Joseph | Bushmakin Andrew | McDermott Anne | Sadosky Alesia | Petrie Charles | Martin Susan
Co-evolution of genomes and plasmids within Chlamydia trachomatis and the emergence in Sweden of a new variant strain

Author(s): Seth-Smith Helena | Harris Simon | Persson Kenneth | Marsh Pete | Barron Andrew | Bignell Alexandra | Bjartling Carina | Clark Louise | Cutcliffe Lesley | Lambden Paul | Lennard Nicola | Lockey Sarah | Quail Michael | Salim Omar | Skilton Rachel | Wang Yibing | Holland Martin | Parkhill Julian | Thomson Nicholas | Clarke Ian
2-Acetylpyridinium bromanilate

Author(s): Lynne H. Thomas | Bryan Boyle | Lesley A. Clive | Anna Collins | Lynsey D. Currie | Malgorzata Gogol | Claire Hastings | Andrew O. F. Jones | Jennifer L. Kennedy | Graham B. Kerr | Alastair Kidd | Lorreta M. Lawton | Susan J. Macintyre | Niall M. MacLean | Alan R. G. Martin | Kate McGonagle | Samantha Melrose | Gaius A. Rew | Colin W. Robinson | Marc Schmidtmann | Felicity B. Turnbull | Lewis G. Williams | Alan Y. Wiseman | Malgorzata H. Wocial | Chick C. Wilson
High resolution magic angle spinning 1H NMR of childhood brain and nervous system tumours

Author(s): Wilson Martin | Davies Nigel | Brundler Marie-Anne | McConville Carmel | Grundy Richard | Peet Andrew
3-Fluorobenzoic acid–4-acetylpyridine (1/1) at 100 K

Author(s): Gavin A. Craig | Lynne H. Thomas | Martin S. Adam | Angela Ballantyne | Andrew Cairns | Stephen C. Cairns | Gary Copeland | Clifford Harris | Eve McCalmont | Robert McTaggart | Alan R. G. Martin | Sarah Palmer | Jenna Quail | Harriet Saxby | Duncan J. Sneddon | Graeme Stewart | Neil Thomson | Alex Whyte | Chick C. Wilson | Andrew Parkin
An Evaluation of the Language Skills in Scottish Hotels

Author(s): Andrew Martin | Sylvie Davies
Contribution of the C-terminal region within the catalytic core domain of HIV-1 integrase to yeast lethality, chromatin binding and viral replication

Author(s): Xu Zaikun | Zheng Yingfeng | Ao Zhujun | Clement Martin | Mouland Andrew | Kalpana Ganjam | Belhumeur Pierre | Cohen Éric | Yao XiaoJian
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