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Effect of Incubation Time and Level of Fungus Myceliated Grain Supplemented Diet on the Growth and Health of Broiler Chickens

Author(s): V. Hines | W.L. Willis | O.S. Isikhuemhen | S.L. Ibrahim | F. Anike | J. Jackson | S.L. Hurley | E.I. Ohiman
Effect of Different Mushrooms Fed to Eimeria-Challenged Broilers on Rearing Performance

Author(s): W.L. Willis | D.C. Wall | O.S. Isikhuemhen | S. Ibrahim | R.C. Minor | J. Jackson | S.L. Hurley | F. Anike
Biotechnological Tools for Environmental Sustainability: Prospects and Challenges for Environments in Nigeria—A Standard Review

Author(s): Chukwuma S. Ezeonu | Richard Tagbo | Ephraim N. Anike | Obinna A. Oje | Ikechukwu N. E. Onwurah
Apoptosis in uterine epithelium and decidua in response to implantation: evidence for two different pathways

Author(s): Joswig Anike | Gabriel Heinz-Dieter | Kibschull Mark | Winterhager Elke

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