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Impact of Weather Factors on Population Fluctuation of H. armigera on Sunflower

Author(s): Khalid Zafar | Anjum Suhail | M. Arshad | M. Jalal Arif
Description of Morphological Variation in Three Species of the Genus Oxya (Serville)

Author(s): M. Khalid Al Hariri | Anjum Suhail | Nighat Perveen | Nazar Ali Shah
Taxonomic Studies of Tetriginae (Tetrigidae:Orthoptera) of Thal Area (Punjab) Pakistan

Author(s): Abdul Majeed | Anjum Suhail | Arshed Makhdoom Sabir | Muhammad Yousuf
Biosystematic Studies of Genus Formosatettix Tinkham (Tetrigidae: Orthoptera) of Paddy Tract of the Punjab, Pakistan

Author(s): Muhammad Azhar | Anjum Suhail | Arshed Madhdoom Sabir | Asif Saeed
Biosystematic Studies of Tetrigidae (Orthoptera) of Rawalpindi Division (Punjab) Pakistan

Author(s): Anjum Suhail | Asif Saeed | Muhammad Azhar | Arshed Makhdoom Sabir | Abdul Majeed
Distribution of Nymphalid Butterflies (Brush Footed) in District Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Author(s): Arshed Makhdoom Sabir | Amir Hassan Bhatti | Muhammad Ather Rafi | Anjum Suhail
Tetriginae (Tetrigidae:Orthoptera) of Rawalpindi Division

Author(s): Asif Saeed | Muhammad Azhar | Arshed Makhdoom Sabir | Anjum Suhail | Abdul Majeed
Comparative Efficacy of Some Insecticides Against Insect Pest Complex of Maize

Author(s): Anjum Suhail | M. Jalal Arif | Muhammad Shahid Yazdani
Taxonomic Studies of the Subfamilies Tropidopolinae and Truxalinae (Acrididae: Orthoptera) from Pakistan

Author(s): Anjum Suhail | Hammad A. Khan | U. Naeem-Ullah | M. Jalal Arif
Effect of Some Pollen Substitute Diets on the Development of Apis mellifera L. Colonies

Author(s): Arshed Makhdoom Sabir | Anjum Suhail | Waseem Akram | Ghulam Sarwar | Muhammad Saleem
Taxonomic Studies on Calliptaminae (Acrididae:Orthoptera) of Pakistan

Author(s): Anjum Suhail | M. Jalal Arif | Ghazala Suhail
The Foraging Behaviour and Value of Pollination by Honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) in Linseed

Author(s): A. M. Sabir | A. H. Bhatti | Izhar-ul-Haq | Anjum Suhail
Predatory Efficacy of Coccinella septempunctata L. on Cotton Aphids, Aphis gossypii Glov.

Author(s): Anjum Suhail | Arshed Makhdoom Sabir | Adil Hussain | Asif Saeed
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