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Personalized Cancer Care Conference

Author(s): Kurt S. Zänker | Enrico Mihich | Hans-Peter Huber | Anne-Lise Borresen-Dale
Gene expression profiling of human dermal fibroblasts exposed to bleomycin sulphate does not differentiate between radiation sensitive and control patients

Author(s): Westbury Charlotte | Sahlberg Kristine | Borresen-Dale Anne-Lise | Isacke Clare | Yarnold John
TP53 mutations in ovarian carcinomas from sporadic cases and carriers of two distinct BRCA1 founder mutations; relation to age at diagnosis and survival

Author(s): Kringen Pedro | Wang Yun | Dumeaux Vanessa | Nesland Jahn | Kristensen Gunnar | Borresen-Dale Anne-Lise | Dorum Anne
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