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Plasma Copper and Zinc Concentration in Individuals with Autism Correlate with Selected Symptom Severity

Author(s): Anthony J. Russo | Andrea P. Bazin | Richard Bigega | Robert S. Carlson III | Martin G. Cole | Dilenia C. Contreras | Matthew B. Galvin | Sayde S. Gaydorus | Sierra D. Holik | Gavin P. Jenkins | Brandon M. Jones | Penelope A. Languell | Padraic J. Lyman | Kareem P. March | Katie A. Meuer | Serena R. Peterson | Matthew T. Piedmonte | Michael G. Quinn | Nicole C. Smaranda | Patrick L. Steves | Heather P. Taylor | Teagan E. Waddingham | Janine S. Warren
The anti-inflammatory effects of dimethyl fumarate in astrocytes involve glutathione and haem oxygenase-1

Author(s): Shao Xia Lin | Lucia Lisi | Cinzia Dello Russo | Paul E Polak | Anthony Sharp | Guy Weinberg | Sergey Kalinin | Douglas L Feinstein

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