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Accelerated evolution of 3'avian FOXE1 genes, and thyroid and feather specific expression of chicken FoxE1

Author(s): Yaklichkin Sergey Yu | Darnell Diana | Pier Maricela | Antin Parker | Hannenhalli Sridhar
The chicken gene nomenclature committee report

Author(s): Burt David | Carrë Wilfrid | Fell Mark | Law Andy | Antin Parker | Maglott Donna | Weber Janet | Schmidt Carl | Burgess Shane | McCarthy Fiona
BioNetBuilder2.0: bringing systems biology to chicken and other model organisms

Author(s): Konieczka Jay | Drew Kevin | Pine Alex | Belasco Kevin | Davey Sean | Yatskievych Tatiana | Bonneau Richard | Antin Parker
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