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Comparison of Polymerization Shrinkage in Methacrylate and Silorane-Based Composites Cured by different LEDs

Author(s): Ayob Pahlavan | Masumeh Hasani Tabatabaei | Sakineh Arami | Mohammad Ataie | Sara Valizadeh
Profilometeric and SEM evaluation of effect of polishing on surface roughness of two composites (silorane-based and methylmethacrylate-based) and a Glass Ionomer

Author(s): Masumeh Hasani Tabatabaei | Sakine Arami | Ayob Pahlavan | Esmaeil Yasini | Mansoure Mirzae | Hamid Kermanshah | Farnaz Farahat
Decreased Formalin Induced Nociceptive Behaviors by Morphine Microinjection into the Nucleus Reticularis Paragigantocellularis Lateralis

Author(s): Elahe Arami | Mohammad SofiAbadi | MohammadHosein Esmaeili | Hashem Hagh Dost Yazdi | Hassan Azhdari Zarmehri
Aspergilosis broncopulmonar alérgica en un adolescente. Reporte de un caso

Author(s): Tania Alsina M. | Rodolfo Benítez C. | María Cacace A. | Arami Ferreira B.
Effects of leached components from a hybrid resin composite on the reproductive system of male mice

Author(s): Masoomeh Hasani Tabatabaie | Ayob Pahlavan | Esmaiel Yasini | Mansore Mirzaie | Sakineh Arami | Hamid Kermanshah | Hamidreza Sadeghipour Roudsari | Seyed Hossein Bassir | Taher Akbari Saeed | Hamed Hasani
The conformity of BPP and vibroacoustic stimulation results in fetal non reactive non stress test

Author(s): M. Modarres | M. Mir Mohammad Ali | H. Haghani | R. Arami | P. Rahnama
An evaluation of the average DMF in hemodialyzed patients

Author(s): Arami S. Assistant Professor | Foladi H. Dentist
Evaluation of the effect of three disinfectants on removing HBV contamination

Author(s): Arami S | Tavassoty Kheiri M | Bashar R | Nadali MA
Evaluation of disinfecting effect of 5% sodium hypochlorite solution diluted to 2:100 along with the use of disposable covers on HBV contaminated dental office surfaces and equipments

Author(s): Arami S. | Tavassoti Kheiri M. | Hasani Tabayabaie M. | Yasini E. | Pahlavan A. | Ghavam M. | Mirzaie M. | Kermanshah H. | Forootan Sh. | Ahrabi S. | Tabatabaian M. | Mahrokh L.
Effect of flowable composite on microleakage of condensable composite restorations

Author(s): Pahlavan A. | Ghavam M. | Arami S. | Yasini E. | Kermanshah H. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Mirzaie M. | Bayrami M.
Effect of various surface treatments of tooth – colored posts on bonding strength of resin cement

Author(s): Mirzaei M. | Yassini E. | Ghavam M. | Pahlavan A. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Arami S. | Kermanshah H. | Esmaieli B.
Comparison of microleakage in high copper spherical amalgam restorations using three different dentin bondin systems

Author(s): Yasini E. | Mirzaei M. | Pahlavan A. | Ghavam M. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Arami S. | Kermanshah H. | Tabatabaie Sh.
Evaluation of bond strength of D.T.Light- post to root canal using dual-cure and self-cure resin cements after irrigation with various solutions

Author(s): Atai M. | Ghavam M. | Yasini E. | Mirzaei M. | Pahlavan A. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Arami S. | Kermanshah H. | Kameli S.
In vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Salvia officinalis and Pimpinella anisum against cariogenic bacteria

Author(s): Kermanshah H. | Hashemi Kamangar S. | Arami S. | Mirsalehian A. | Kamalinejad M. | Karimi M. | JabalAmoli F.
Effect of food simulating liquids on surface hardness of two dental resin composites

Author(s): Ghavam M. | Arami S. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Mirzaei M. | Kermanshah H. | Pahlavan A. | Yasini E. | Dehghan M.
Production of an experimental bonding agent containing doxycyicline as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor, and its release rate

Author(s): Ghavam M | Arami S | Reshad M | Imani M | Ataei M | Mirzaei M | Yasini E | Hasani Tabatabaei M | Pahlavan A
Evaluation of opacity in polyethylene fiber reinforced composites

Author(s): Hasani Tabatabaie M | Hassani Z | Arami S

Author(s): Arami S.

Author(s): M. Nikanfar | M. A. Arami | L. Mansourpoor S. Najmi
Thalamic hemorrhage six days after carotid artery stenting

Author(s): Mohammadian Reza | Najaran Aboulfzal | Arami Mohammad | Mansoorizadeh Reza
Epidemiology and characteristics of Guillain-Barre syndrome in the northwest of Iran

Author(s): Arami Mohammad | Yazdchi Mohammad | Khandaghi Reza
Adsorption of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solutions

Author(s): M. Nameni | M. R. Alavi Moghadam | M. Arami
The Electrophysiological Evaluation of 70 Iranian Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Author(s): Mohammad YAZDCHI | Ali Asghar EBRAHIMI | Haleh MIKAEELI | Mohammad Ali ARAMI | Reza KHANDAGHI
The Immunologic Response to Anti-Hepatitis B Vaccination Among Medical Students of Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Guilan, Iran

Author(s): F. Mansour-Ghanaei | M.S. Fallah | R. Jafarshad | F. Joukar | M. Arami | A. Ale-esmaeil | M. Hoseinzadeh
Evaluation of F-Wave in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Its Prognostic Value

Author(s): Mohammad YAZDCHI | Reza KHANDAGHI | Mohammad Ali ARAMI
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