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Characterization of global microRNA expression reveals oncogenic potential of miR-145 in metastatic colorectal cancer

Author(s): Arndt Greg | Dossey Lesley | Cullen Lara | Lai Angela | Druker Riki | Eisbacher Michael | Zhang Chunyan | Tran Nham | Fan Hongtao | Retzlaff Kathy | Bittner Anton | Raponi Mitch
Sequence determinants of innate immune activation by short interfering RNAs

Author(s): Goodchild Amber | Nopper Nicole | King Andrew | Doan Tram | Tanudji Marcel | Arndt Greg | Poidinger Michael | Rivory Laurent | Passioura Toby
Interfering ribonucleic acids that suppress expression of multiple unrelated genes

Author(s): Passioura Toby | Gozar Mary | Goodchild Amber | King Andrew | Arndt Greg | Poidinger Michael | Birkett Donald | Rivory Laurent
Expressing functional siRNAs in mammalian cells using convergent transcription

Author(s): Tran Nham | Cairns Murray | Dawes Ian | Arndt Greg
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