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Cause-Selecting Charts Based on Proportional Hazards and Binary Frailty Models

Author(s): Hamid Shahriari | Abdollah Aghaie | Shervin Asadzadeh,
Effect of Length and Diameter of Fiber Reinforced Composite Post on Fracture Resistance of Remaining Tooth Structure

Author(s): Mahdiyeh Seifi | Bijhan Heidari | Nafiseh Asadzadeh | Saeid Ebrahimzadeh
Molecular Investigation on DNA-PKcs Gene and Identification of SCID Carriers among Iranian Arabian HorsesUsing a Test Based on PCR

Author(s): Hamid Reza Seyedabadi | Mohamad Hossein Banabazi | Fazlollah Afraz | Nader Asadzadeh | Arash Javanmard | Ali Javanrouh Aliabad
A Plausible Anti-Apoptotic Role of Up-Regulated OCT4B1 in Bladder Tumors

Author(s): Jamshid Asadzadeh | Malek Hossein Asadi | Nasser Shakhssalim | Mahmoud-Reza Rafiee | Hamid Reza Kalhor | Mahmoud Tavallaei | Seyed Javad Mowla
Age at Diagnosis and Breast Cancer Survival in Iran

Author(s): Fatemeh Asadzadeh Vostakolaei | Mireille J. M. Broeders | Nematollah Rostami | Jos A. A. M. van Dijck | Ton Feuth | Lambertus A. L. M. Kiemeney | André L. M. Verbeek
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Associated with Elevated Immunoglobulin-G4: A Preliminary Study

Author(s): Baran Parhizkar | Amir Houshang Mohammad Alizadeh | Hamid Asadzadeh Aghdaee | Habib Malekpour | Amir Hossein Entezari
Mandibular Width and Length Deformation During Mouth Opening in Female Dental Students

Author(s): N. Asadzadeh | A.S. Madani | A. Mirmortazavi | M.R. Sabooni | V. Shibani
Differences in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Associated With Maximum and Mean Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Among Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Amir Ahmad Nassiri | Monirsadat Hakemi | Reza Asadzadeh | Ali Mohammad Faizei | Sudabeh Alatab | Reza Miri | Mehdi Yaseri
Opium and Opioid Abuse in Orthopedic Inpatients: A Cross Sectional Study in Urmia University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): Ahmadreza Afshar | Mina Asadzadeh | Hakimeh Kargar | Mir Mosa Aghdashi | Fardin Mirzatolooei
The Effect of patient position on Recording the Centric Relation of Occlusion by Tracing the Gothic Arch in Dentulous patients

Author(s): F Rostamkhan | J Gharehchahi | H Akhavizadegan | N Asadzadeh Aghdaee | S Nosouhian
Antiserum production in immunized camel by the venom of Hemiscorpius lepturus scorpion: evaluation of neutralizing test in vivo

Author(s): Behdani M | Hosseininejad chafi M | Zeinali S | Karimipour M | Khanahmad Shahreza H | Ghasemi P | Asadzadeh N | Ghamnak A | Pooshang Bagheri K | Ahari H | Shahbazzadeh D
Microsatellite Instability in Young Women with Endometrioid type Endometrial Cancer

Author(s): MR Abbaszadegan | H Asadzadeh Aghdayi | F Rastin | E Dadkhah | M Lotfalizadeh | N Mohamadian Roshan | M Farzadnia | A Velayati | A A'rabi
The Relationship of Haptoglobin Polymorphism and Cardiovascular Diseases in Some of Iranian Diabetic Patients

Author(s): P. Ghadam | A. Abadi | A. Asadzadeh | N. Safari | A. Shabani | M. Sharifian
Evaluating of an AGV System in a CIM Unit: A Simulation Approach

Author(s): J. Razmi | M.R. Taghizadeh | S.M. Asadzadeh
Designing X control chart using DEA approach

Author(s): Shervin Asadzadeh | Farid Khoshalhan
Clinicopathological significance of E-cadherin, !-catenin and p53 expression in gastric adenocarinoma

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Zali | Omeed Moaven | Hamid Reza Asadzadeh Aghdaee | Kamran Ghafarzadegan | Khadijeh Jami Ahmadi | Mehdi Farzadnia | Reza Ebrahimzadeh | Azadeh Arabib | Mohammad Reza Abbaszadegan
A DEA Based MODM Model for Designing X Control Chart

Author(s): Shervin Asadzadeh | Farid Khoshalhan
Effect of L-arginine on neuromuscular transmission of the chick biventer cervicis muscle

Author(s): D. Farzin | s. Asadzadeh | M. Tashfam | B. Esfandiar
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