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Neurodegeneration in MS and NMO: The Eye and the Blood

Author(s): Axel Petzold | Jeroen J. G. Geurts | Ichiro Nakashima | Helmut Butzkueven | Robert Weissert
Consensus Guidelines for CSF and Blood Biobanking for CNS Biomarker Studies

Author(s): Charlotte E. Teunissen | Hayrettin Tumani | Jeffrey L. Bennett | Frode S. Berven | Lou Brundin | Manuel Comabella | Diego Franciotta | Jette L. Federiksen | John O. Fleming | Roberto Furlan | Rogier Q. Hintzen | Steve G. Hughes | Connie R. Jimenez | Michael H. Johnson | Joep Killestein | Eva Krasulova | Jens Kuhle | Maria-Chiara Magnone | Axel Petzold | Cecilia Rajda | Konrad Rejdak | Hollie K. Schmidt | Vincent van Pesch | Emmanuelle Waubant | Christian Wolf | Florian Deisenhammer | Gavin Giovannoni | Bernhard Hemmer
Chemical and environmental vector control as a contribution to the elimination of visceral leishmaniasis on the Indian subcontinent: cluster randomized controlled trials in Bangladesh, India and Nepal

Author(s): Joshi Anand | Das Murari | Akhter Shireen | Chowdhury Rajib | Mondal Dinesh | Kumar Vijay | Das Pradeep | Kroeger Axel | Boelaert Marleen | Petzold Max
Serum S100B in primary progressive multiple sclerosis patients treated with interferon-beta-1a

Author(s): Lim Ee | Petzold Axel | Leary Siobhan | Altmann Daniel | Keir Geoff | Thompson Ed | Miller David | Thompson Alan | Giovannoni Gavin
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