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Influencia de las Emociones Negativas (Ansiedad, Depresión e Ira) sobre la Eficacia de un Programa de Tratamiento Cognitivo Conductual de Deshabituación al Tabaco

Author(s): Francisco Javier Pu00E9rez-Pareja | Albert Sesu00E9 | Ana Filomena Romo | Alfonso Palmer | Manuel Tomu00E1s
Emociones Negativas en Pacientes con Lumbalgia Crónica

Author(s): M.u00AA Magdalena Truyols Taberner | M.u00AA Magdalena Medinas Amoru00F3s | Javier Perez Pareja | Alfonso Palmer Pol | Albert Sesu00E9 Abad
La formación de los/as profesionales de la salud para afrontar la violencia contra las mujeres en la pareja

Author(s): Victoria A. Ferrer Pu00E9rez | Esperanza Bosch Fiol | M.u00AA Carmen Ramis Palmer
Aspectos psicológicos relevantes en el estudio y el tratamiento del dolor crónico

Author(s): M.u00AA Magdalena Truyols Taberner | Javier Pu00E9rez Pareja | Mu00AA Magdalena Medinas Amoru00F3s | Alfonso Palmer Pol | Albert Sesu00E9 Abad
Ansiedad y diagnóstico del síndrome premenstrual (SPM)

Molecular Mapping of D1, D2 and ms5 Revealed Linkage between the Cotyledon Color Locus D2 and the Male-Sterile Locus ms5 in Soybean

Author(s): Alina Ott | Yang Yang | Madan Bhattacharyya | Harry T. Horner | Reid G. Palmer | Devinder Sandhu
Fostering Complexity Thinking in Action Research for Change in Social–Ecological Systems

Author(s): Kevin H. Rogers | Rebecca Luton | Harry Biggs | Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs | Sonja Blignaut | Aiden G. Choles | Carolyn G. Palmer | Pius Tangwe
Morphine has latent deleterious effects on the ventilatory responses to a hypoxic-hypercapnic challenge

Author(s): Walter J. May | Fraser Henderson | Ryan B. Gruber | Joseph F. Discala | Alex P. Young | James N. Bates | Lisa A. Palmer | Stephen J. Lewis
Low-dose morphine elicits ventilatory excitant and depressant responses in conscious rats: Role of peripheral µ-opioid receptors

Author(s): Fraser Henderson | Walter J. May | Ryan B. Gruber | Alex P. Young | Lisa A. Palmer | Benjamin Gaston | Stephen J. Lewis
Libros y revistas recibidos

Author(s): Montserrat Palmer Trias
Libros y revistas recibidos

Author(s): Montserrat Palmer Trías

Author(s): Montserrat Palmer Trías

Author(s): Montserrat Palmer Trias

Author(s): Montserrat Palmer Trias
Cloning and Characterization of EF-Tu and EF-Ts from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Author(s): Stephanie O. Palmer | Edna Y. Rangel | Alberto E. Montalvo | Alexis T. Tran | Kate C. Ferguson | James M. Bullard
Caring for elderly patients with dementia: nursing interventions

Author(s): Joosse LL | Palmer D | Lang NM
Incision history of Glenwood Canyon, Colorado, USA, from the uranium-series analyses of water-table speleothems

Author(s): Victor J. Polyak | Harvey R. DuChene | Donald G. Davis | Arthur N. Palmer | Margaret V. Palmer | Yemane Asmerom
Racial differences in the association of CD14 polymorphisms with serum total IgE levels and allergen skin test reactivity

Author(s): Wang ZY | Sundy JS | Foss CM | Barnhart HX | Palmer SM | Allgood SD | Trudeau E | Alexander KM | Levesque MC
Are patients with chronic pain and fibromyalgia correctly classified by MMPI-2 validity scales and indexes?

Author(s): Alfonso Palmer | Carmen Borrás | Javier Pérez-Pareja | Albert Sesé | Manuel Vilariño
Factors Affecting the Acceptance of Pandemic Influenza A H1N1 Vaccine amongst Essential Service Providers: A Cross Sectional Study

Author(s): Alice Beattie | Katie Palmer | Emily Rees | Zoe Riddell | Charlotte Roberts | Rachel Jordan
Airborne observations of trace gases over boreal Canada during BORTAS: campaign climatology, airmass analysis and enhancement ratios

Author(s): S. J. O'Shea | G. Allen | M. W. Gallagher | S. J.-B. Bauguitte | S. M. Illingworth | M. Le Breton | J. B. A. Muller | C. J. Percival | A. T. Archibald | D. E. Oram | M. Parrington | P. I. Palmer | A. C. Lewis
Aliskiren: A New Harbinger of Hypotension?

Author(s): Elliot I. Palmer | Andrew Oken
Multiobjective-Optimized Design of a New UWB Antenna for UWB Applications

Author(s): C. Moreno de Jong van Coevorden | M. Fernández Pantoja | Salvador G. García | A. Rubio Bretones | R. Gómez-Martín | K. Palmer
Loss of CclA, required for histone 3 lysine 4 methylation, decreases growth but increases secondary metabolite production in Aspergillus fumigatus

Author(s): Jonathan M. Palmer | Jin Woo Bok | Seul Lee | Taylor R.T. Dagenais | David R. Andes | Dimitrios P. Kontoyiannis | Nancy P. Keller
Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: A Review of the Current State

Author(s): Patel VR | Palmer KJ | Samavedi S | Coughlin G
Identifying the sources driving observed PM2.5 variability over Halifax, Nova Scotia, during BORTAS-B

Author(s): M. D. Gibson | J. R. Pierce | D. Waugh | J. S. Kuchta | L. Chisholm | T. J. Duck | J. T. Hopper | S. Beauchamp | G. H. King | J. E. Franklin | W. R. Leaitch | A. J. Wheeler | Z. Li | G. A. Gagnon | P. I. Palmer
Quantifying the impact of BOReal forest fires on Tropospheric oxidants over the Atlantic using Aircraft and Satellites (BORTAS) experiment: design, execution and science overview

Author(s): P. I. Palmer | M. Parrington | J. D. Lee | A. C. Lewis | A. R. Rickard | P. F. Bernath | T. J. Duck | D. L. Waugh | D. W. Tarasick | S. Andrews | E. Aruffo | L. J. Bailey | E. Barrett | S. J.-B. Bauguitte | K. R. Curry | P. Di Carlo | L. Chisholm | L. Dan | G. Forster | J. E. Franklin | M. D. Gibson | D. Griffin | D. Helmig | J. R. Hopkins | J. T. Hopper | M. E. Jenkin | D. Kindred | J. Kliever | M. Le Breton | S. Matthiesen | M. Maurice | S. Moller | D. P. Moore | D. E. Oram | S. J. O'Shea | R. Christopher Owen | C. M. L. S. Pagniello | S. Pawson | C. J. Percival | J. R. Pierce | S. Punjabi | R. M. Purvis | J. J. Remedios | K. M. Rotermund | K. M. Sakamoto | A. M. da Silva | K. B. Strawbridge | K. Strong | J. Taylor | R. Trigwell | K. A. Tereszchuk | K. A. Walker | D. Weaver | C. Whaley | J. C. Young
Changes in efficiency and resource utilization after increasing experience with double balloon enteroscopy

Author(s): Neal C Patel | William C Palmer | Kanwar R Gill | David Cangemi | Nancy Diehl | Mark E Stark
From GWAS to genome sequencing: complementary approaches to identify melanoma predisposition genes

Author(s): MacGregor S | Brown KM | Stark M | Gartside M | Woods S | Bonazzi V | Aoude L | Dutton-Regester K | Tyagi S | Liu J | Duffy DL | Palmer J | Cust A | Schmid H | Symmons J | Holland E | Agha-Hamilton C | Holohan K | Youngkin D | Gillanders E | Jenkins MA | Kelly J | Whiteman DC | Kefford R | Giles G | Armstrong B | Aitken J | Hopper J | Montgomery G | Schmidt C | Trent JM | Martin NG | Mann GJ | Hayward NK
Making sure there's a "give" associated with the "take": producing and using open-source software in big pharma

Author(s): Landrum Gregory | Lewis Richard | Palmer Andrew | Stiefl Nikolaus | Vulpetti Anna
Coordinative variability and overuse injury

Author(s): Hamill Joseph | Palmer Christopher | Van Emmerik Richard E A
Using the maternal-fetal genotype incompatibility test to assess non-inherited maternal HLA-DRB1 antigen coding alleles as rheumatoid arthritis risk factors

Author(s): Hsieh Hsin-Ju | Palmer Christina GS | Harney Sinead | Chen Hsiu-Wen | Bauman Lara | Brown Matthew A | Sinsheimer Janet S
Assessing Healthcare Utilization for Influenza-like Illness at an Emergency Department and a Student Health Service during the 2009–2010 H1N1 Pandemic

Author(s): Ruchi Bhandari | Tara A. Hartley | William G. Lindsley | Melanie A. Fisher | Jan E. Palmer
Barrera antimareas en el Támesis Gran Bretaña

Author(s): Rendel, - | Palmer, - | Tritton, -

Author(s): J. Adrián Monjeau | Jorge A. Tort | Jorge Márquez | Pablo Jayat | Benjamin N. Palmer Fry | Sofía D. Nazar Anchorena | Andrés Di Vincenzo | Francisco Polop
Fibromyalgia and chronic pain: Are there discriminating patterns by using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2)?

Author(s): Javier Pérez-Pareja | Albert Sesé | Héctor González-Ordi | Alfonso Palmer
Read and think before you write: Prewriting time and level of print exposure as factors in writing

Author(s): L. Kimberly Epting | Evan M. Gallena | Stephanie A. Hicks | Elizabeth N. Palmer | Traci Weisberg
Factores de riesgo organizacionales asociados al síndrome de Burnout en médicos anestesiólogos

Author(s): Yusvisaret Palmer | Antonio Gómez Vera | Carlos Cabrera Pivaral | Roberto Prince Vélez | Roberto Searcy
Coaching Psykologi

Author(s): Ole Michael Spaten | Darren Langdridge | Lillith Olesen Løkken | Stephen Palmer | Reinhard Stelter | Jacob Storch
Ozone photochemistry in boreal biomass burning plumes

Author(s): M. Parrington | P. I. Palmer | A. C. Lewis | J. D. Lee | A. R. Rickard | P. Di Carlo | J. W. Taylor | J. R. Hopkins | S. Punjabi | D. E. Oram | G. Forster | E. Aruffo | S. J. Moller | S. J.-B. Bauguitte | J. D. Allan | H. Coe | R. J. Leigh
The Australian bushfires of February 2009: MIPAS observations and GEM-AQ model results

Author(s): N. Glatthor | M. Höpfner | K. Semeniuk | A. Lupu | P. I. Palmer | J. C. McConnell | J. W. Kaminski | T. von Clarmann | G. P. Stiller | B. Funke | S. Kellmann | A. Linden | A. Wiegele
Off-line algorithm for calculation of vertical tracer transport in the troposphere due to deep convection

Author(s): D. A. Belikov | S. Maksyutov | M. Krol | A. Fraser | M. Rigby | H. Bian | A. Agusti-Panareda | D. Bergmann | P. Bousquet | P. Cameron-Smith | M. P. Chipperfield | A. Fortems-Cheiney | E. Gloor | K. Haynes | P. Hess | S. Houweling | S. R. Kawa | R. M. Law | Z. Loh | L. Meng | P. I. Palmer | P. K. Patra | R. G. Prinn | R. Saito | C. Wilson
The influence of biomass burning on the global distribution of selected non-methane organic compounds

Author(s): A. C. Lewis | M. J. Evans | J. R. Hopkins | S. Punjabi | K. A. Read | R. M. Purvis | S. J. Andrews | S. J. Moller | L. J. Carpenter | J. D. Lee | A. R. Rickard | P. I. Palmer | M. Parrington

Author(s): Jerad S. Linneman | Matthew S. Allen | Michael W. Palmer
The Need for Savanna Restoration in the Cross Timbers

Author(s): Caleb Stotts | Michael W. Palmer | Kelly Kindscher
Vascular Plant Checklists from Oklahoma

Author(s): Michael W. Palmer
Clinical Relevance of Natural Killer Cells Following Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Author(s): Jeanne M Palmer, Kamalakannan Rajasekaran, Monica S Thakar, Subramaniam Malarkannan
IL-22: An Evolutionary Missing-Link Authenticating the Role of the Immune System in Tissue Regeneration

Author(s): Pawan Kumar, Kamalakannan Rajasekaran, Jeanne M Palmer, Monica S Thakar, Subramaniam Malarkannan
Women-specific HIV/AIDS services: identifying and defining the components of holistic service delivery for women living with HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Allison J Carter | Sonya Bourgeois | Nadia O'Brien | Kira Abelsohn | Wangari Tharao | Saara Greene | Shari Margolese | Angela Kaida | Margarite Sanchez | Alexis K Palmer | Angela Cescon | Alexandra de Pokomandy | Mona R Loutfy | on behalf of CHIWOS Research Team
A new bed elevation dataset for Greenland

Author(s): J. A. Griggs | J. L. Bamber | R. T. W. L. , Hurkmans | J. A. Dowdesewell | S. P. Gogineni | I. Howat | J. Mouginot | J. Paden | S. Palmer | E. Rignot | D. Steinhage
Estimating regional methane surface fluxes: the relative importance of surface and GOSAT mole fraction measurements

Author(s): A. Fraser | P. I. Palmer | L. Feng | H. Boesch | A. Cogan | R. Parker | E. J. Dlugokencky | P. J. Fraser | P. B. Krummel | R. L. Langenfelds | S. O'Doherty | R. G. Prinn | L. P. Steele | M. van der Schoot | R. F. Weiss
Performance of Clinical Algorithms for Smear-Negative Tuberculosis in HIV-Infected Persons in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Author(s): Duc T. M. Nguyen | Hung Q. Nguyen | R. Palmer Beasley | Charles E. Ford | Lu-Yu Hwang | Edward A. Graviss
Mycobacterial Diseases of Animals 2012

Author(s): Mitchell V. Palmer | Michael D. Welsh | Jesse M. Hostetter
Cultural Traditions and the Treatment of Freeriders

Author(s): Christina Pomianek | Craig T. Palmer | Reed L. Wadley | Katherine Coe
Mutans streptococci genetic strains in children with severe early childhood caries: follow-up study at one-year post-dental rehabilitation therapy

Author(s): Elizabeth A. Palmer | Alex Vo | Shelby B. Hiles | Patricia Peirano | Samyia Chaudhry | Amy Trevor | Iraj Kasimi | Jill Pollard | Christopher Kyles | Michael Leo | Beth Wilmot | John Engle | John Peterson | Tom Maier | Curtis A. Machida
Neonatal Calf Infection with Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Drawing Parallels to the Disease in Human Infants

Author(s): Randy E. Sacco | Jodi L. McGill | Mitchell V. Palmer | John D. Lippolis | Timothy A. Reinhardt | Brian J. Nonnecke
The invertebrate diet of northern bobwhite chicks in Georgia, United States

Author(s): D. A. Butler | W. E. Palmer | M. P. Cook
Simulating the growth of supraglacial lakes at the western margin of the Greenland ice sheet

Author(s): A. A. Leeson | A. Shepherd | S. Palmer | A. Sundal | X. Fettweis
Utilization of and Attitudes towards Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies in a Chinese Cancer Hospital: A Survey of Patients and Physicians

Author(s): Jennifer L. McQuade | ZhiQiang Meng | Zhen Chen | Qi Wei | Ying Zhang | WenYing Bei | J. Lynn Palmer | Lorenzo Cohen
Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics of the Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Ethionamide in a Flavin-Containing Monooxygenase Null Mouse

Author(s): Amy L. Palmer | Virginia L. Leykam | Andrew Larkin | Sharon K. Krueger | Ian R. Phillips | Elizabeth A. Shephard | David E. Williams
Effect of milnacipran on body weight in patients with fibromyalgia

Author(s): Arnold LM | Palmer RH | Hufford MR | Chen W
Development of a Simplified, Cost Effective GC-ECD Methodology for the Sensitive Detection of Bromoform in the Troposphere

Author(s): Brett Kuyper | Casper Labuschagne | Raïssa Philibert | Nicholas Moyo | Howard Waldron | Chris Reason | Carl Palmer
The influence of boreal forest fires on the global distribution of non-methane hydrocarbons

Author(s): A. C. Lewis | M. J. Evans | J. R. Hopkins | S. Punjabi | K. A. Read | S. Andrews | S. J. Moller | L. J. Carpenter | J. D. Lee | A. R. Rickard | P. I. Palmer | M. Parrington
Off-line algorithm for calculation of vertical tracer transport in the troposphere due to deep convection

Author(s): D. A. Belikov | S. Maksyutov | M. Krol | A. Fraser | M. Rigby | H. Bian | A. Agusti-Panareda | D. Bergmann | P. Bousquet | P. Cameron-Smith | M. P. Chipperfield | A. Fortems-Cheiney | E. Gloor | K. Haynes | P. Hess | S. Houweling | S. R. Kawa | R. M. Law | Z. Loh | L. Meng | P. I. Palmer | P. K. Patra | R. G. Prinn | R. Saito | C. Wilson
Predictors of Relapse in a Bupropion Trial for Smoking Cessation in Recently-Abstinent Alcoholics: Preliminary Results Using an Aggregate Genetic Risk Score

Author(s): John E. McGeary | Valerie S. Knopik | John E. Hayes | Rohan H. Palmer | Peter M. Monti | David Kalman

Author(s): E. Babiloni | M. Cardós | J. M. Albarracín | M.E. Palmer
Predictive value of symptoms and demographics in diagnosing malignancy or peptic stricture

Author(s): Iain A Murray | Joanne Palmer | Carolyn Waters | Harry R Dalton

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