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Characterization of chronic HCV infection-induced apoptosis

Author(s): Zekri Abdel-Rahman | Bahnassy Abeer | Hafez Mohamed | Hassan Zeinab | Kamel Mahmoud | Loutfy Samah | Sherif Ghada | El-Zayadi Abdel-Rahman | Daoud Sayed
Autologous CD34 and CD133 stem cells transplantation in patients with end stage liver disease

Author(s): Hosny Salama, Abdel-Rahman N Zekri, Abeer A Bahnassy, Eman Medhat, Hanan A Halim, Ola S Ahmed, Ghada Mohamed, Sheren A Al Alim, Ghada M Sherif
Consensus siRNA for inhibition of HCV genotype-4 replication

Author(s): Zekri Abdel | Bahnassy Abeer | El-Din Hanaa | Salama Hosny
Clinical significance of altered nm23-H1, EGFR, RB and p53 expression in bilharzial bladder cancer

Author(s): Khaled Hussein | Bahnassy Abeer | Raafat Amira | Zekri Abdel-Rahman | Madboul Maha | Mokhtar Nadia
Flow cytometric immunophenotyping (FCI) of lymphoma: correlation with histopathology and immunohistochemistry

Author(s): El-Sayed Abeer | El-Borai Mohammad | Bahnassy Abeer | El-Gerzawi Shadia
Genetic profile of Egyptian hepatocellular-carcinoma associated with hepatitis C virus Genotype 4 by 15 K cDNA microarray: Preliminary study

Author(s): Zekri Abdel-Rahman | Hafez Mohamed | Bahnassy Abeer | Hassan Zeinab | Mansour Tarek | Kamal Mahmoud | Khaled Hussein
The possible role of cell cycle regulators in multistep process of HPV-associated cervical carcinoma

Author(s): Bahnassy Abeer | Zekri Abdel | Saleh Maha | Lotayef Mohammad | Moneir Manar | Shawki Osama
Genetic distance and heterogenecity between quasispecies is a critical predictor to IFN response in Egyptian patients with HCV genotype-4

Author(s): Zekri Abdel | El-Din Hanaa | Bahnassy Abeer | Khaled Mohsen | Omar Ashraf | Fouad Inas | El-Hefnewi Mahmoud | Thakeb Fouad | El-Awady Mostafa
Cyclin A and cyclin D1 as significant prognostic markers in colorectal cancer patients

Author(s): Bahnassy Abeer | Zekri Abdel-Rahman | El-Houssini Soumaya | El-Shehaby Amal | Mahmoud Moustafa | Abdallah Samira | El-Serafi Mostafa

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