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Characteristics of Chinese patients with cough in primary care centre

Author(s): Hong Qunying | Bai Chunxue | Wang Xiangdong
Advanced NSCLC First Pass Perfusion at 64-slice CT: Reproducibility of Volume-based Quantitative Measurement

Author(s): Fei SHAN | Zhiyong ZHANG | Mengsu ZENG | Jie HU | Chunxue BAI
Protection against the allergic airway inflammation depends on the modulation of spleen dendritic cell function and induction of regulatory T cells in mice

Author(s): Wang Yaoli | Bai Chunxue | Wang Guansong | Wang Diane | Cheng Xiaoming | Huang Jian | Jiang Dongpo | Qian Guisheng | Wang Xiangdong
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