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Alternative Conditions to Time Inconsistency Equilibrium of an International Monetary Policy

Author(s): Iman Bastanifar | Mohammad Vaez Barzani | Rahim Dallali Isfahani | Rasoul Bakhshi
Leiomyoma of the seminal vesicle: a rare case

Author(s): Aftab S Shaikh | Girish D. Bakhshi | Arshad S. Khan | Nilofar M. Jamadar | Aravind Kotresh Nirmala | Arif Ahmed Raza
Retroperitoneal approach for recurrent benign multicystic peritoneal mesothelioma

Author(s): Girish D. Bakhshi | Kishor R. Wankhede | Mukund B. Tayade | Ajay H. Bhandarwar | Sandeep T. Gore | Dayanand D. Choure
Retropancreatic teratoma with intra-thoracic extension

Author(s): Girish D. Bakhshi | Kishor R. Wankhede | Ajay H. Bhandarwar | Mukund B. Tayde | Sachin S. Shenoy | Sandeep T. Gore
Adenocarcinoma of an ileostomy in a case of Hirschprung’s disease with retroviral disease

Author(s): Girish D. Bakhshi | Sachin S. Shenoy | Kavita V. Jadhav | Mukund B. Tayade | Sunil R. Patil | Chintan B. Patel
Primary renal synovial sarcoma

Author(s): Girish D. Bakhshi | Arshad S. Khan | Aftab S. Shaikh | Mohammad Ashraf A. Khan | Mohammad Adil A. Khan | Nilofar M. Jamadar
Carcino-sarcoma in a case of syringocystadenoma papilliferum: a rare entity

Author(s): Girish D. Bakhshi | Kishor R. Wankhede | Mukund B. Tayade | Sachin S. Shenoy | Sandeep T. Gore | Arvind G. Valand
Primary hepatic choriocarcinoma: a rare cause of spontaneous haemoperitoneum in an adult

Author(s): Girish D. Bakhshi | Ashok D. Borisa | Ajay H. Bhanadarwar | Mukund B. Tayade | Rajesh B. Yadav | Yogesh R. Jadhav
Anterior mandibular ameloblastoma

Author(s): Ajay H. Bhandarwar | Girish D. Bakhshi | Ashok D. Borisa | Amol Wagh | Rajat Kapoor | Channabasappa G. Kori
Combined spinal epidural anesthesia in achondroplastic dwarf for femur surgery

Author(s): Rochana Girish Bakhshi | Sheetal R. Jagtap
High grade leiomyosarcoma of the testes

Author(s): Girish D. Bakhshi | Kishor R. Wankhede | Mukund B. Tayade | Sachin S. Shenoy | Shankar T. Mundhe | Chintan Patel
Giant recurrent retroperitoneal liposarcoma presenting as a recurrent inguinal hernia

Author(s): Ajay H. Bhandarwar | Girish D. Bakhshi | Ashok D. Borisa | Sachin S. Shenoy | Channabasappa G. Kori | Sameer Vora
The Role of Parabrachial GABAA Receptors in Pain Modulation in Rats

Author(s): kazem javanmardi | ava soltanihekmat | masoomeh shekoohi | parisa hasanein | mehdi bakhshi | roghayeh ghodsi | leila rezaeian
Comparison of Salivary Biochemical Composition between End Stage Renal Disease and Healthy Subjects

Author(s): Mahin Bakhshi | Soheila Manifar | Fahimeh Sadat Tabatabaei | Bita Joz-khaje noori | Siamak Sabour | Fatemeh Rezaei Dokht
The Effects of Interest Rate on the Optimal Consumption Path in a Bewley Model with the Co-existence of Currency and Credit

Author(s): Seyyed Aqil Hoseiny | Rahim Dallali Isfahani | Mohammad Vaez Barzani | Rasol Bakhshi Dastjerdi | Afshin Parvardeh
Genetic Profile of IS1004 among Environmental Vibrio cholerae Isolated from Surface Water Sources in Iran

Author(s): Bita Bakhshi B | Afsoon Sharifnia A | Mohammad R. Pourshafie
Needs assessment of rehabilitation specialists for training in child development (0-8 years old)

Author(s): Roshanak Vameghi | Firoozeh Sajedi | Masoud Gharib | Enayatollah Bakhshi
Effect of pivotal response treatment on social skill of 6-11 years old autistic children of Hamedan

Author(s): Fereshteh Mohammad Zaheri | Seyed Majid Rafiei | Mohammad Rezaei | Enayatollah Bakhshi
Serum Uric Acid Level in Patients with Parkinson Disease

Author(s): Farhad Iranmanesh | Faranak Gadri | Hamid Bakhshi | Samira Sarhadi
The Evaluation of Provided Methods in SLAM Problem and a Method Development in Order to Use in Multi Robot

Author(s): Jenabzadeh MohammadReza | Bakhshi Meisam | Lesansedgh Mohammadmehran
Analyzing the Effects of Water and Agriculture Policy Strategies: An Iranian experience

Author(s): Reza Moghaddasi | Ali Bakhshi | Mahmood D. Kakhki
Lack of Association of Glutathione S-transferase Gene Polymorphisms in Iranian Prostate Cancer Subjects

Author(s): B. S. Ansari | R. Vasudevan | M. Mirinargesi | I. Patimah | A. R. Sabariah | P. Pasalar | Ali Bakhshi
Comparison of Parameters Affecting Flower Color in Gerbera hybrida: A Phytochemical Study on New Varieties

Author(s): Abdollah Hatamzadeh | Razieh Akbari | Reyhaneh Sariri | Davoud Bakhshi
Nonlinear Survival Regression Using Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): Akbar Biglarian | Enayatollah Bakhshi | Ahmad Reza Baghestani | Mahmood Reza Gohari | Mehdi Rahgozar | Masoud Karimloo
Factors associated with obesity in Iranian elderly people: results from the national health survey

Author(s): Bakhshi Enayatollah | Seifi Behjat | Biglarian Akbar | Mohammad Kazem
Investigation of genetic diversity of Salmonella enterica strains isolated from patients by Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis

Author(s): Ghafari Mohsen | Bakhshi Bita | Shafi Mohamad | Mozafari Nour | Salimi Mona | Roosta Fateme
Prediction of Survival after Myocardial Infarction Using Killip Class

Author(s): Kourosh Sayehmiri | Diana Sarokhani | Hassan Jahanihashemi | Ali Sayehmiri | Mohamad Taher Sarokhani | Farajollah Hemati | Enayatolah Bakhshi | Morteza Motedayen
Implementation and Comparison Clustering Algorithms with Duplicate Entities Detection Purpose in Data Bases

Author(s): Maryam Bakhshi | Mohammad-Reza Feizi-Derakhshi | Elnaz Zafarani
Digital Radiography with Computerized Conventional Monitors Compared to Medical Monitors in Vertical Root Fracture Diagnosis

Author(s): Maryam Tofangchiha | Mamak Adel | Mahin Bakhshi | Mahsa Esfehani | Pantea Nazeman | Mojgan Ghorbani-Elizeyi | Amir Javadi
Nasopharengial Angiofibroma in the Oral Cavity in a 50-year-old Man: A Case Report

Author(s): Bakhshi M. | Basir Shabestari S. | Eshghyar N.
Frequency Population Growth Rate

Author(s): Nouralah Salehi Asfiji | Rahim Dalali Isfahani | Rasole Bakhshi Dastjerdi | Majid Fakhar
Emergence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa cross-infection in children with cystic fibrosis attending an Iranian referral pediatric center

Author(s): Mona Ghazi | Ghamartaj Khanbabaee | Fatemeh Fallah | Bahram Kazemi | Shima Mahmoudi | Masoumeh Navidnia | Babak Pourakbari | Bita Bakhshi | Hossein Goudarzi
Low Back Pain Prevalence and Associated Factors in Iranian Population: Findings from the National Health Survey

Author(s): Akbar Biglarian | Behjat Seifi | Enayatollah Bakhshi | Kazem Mohammad | Mehdi Rahgozar | Masoud Karimlou | Sara Serahati
Effect of Demographic Variables and Utilization of ICT in Employment of Disabled

Author(s): Vahid Bakhshi | Mohammad Kamali | Ali Chabok
Application of recurrent events model in determining the risk factors of recurrence of Schizophrenia

Author(s): Mehdi Rahgozar | Leila Cheraghi | Enayatollah Bakhshi | Masoud Karimloo | Farbod Fadaei | Akbar Biglarian
Effect of dyslipidemia on noise induced hearing loss

Author(s): Rahmatullah Banan | Mir Mohammad Jalali | Abtin Heidarzadeh | Seyed Mojtaba Mehrdad | Rezvan Ruhi Sefid Mazgi | Fataneh Bakhshi
Results of radiofrequency tonsillotomy in adults with recurrent tonsillitis

Author(s): Shademan Nemati | Abdolrahim Kousha | Rahmatollah Banan | Mir Mohammad Jalali | Hooshang Gerami | Ehsan Kazem Nejad | Nasim Kousha | Fataneh Bakhshi
The effect of lower anterior high pull headgear on treatment of moderate open bite in adults

Author(s): Rahman Showkatbakhsh | Abdolreza Jamilian | Behnaz Bakhshi | Sedigheh Sabagh
Effect of 1/25 (OH)2-Vitamine D on Bone Mineral Density in Childhood Acute Leukemia

Author(s): Namjou Z | Ghilian R | Hashemi A | Vojdanifard F | Bakhshi F | Dehghani Kh
Modeling and Simulation of MIMO Mobile-to-Mobile Wireless Fading Channels

Author(s): Gholamreza Bakhshi | Reza Saadat | Kamal Shahtalebi
An empirical study to measure the relationship between management style and conflict management

Author(s): Saeed Moghaddas Pour | Alireza Bakhshi Zadeh | Elham Barati
Training Based Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Maryam Imani | Hamidreza Bakhshi
PCA Application in Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM System

Author(s): Mona Nasseri | Hamidreza Bakhshi | Sara Sahebdel | Razieh Falahian | Maryam Ahmadi
Pilot Placement for Time-Varying MIMO OFDM Channels with Virtual Subcarriers

Author(s): Alieh Moradi | Hamidreza Bakhshi | Vahid Najafpoor
Joint Closed-Loop Power Control and Adaptive Beamforming for Wireless Networks with Antenna Arrays in a 2D Urban Environment

Author(s): Mohamad Dosaranian Moghadam | Hamidreza Bakhshi | Gholamreza Dadashzadeh
Interference Management for DS-CDMA Systems through Closed-Loop Power Control, Base Station Assignment, and Beamforming

Author(s): Mohamad Dosaranian Moghadam | Hamidreza Bakhshi | Gholamreza Dadashzadeh
The relationship between serum magnesium level and febrile convulsion in 6 months to 6 years old children

Author(s): Reza Derakhshan | Parisa Balaee | Hamid Bakhshi | Shokoofe Darakhshan
Training Based Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Hamidreza Bakhshi | Maryam Imani
Training Based Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Hamidreza Bakhshi | Maryam Imani
Changes in Body Mass Index across Age Groups in Iranian Women: Results from the National Health Survey

Author(s): Enayatollah Bakhshi | Behjat Seifi | Akbar Biglarian | Kazem Mohammad
Cognitive Flexibility, Attention and Speed of Mental Processing in Opioid and Methamphetamine Addicts in Comparison with Non-Addicts

Author(s): Suzan Hekmat | Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi | Afsane Moradi | Hamed Ekhtiari | Sara Bakhshi
The Impact of Hydrochloride Heroin on Mental Flexibility, Abstract Reasoning, Impulsivity, and Attention

Author(s): Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi | Sara Bakhshi | Siavash Jafari | Afsaneh Moradi | Hamed Ekhtiari
Economic assessment of greenhouse-cucumber production units in Birjand Township

Author(s): K. Roosta | M. Abadikhah | M. R. Bakhshi
Recovery of UAPB from high organic load during startup for phenolic wastewater treatment

Author(s): Bakhshi Zeinab | Najafpour Ghasem | Navayi Neya Bahram | Kariminezhad Esmaeel | Pishgar Roya | Moosavi Nafise
Antibiotic resistance / susceptibility of 30 isolates of Bacillus anthracis isolated in Iran between 2007 and 2008

Author(s): Moazeni Jula, G. | Bakhshi, B. | Tadayon, K. | Razzaz, H. | Banihashemi, R.
Anaerobic Biodegradation of Phenol: Comparative Study of Free and Immobilized Growth

Author(s): Roya Pishgar | Ghasem Najafpour | Bahram Navayi Neya | Nafise Mousavi | Zeinab Bakhshi
Construct Validity of NEO-Personality Inventory-Revised in Iran

Author(s): Mohsen Joshanloo | Fatima Daemi | Ali Bakhshi | Saba Nazemi | Zahra Ghafari
Extraskeletal Chondrosarcoma of Labium Majus

Author(s): Arshad S. Khan | Girish D. Bakhshi | Aftab Shaikh | Ashraf A. Khan | Adil A. Khan | Arun Chitale
"Attempt to Detect Mycoplasma and Chlamydia by Culture in the Synovial Fluid of Patients with Arthritis"

Author(s): B Bakhshi | N Badami | MR Khorramizadeh | N Aalizadeh | S Kheradmand | F Aminharati

Author(s): M. Bakhshi | ‎B. Shafayan | A. Khodabandeh M. Keyhani
Comorbidity of Anxiety Disorders and Substance Abusewith Bipolar Mood Disorders and Relationship with ClinicalCourse

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Ghoreishizadeh | Shahrokh Amiri | Salam Bakhshi | Javad Golmirzaei | Ali Reza Shafiee-Kandjani
Analysis and modeling of rail maintenance costs

Author(s): Amir Ali Bakhshi | Mohammad Reza Soleymani Yazdi
Performance of Anaerobic Baffled Reactor for Biodegradation of Phenol

Author(s): Nafise Mousavi | Ghasem D. Najafpour | Zeinab Bakhshi | Roya Pishgar
Use of Fine-Needle Aspiration in the Evaluation of Breast Lumps

Author(s): Mulazim Hussain Bukhari | Madiha Arshad | Shahid Jamal | Shahida Niazi | Shahid Bashir | Irfan M. Bakhshi | Shaharyar
Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) of North Khorasan Province, Northeastern Iran and the Zoogeographic Affinities of the Iranian and Middle Asian Mosquito Fauna

Author(s): S. Azari-Hamidian | M.R. Abai | K. Arzamani | H. Bakhshi | H. Karami | H. Ladonni | R.E. Harbach
Finite Element Simulation of Pulsating Hydroforming of Tube in Box-Shaped Die

Author(s): Mohsen Lohmousavi | K.I Mori | Mohamad Bakhshi | Mahmoud Farzin | Sayed Jamal Hoseinipour
Acute basophilic leukemia in an infant with proptosis

Author(s): Ghosh Indranil | Bakhshi Sameer | Gupta Ritu
Echocardiographic Findings in Professional Wrestlers

Author(s): S Vahedi | V Sobhani | B Farahani | E Ali Bakhshi
Phenol Biodegradation Kinetics in an Anaerobic Batch Reactor

Author(s): Tahere Taghizade Firozjaee | Ghasem D.Najafpour | Maryam Khavarpour | Zeinab Bakhshi | Roya Pishgar | Nafise Mousavi
Short-term followup after surgical treatment of Ewing′s sarcoma

Author(s): Rastogi Shishir | Kumar Ashok | Gupta Himanshu | Khan Shah | Bakhshi Sameer
Shoot Micropropagation and Microtuberization in Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) By the Semi-Continuous Bioreactor

Author(s): Mostafa Ebadi | Alireza Iranbakhsh | Gholamreza Bakhshi Khaniki
The Ontogenetic Trends of Microtuber Formation in Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Author(s): Alireza Iranbakhsh | Mostafa Ebadi | Gholamreza Bakhshi Khaniki
Transversus abdominis plane block for an emergency laparotomy in a high-risk, elderly patient

Author(s): Patil Surekha | Pawar Shonali | Divekar V | Bakhshi Rochana
Comparing three adjuvant chemotherapy regimes after modified radical mastectomy in breast cancer patients using log-logistic model

Author(s): Javad Faradmal | Anoshirvan Kazemnejad | Reza Khoda Bakhshi | Ebrahim Hajizadeh | Mahmood Reza Gohari
The Relationship between Geographic Tongue and Stress

Author(s): H Ebrahimi | S Pourshahidi | A Andisheh Tadbir | S Bakhshi Shyan
Linking the Big Five personality domains to Organizational citizenship behavior

Author(s): Kuldeep Kumar | Arti Bakhshi | Ekta Rani
Recurrent hemorrhagic pericardial effusion in a child due to diffuse lymphangiohemangiomatosis: a case report

Author(s): Kothari Shyam | Sharma Sanjiv | Bhatt Kinjal | Ray Ruma | Bakhshi Sameer | Chowdhury Ujjwal
Reduction of Kidney Damage by Supplementation of Vitamins C and E in Rats With Deoxycorticosterone-Salt-Induced Hypertension

Author(s): Behjat Seifi | Mehri Kadkhodaee | Seyed Morteza Karimian | Maryam Zahmatkesh | Sedighe Shams | Enayatolla Bakhshi
Transient leukemia

Author(s): Anand Hema | Bakhshi Sameer | Saxena Renu
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