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book review: The palm book

Author(s): Henrik Balslev
Identification and analysis of miRNAs in human breast cancer and teratoma samples using deep sequencing

Author(s): Nygaard Sanne | Jacobsen Anders | Lindow Morten | Eriksen Jens | Balslev Eva | Flyger Henrik | Tolstrup Niels | Møller Søren | Krogh Anders | Litman Thomas
A Biodiversity Informatics Approach to Ethnobotany: Meta-analysis of Plant Use Patterns in Ecuador

Author(s): Finn Borchsenius | Lucia de la Torre | Henrik Balslev | Carlos E. Cerón
American palm ethnomedicine: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Sosnowska Joanna | Balslev Henrik
To what extent does Tobler's 1st law of geography apply to macroecology? A case study using American palms (Arecaceae)

Author(s): Bjorholm Stine | Svenning Jens-Christian | Skov Flemming | Balslev Henrik

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