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Effect of Prior Bilateral Oophorectomy on the Presentation of Breast Cancer in BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers

Author(s): Metcalfe Kelly A | Foulkes William D | Lynch Henry T | Ghadirian Parviz | Tung Nadine | Olivotto Ivo A | Warner Ellen | Olopade Olufunmilayo | Eisen Andrea | Weber Barbara | McLennan Jane | Sun Ping | Narod Steven A
Sexually transmitted infections and reproductive health morbidity in a cohort of female sex workers screened for a microbicide feasibility study in Nellore, India

Author(s): Avina Sarna | Barbara A Friedland | Aylur K Srikrishnan | Lauren L Katzen | Waimur Tun | Sharon A Abbott | Ulrike Rawiel | Christine A Kelly | C S Shalini | Suniti Solomon | Barbara S Mensch
Multiple Autoantibodies Display Association with Lymphopenia, Proteinuria, and Cellular Casts in a Large, Ethnically Diverse SLE Patient Cohort

Author(s): Rufei Lu | Julie M. Robertson | Benjamin F. Bruner | Joel M. Guthridge | Barbara R. Neas | Swapan K. Nath | Jennifer A. Kelly | Kathy L. Moser Sivils | Eliza F. Chakravarty | Diane L. Kamen | Gary S. Gilkeson | Daniel J. Wallace | Michael H. Weisman | R. Hal Scofield | John B. Harley | Judith A. James
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Author(s): Barbara Kelly
Profile: Barbara Kelly

Author(s): Barbara Kelly
Association Between Physical Activity and Proximity to Physical Activity Resources Among Low-Income, Midlife Women

Author(s): Stephanie B. Jilcott, PhD | Kelly R. Evenson, PhD | Barbara A. Laraia, PhD, MPH, RD | Alice S. Ammerman, DrPH, RD
A hospital-site controlled intervention using audit and feedback to implement guidelines concerning inappropriate treatment of catheter-associated asymptomatic bacteriuria

Author(s): Trautner Barbara | Kelly P Adam | Petersen Nancy | Hysong Sylvia | Kell Harrison | Liao Kershena | Patterson Jan | Naik Aanand
Guidelines for the Development of Comprehensive Care Centers for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Guidance from the CARES Foundation Initiative

Author(s): Richard J. Auchus | Selma Feldman Witchel | Kelly R. Leight | Javier Aisenberg | Ricardo Azziz | Tânia A. Bachega | Linda A. Baker | Arlene B. Baratz | Laurence S. Baskin | Sheri A. Berenbaum | David T. Breault | Barbara I. Cerame | Gerard S. Conway | Erica A. Eugster | Stephanie Fracassa | John P. Gearhart | Mitchell E. Geffner | Katharine B. Harris | Richard S. Hurwitz | Aviva L. Katz | Brinda N. Kalro | Peter A. Lee | Gretchen Alger Lin | Karen J. Loechner | Ian Marshall | Deborah P. Merke | Claude J. Migeon | Walter L. Miller | Tamara L. Nenadovich | Sharon E. Oberfield | Kenneth A. Pass | Dix P. Poppas | Michele A. Lloyd-Puryear | Charmian A. Quigley | Felix G. Riepe | Richard C. Rink | Scott A. Rivkees | David E. Sandberg | Traci L. Schaeffer | Richard N. Schlussel | Francis X. Schneck | Ellen W. Seely | Diane Snyder | Phyllis W. Speiser | Bradford L. Therrell | Carol VanRyzin | Maria G. Vogiatzi | Michael P. Wajnrajch | Perrin C. White | Alan E. Zuckerman
Do genetic predictors of pain sensitivity associate with persistent widespread pain?

Author(s): Holliday Kate | Nicholl Barbara | Macfarlane Gary | Thomson Wendy | Davies Kelly | McBeth John
Assessing urban and rural neighborhood characteristics using audit and GIS data: derivation and reliability of constructs

Author(s): Evenson Kelly | Sotres-Alvarez Daniela | Herring Amy | Messer Lynne | Laraia Barbara | Rodríguez Daniel
The importance of accurate road data for spatial applications in public health: customizing a road network

Author(s): Frizzelle Brian | Evenson Kelly | Rodriguez Daniel | Laraia Barbara
Soy isoflavones avert chronic inflammation-induced bone loss and vascular disease

Author(s): Droke Elizabeth | Hager Kelly | Lerner Megan | Lightfoot Stan | Stoecker Barbara | Brackett Daniel | Smith Brenda
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