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Does Playground Improvement Increase Physical Activity among Children? A Quasi-Experimental Study of a Natural Experiment

Author(s): Erika E. Bohn-Goldbaum | Philayrath Phongsavan | Dafna Merom | Kris Rogers | Venugopal Kamalesh | Adrian E. Bauman
Physical Activity Associated with Public Transport Use—A Review and Modelling of Potential Benefits

Author(s): Chris *Rissel | Nada Curac | Mark Greenaway | Adrian Bauman
"Food company sponsors are kind, generous and cool": (Mis)conceptions of junior sports players

Author(s): Kelly Bridget | Baur Louise | Bauman Adrian | King Lesley | Chapman Kathy | Smith Ben
Temporal trends and recent correlates in sedentary behaviours in Chinese children

Author(s): Cui Zhaohui | Hardy Louise | Dibley Michael | Bauman Adrian
Prevalence and risk factors of diabetes and impaired fasting glucose in Nauru

Author(s): Khambalia Amina | Phongsavan Philayrath | Smith Ben | Keke Kieren | Dan Li | Fitzhardinge Andrew | Bauman Adrian
The sydney playground project: popping the bubblewrap - unleashing the power of play: a cluster randomized controlled trial of a primary school playground-based intervention aiming to increase children's physical activity and social skills

Author(s): Bundy Anita | Naughton Geraldine | Tranter Paul | Wyver Shirley | Baur Louise | Schiller Wendy | Bauman Adrian | Engelen Lina | Ragen Jo | Luckett Tim | Niehues Anita | Stewart Gabrielle | Jessup Glenda | Brentnall Jennie
Population-Based Estimates of Physical Activity for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: A Cautionary Tale of Potential Confounding by Weight Status

Author(s): Ronald C. Plotnikoff | Steven T. Johnson | Constantinos A. Loucaides | Adrian E. Bauman | Nandini D. Karunamuni | Michael A. Pickering
The Sydney Diabetes Prevention Program: A community-based translational study

Author(s): Colagiuri Stephen | Vita Philip | Cardona-Morrell Magnolia | Singh Maria | Farrell Louise | Milat Andrew | Haas Marion | Bauman Adrian
Occupational risk of overweight and obesity: an analysis of the Australian Health Survey

Author(s): Allman-Farinelli Margaret | Chey Tien | Merom Dafna | Bauman Adrian
A population-based lifestyle intervention to promote healthy weight and physical activity in people with cardiac disease: The PANACHE (Physical Activity, Nutrition And Cardiac HEalth) study protocol

Author(s): Sangster Janice | Furber Susan | Allman-Farinelli Margaret | Haas Marion | Phongsavan Philayrath | Mark Andy | Bauman Adrian
The effectiveness of community-based cycling promotion: findings from the Cycling Connecting Communities project in Sydney, Australia

Author(s): Rissel Chris | New Carolyn | Wen Li | Merom Dafna | Bauman Adrian | Garrard Jan
ParticipACTION: the future challenges for physical activity promotion in Canada

Author(s): Bauman Adrian | Cavill Nick | Brawley Lawrence
ParticipACTION: Baseline assessment of the 'new ParticipACTION': A quantitative survey of Canadian organizational awareness and capacity

Author(s): Plotnikoff Ronald | Todosijczuk Ivan | Faulkner Guy | Pickering Michael | Cragg Susan | Chad Karen | Spence John | Tremblay Mark | Craig Cora | Bauman Adrian | Brawley Larry | Gauvin Lise
ParticipACTION: A mass media campaign targeting parents of inactive children; knowledge, saliency, and trialing behaviours

Author(s): Craig Cora | Bauman Adrian | Gauvin Lise | Robertson Jennifer | Murumets Kelly
ParticipACTION: Baseline assessment of the capacity available to the 'New ParticipACTION': A qualitative study of Canadian organizations

Author(s): Faulkner Guy | McCloy Cora | Plotnikoff Ronald | Bauman Adrian | Brawley Larry | Chad Karen | Gauvin Lise | Spence John | Tremblay Mark
ParticipACTION: Awareness of the participACTION campaign among Canadian adults - Examining the knowledge gap hypothesis and a hierarchy-of-effects model

Author(s): Spence John | Brawley Lawrence | Craig Cora | Plotnikoff Ronald | Tremblay Mark | Bauman Adrian | Faulkner Guy | Chad Karen | Clark Marianne
Non-response bias in physical activity trend estimates

Author(s): Craig Cora | Cameron Christine | Griffiths Joe | Bauman Adrian | Tudor-Locke Catrine | Andersen Ross
The International Prevalence Study on Physical Activity: results from 20 countries

Author(s): Bauman Adrian | Bull Fiona | Chey Tien | Craig Cora | Ainsworth Barbara | Sallis James | Bowles Heather | Hagstromer Maria | Sjostrom Michael | Pratt Michael
Adherence to physical activity recommendations and the influence of socio-demographic correlates – a population-based cross-sectional study

Author(s): Bergman Patrick | Grjibovski Andrej | Hagströmer Maria | Bauman Adrian | Sjöström Michael
The CHOICE (Choice of Health Options In prevention of Cardiovascular Events) replication trial: study protocol

Author(s): Neubeck Lis | Redfern Julie | Briffa Tom | Bauman Adrian | Hare David | Freedman SB
The prevalence and correlates of physical inactivity among adults in Ho Chi Minh City

Author(s): Trinh Oanh | Nguyen Nguyen | Dibley Michael | Phongsavan Philayrath | Bauman Adrian
Validity and repeatability of the EPIC physical activity questionnaire: a validation study using accelerometers as an objective measure

Author(s): Cust Anne | Smith Ben | Chau Josephine | van der Ploeg Hidde | Friedenreich Christine | Armstrong Bruce | Bauman Adrian
Intentional injury reported by young people in the Federated States of Micronesia, Kingdom of Tonga and Vanuatu

Author(s): Smith Ben | Phongsavan Philayrath | Bampton Dale | Peacocke Genevieve | Gilmete Mercedes | Havea Drew | Chey Tien | Bauman Adrian
Walking behaviours from the 1965–2003 American Heritage Time Use Study (AHTUS)

Author(s): Tudor-Locke Catrine | van der Ploeg Hidde | Bowles Heather | Bittman Michael | Fisher Kimberly | Merom Dafna | Gershuny Jonathan | Bauman Adrian | Egerton Muriel
Patterns of walking for transport and exercise: a novel application of time use data

Author(s): Tudor-Locke Catrine | Bittman Michael | Merom Dafna | Bauman Adrian
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