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"Food company sponsors are kind, generous and cool": (Mis)conceptions of junior sports players

Author(s): Kelly Bridget | Baur Louise | Bauman Adrian | King Lesley | Chapman Kathy | Smith Ben
The sydney playground project: popping the bubblewrap - unleashing the power of play: a cluster randomized controlled trial of a primary school playground-based intervention aiming to increase children's physical activity and social skills

Author(s): Bundy Anita | Naughton Geraldine | Tranter Paul | Wyver Shirley | Baur Louise | Schiller Wendy | Bauman Adrian | Engelen Lina | Ragen Jo | Luckett Tim | Niehues Anita | Stewart Gabrielle | Jessup Glenda | Brentnall Jennie
The validity and reliability of a home environment preschool-age physical activity questionnaire (Pre-PAQ)

Author(s): Dwyer Genevieve | Hardy Louise | Peat Jennifer | Baur Louise
Short-term outcomes of community-based adolescent weight management: The Loozit® Study

Author(s): Shrewsbury Vanessa | Nguyen Binh | O'Connor Janice | Steinbeck Katharine | Lee Anthea | Hill Andrew | Shah Smita | Kohn Michael | Torvaldsen Siranda | Baur Louise
Researching Effective Strategies to Improve Insulin Sensitivity in Children and Teenagers - RESIST. A randomised control trial investigating the effects of two different diets on insulin sensitivity in young people with insulin resistance and/or pre-diabetes.

Author(s): Garnett Sarah | Baur Louise | Noakes Manny | Steinbeck Katharine | Woodhead Helen | Burrell Susie | Chisholm Kerryn | Broderick Carolyn | Parker Robert | De Sukanya | Shrinivasan Shubha | Hopley Lori | Hendrie Gilly | Ambler Geoffrey | Kohn Michael | Cowell Chris
Adolescent-parent interactions and communication preferences regarding body weight and weight management: a qualitative study

Author(s): Shrewsbury Vanessa | King Lesley | Hattersley Libby | Howlett Sarah | Hardy Louise | Baur Louise
Dietary behaviours during pregnancy: findings from first-time mothers in southwest Sydney, Australia

Author(s): Wen Li | Flood Victoria | Simpson Judy | Rissel Chris | Baur Louise
Adolescent-parent interactions and attitudes around screen time and sugary drink consumption: a qualitative study

Author(s): Hattersley Libby | Shrewsbury Vanessa | King Lesley | Howlett Sarah | Hardy Louise | Baur Louise
A randomised controlled trial of a community-based healthy lifestyle program for overweight and obese adolescents: the Loozit® study protocol

Author(s): Shrewsbury Vanessa | O'Connor Janice | Steinbeck Katharine | Stevenson Kate | Lee Anthea | Hill Andrew | Kohn Michael | Shah Smita | Torvaldsen Siranda | Baur Louise
The HIKCUPS trial: a multi-site randomized controlled trial of a combined physical activity skill-development and dietary modification program in overweight and obese children

Author(s): Jones Rachel | Okely Anthony | Collins Clare | Morgan Philip | Steele Julie | Warren Janet | Baur Louise | Cliff Dylan | Burrows Tracy | Cleary Jane
Family and home correlates of television viewing in 12–13 year old adolescents: The Nepean Study

Author(s): Hardy Louise | Baur Louise | Garnett Sarah | Crawford David | Campbell Karen | Shrewsbury Vanessa | Cowell Christopher | Salmon Jo
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