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Decontamination of room air and adjoining wall surfaces by nebulizing hydrogen peroxide

Author(s): Koburger, Torsten | Below, Harald | Dornquast, Tina | Kramer, Axel
Comparison of the antioxidant potential in urine, saliva and skin

Author(s): Benkhai, Hicham | Köhler, Franziska | Lademann, Jürgen | Lemanski, Sandra | Bornewasser, Manfred | Below, Elke | Below, Harald | Kramer, Axel
Impact of surface disinfection and sterile draping of furniture on room air quality in a cardiac procedure room with a ventilation and air-conditioning system (extrusion airflow, cleanroom class 1b (DIN 1946-4))

Author(s): Below, Harald | Ryll, Sylvia | Empen, Klaus | Dornquast, Tina | Felix, Stefan | Rosenau, Heike | Kramer, Sebastian | Kramer, Axel
Are laptop ventilation-blowers a potential source of nosocomial infections for patients?

Author(s): Siegmund, Katja | Hübner, Nils | Heidecke, Claus-Dieter | Brandenburg, Ronny | Rackow, Kristian | Benkhai, Hicham | Schnaak, Volker | Below, Harald | Dornquast, Tina | Assadian, Ojan | Kramer, Axel
Can physical stress be measured in urine using the parameter antioxidative potential?

Author(s): Benkhai, Hicham | Lemanski, Sandra | Below, Harald | Heiden, Jens Uwe | Below, Elke | Lademann, Jürgen | Bornewasser, Manfred | Balz, Theo | Chudaske, Christine | Kramer, Axel
Chances and perspectives of the plasma medicine by use of Tissue Tolerable Plasma (TTP)

Author(s): Kramer, Axel | Hübner, Nils-Olaf | Assadian, Ojan | Below, Harald | Bender, Claudia | Benkhai, Hicham | Bröker, Barbara | Ekkernkamp, Axel | Eisenbeiß, Werner | Hammann, Aylin | Hartmann, Bernd | Heidecke, Claus-Dieter | Hinz. Peter | Koban, Ina | Koch, Stefan | Kocher, Thomas | Lademann, Jürgen | Lademann, Olaf | Lerch, Markus M. | Maier, Stefan | Matthes, Rutger | Müller, Gerald | Partecke, Ivo | Rändler, Claudia | Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter | Zygmunt, Marek
Absorption of iodine after antisepsis by iodophors and consequences to the risk assessment

Author(s): Below, Harald | Brauer, Volker F. H. | Kramer, Axel
In-vitro bactericidal activity of maggots of the green blowfly (Lucilia sericata)

Author(s): Daeschlein, Georg | Hoffmeister, Britta | Below, Harald | Kramer, Axel
A new concept for surgical hand disinfection

Author(s): Hübner, Nils-Olaf | Below, Harald | Kramer, Axel
Quantity of ethanol absorption after excessive hand disinfection using three commercially available hand rubs is minimal and below toxic levels for humans

Author(s): Kramer Axel | Below Harald | Bieber Nora | Kampf Guenter | Toma Cyril | Huebner Nils-Olaf | Assadian Ojan

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