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Antarctic, Sub-Antarctic and cold temperate echinoid database

Author(s): Benjamin Pierrat | Thomas Saucède | Alain Festeau | Bruno David
Correlative and dynamic species distribution modelling for ecological predictions in the Antarctic: a cross-disciplinary concept

Author(s): Julian Gutt | Damaris Zurell | Thomas J. Bracegridle | William Cheung | Melody S. Clark | Peter Convey | Bruno Danis | Bruno David | Claude De Broyer | Guido di Prisco | Huw Griffiths | Rémi Laffont | Lloyd S. Peck | Benjamin Pierrat | Martin J. Riddle | Thomas Saucède | John Turner | Cinzia Verde | Zhaomin Wang | Volker Grimm
Transcriptome and proteome analysis of Pinctada margaritifera calcifying mantle and shell: focus on biomineralization

Author(s): Joubert Caroline | Piquemal David | Marie Benjamin | Manchon Laurent | Pierrat Fabien | Zanella-Cléon Isabelle | Cochennec-Laureau Nathalie | Gueguen Yannick | Montagnani Caroline
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