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Short-term geriatric assessment units: 30 years later

Author(s): Latour Judith | Lebel Paule | Leclerc Bernard-Simon | Leduc Nicole | Berg Katherine | Bolduc Aline | Kergoat Marie-Jeanne
Health-related characteristics and incurring credit card debt as problem behaviors among college students

Author(s): Carla J. Berg | Julia R. Sanem | Katherine A. Lust | Jasjit S. Ahluwalia | Matthias A. Kirch | Lawrence C. An
Genetic polymorphisms of the GNRH1 and GNRHR genes and risk of breast cancer in the National Cancer Institute Breast and Prostate Cancer Cohort Consortium (BPC3)

Author(s): Canzian Federico | Kaaks Rudolf | Cox David | Henderson Katherine | Henderson Brian | Berg Christine | Bingham Sheila | Boeing Heiner | Buring Julie | Calle Eugenia | Chanock Stephen | Clavel-Chapelon Francoise | Dossus Laure | Feigelson Heather | Haiman Christopher | Hankinson Susan | Hoover Robert | Hunter David | Isaacs Claudine | Lenner Per | Lund Eiliv | Overvad Kim | Palli Domenico | Pearce Celeste | Quiros Jose | Riboli Elio | Stram Daniel | Thomas Gilles | Thun Michael | Trichopoulos Dimitrios | van Gils Carla | Ziegler Regina
Quality of care assessment in geriatric evaluation and management units: construction of a chart review tool for a tracer condition

Author(s): Kergoat Marie-Jeanne | Leclerc Bernard-Simon | Leduc Nicole | Latour Judith | Berg Katherine | Bolduc Aline
Sharing clinical information across care settings: the birth of an integrated assessment system

Author(s): Gray Leonard | Berg Katherine | Fries Brant | Henrard Jean-Claude | Hirdes John | Steel Knight | Morris John
Relationship between interRAI HC and the ICF: opportunity for operationalizing the ICF

Author(s): Berg Katherine | Finne-Soveri Harriet | Gray Len | Henrard Jean | Hirdes John | Ikegami Naoki | Ljunggren Gunnar | Morris John | Paquay Louis | Resnik Linda | Teare Gary
Identification of recruitment and retention strategies for rehabilitation professionals in Ontario, Canada: results from expert panels

Author(s): Tran Diem | Hall Linda McGillis | Davis Aileen | Landry Michel | Burnett Dawn | Berg Katherine | Jaglal Susan
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