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Genetic Diversity and Conservation of the Prespa Trout in the Balkans

Author(s): Patrick Berrebi | Christelle Tougard | Sophie Dubois | Zhaojun Shao | Irene Koutseri | Svetozar Petkovski | Alain J. Crivelli
Nuclear Markers of Danube Sturgeons Hybridization

Author(s): Andreea Dudu | Radu Suciu | Marian Paraschiv | Sergiu Emil Georgescu | Marieta Costache | Patrick Berrebi
Genetic architecture of trout from Albania as revealed by mtDNA control region variation

Author(s): Snoj Aleš | Marić Saša | Berrebi Patrick | Crivelli Alain | Shumka Spase | Sušnik Simona
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