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Mycalamide A Shows Cytotoxic Properties and Prevents EGF-Induced Neoplastic Transformation through Inhibition of Nuclear Factors

Author(s): Sergey A. Dyshlovoy | Sergey N. Fedorov | Anatoly I. Kalinovsky | Larisa K. Shubina | Carsten Bokemeyer | Valentin A. Stonik | Friedemann Honecker
Longitudinal Analysis of Tetanus- and Influenza-Specific IgG Antibodies in Myeloma Patients

Author(s): Sebastian Kobold | Tim Luetkens | Britta Marlen Bartels | Yanran Cao | York Hildebrandt | Orhan Sezer | Henrike Reinhard | Julia Templin | Katrin Bartels | Nesrine Lajmi | Friedrich Haag | Carsten Bokemeyer | Nicolaus Kröger | Djordje Atanackovic
Patients with Multiple Myeloma Develop SOX2-Specific Autoantibodies after Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation

Author(s): Sebastian Kobold | Sinje Tams | Tim Luetkens | Yanran Cao | Orhan Sezer | Britta Marlen Bartels | Henrike Reinhard | Julia Templin | Katrin Bartels | York Hildebrandt | Nesrine Lajmi | Andreas Marx | Friedrich Haag | Carsten Bokemeyer | Nicolaus Kröger | Djordje Atanackovic
Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 1 (UCHL1) is a potential tumour suppressor in prostate cancer and is frequently silenced by promoter methylation

Author(s): Ummanni Ramesh | Jost Edgar | Braig Melanie | Lohmann Frithjof | Mundt Frederike | Barett Christine | Schlomm Thorsten | Sauter Guido | Senff Tina | Bokemeyer Carsten | Sültmann Holger | Meyer-Schwesinger Catherine | Brümmendorf Tim | Balabanov Stefan
Micro-RNA expression in cisplatin resistant germ cell tumor cell lines

Author(s): Port Matthias | Glaesener Stephanie | Ruf Christian | Riecke Armin | Bokemeyer Carsten | Meineke Viktor | Honecker Friedemann | Abend Michael
Multi tyrosine kinase inhibitor dasatinib as novel cause of severe pre-capillary pulmonary hypertension?

Author(s): Hennigs Jan | Keller Gunhild | Baumann Hans | Honecker Friedemann | Kluge Stefan | Bokemeyer Carsten | Brümmendorf Tim | Klose Hans
Prognostic and Diagnostic Value of Spontaneous Tumor-Related Antibodies

Author(s): Sebastian Kobold | Tim Luetkens | Yanran Cao | Carsten Bokemeyer | Djordje Atanackovic
TGF-β Superfamily Receptors—Targets for Antiangiogenic Therapy?

Author(s): Jasmin Otten | Carsten Bokemeyer | Walter Fiedler
FLT3 - ITD positive acute lymphocytic leukemia, does it impact on disease´s course?

Author(s): Sebastian Kobold | Nerbil Kılıç | John Scharlau | Carsten Bokemeyer | Walter Fiedler
Primary NK/T cell lymphoma nasal type of the stomach with skin involvement: a case report

Author(s): Sebastian Kobold | Hartmut Merz | Markus Tiemann | Carolina Mahuad | Carsten Department of Oncology/Hematology/Bone m Bokemeyer | Irmtraut Koop | Walter Fiedler
Darbepoetin alfa for treating chemotherapy-induced anemia in patients with a baseline hemoglobin level < 10 g/dL versus ≥10 g/dL: an exploratory analysis from a randomized, double-blind, active-controlled trial

Author(s): Vansteenkiste Johan | Hedenus Michael | Gascon Pere | Bokemeyer Carsten | Ludwig Heinz | Vermorken Jan | Hamilton Lisa | Bridges Ken | Pujol Beatriz
Cilengitide induces cellular detachment and apoptosis in endothelial and glioma cells mediated by inhibition of FAK/src/AKT pathway

Author(s): Oliveira-Ferrer Leticia | Hauschild Jessica | Fiedler Walter | Bokemeyer Carsten | Nippgen Johannes | Celik Ilhan | Schuch Gunter

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