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Imapact of replacing corn and soya beans with sorghum and faba beans on ruminal fermentation and milk quality in sicilo sarde dairy ewes

Author(s): Houcine Selmi | Abderrahmene Ben Gara | Borni Jemmali | Marouene Amraoui | Boulbaba Rekik | Hammadi Rouissi
Genetic polymorphism of casein alpha-S1 gene in Tunisian local Goat

Author(s): Borni Jemmali*; Mounir Kamoun; Marwa Haddar; Abderrahmene Ben Gara; Houcine Selmi; Moncef Hammami; Marouene Amraoui; Hamadi Rouissi; Rekik Boulbaba
Nutritional preliminary characterization of some indigenous raw materials used in formulation of concentrate

Author(s): Houcine Selmi, | Gouider Tibaoui, | Abderrahmene Ben Gara, | Boulbaba Rekik, | Borni Jemmali | Hamadi Rouissi
Assessment of meat quality of local lamb breeds in Tunisia

Author(s): Houcine Selmi, | Mounir Kamoun, | Lasâad Tayachi, | Boulbaba Rekik | Hamadi Rouissi
Effect of replacing Soya by broad beans on fermentation parameters in the rumen of Sicilo-Sarde rams

Author(s): Moncef Hammami, | Abderrahmane Ben Gara, | Boulbaba Rekik | Hamadi Rouissi
Blood protein polymorphism in three sheep breeds from the south of Tunisia

Author(s): Khaldi Zahrane, | Rekik Boulbaba, | Haddad Brahim, | Zourgui Lazher | Souid Sami
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