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Plasma Fatty Acid Profile of Gestating Ewes Supplemented with Fishmeal

Author(s): Mamun M. Or-Rashid | Rebecca Fisher | Niel Karrow | Ousama AlZahal | Brian W. McBride
A Passive Wireless Multi-Sensor SAW Technology Device and System Perspectives

Author(s): Donald C. Malocha | Mark Gallagher | Brian Fisher | James Humphries | Daniel Gallagher | Nikolai Kozlovski
Worksite Characteristics and Environmental and Policy Supports for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in New York State

Author(s): Ian Brissette, PhD | Brian Fisher, PhD | Deborah A. Spicer, RD, MPH | Lori King
Cardiac tamponade due to group a streptococcal pericarditis in a 10-month-old boy and a review of the literature

Author(s): Matthew C. Schwartz | Matthew J. Gillespie | Paul Stephens | Brian Fisher
Further Results on the Dilogarithm Integral

Author(s): Biljana Jolevska-Tuneska | Brian Fisher
A unique common fixed point theorem for occasionally weakly compatible maps

Author(s): Hakima Bouhadjera | Ahcène Djoudi | Brian Fisher
Common fixed point theorems for compatible mappings

Author(s): Kenan Taş | Mustafa Telci | Brian Fisher
On a fixed point theorem of Pathak

Author(s): Brian Fisher
On a fixed point theorem of Greguš

Author(s): Brian Fisher | Salvatore Sessa
On the Fresnel integrals and the convolution

Author(s): Adem Kiliçman | Brian Fisher
Related fixed points for set-valued mappings on two uniform spaces

Author(s): Duran Türkoğlu | Brian Fisher
Tumor cell invasion of collagen matrices requires coordinate lipid agonist-induced G-protein and membrane-type matrix metalloproteinase-1-dependent signaling

Author(s): Fisher Kevin | Pop Andreia | Koh Wonshill | Anthis Nicholas | Saunders W Brian | Davis George
Attitudes to smoking cessation and triggers to relapse among Chinese male smokers

Author(s): Yang Tingzhong | Fisher K John | Li Fuzhong | Danaher Brian
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