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Corporate Fitness Members' Perceptions of the Environment and Their Intrinsic Motivation

Author(s): Holly Huddleston | Mary D. Fry | Theresa C. Brown
Distributed Cognition in Community-Based Education

Author(s): Carlos Herrero | Maru00EDa Brown

Author(s): Ernesto Rosell Juarte | Raquel Brown Bonora | Alejandro Pedro Hernu00E1ndez
Helping Eve Overcome ADAM: G-Quadruplexes in the ADAM-15 Promoter as New Molecular Targets for Breast Cancer Therapeutics

Author(s): Robert V. Brown | Vanessa C. Gaerig | Taesha Simmons | Tracy A. Brooks
Magnetic Retraction of Bowel by Intraluminal Injectable Cyanoacrylate-Based Magnetic Glue

Author(s): Zhigang Wang | Andrew Brown | Pascal André | Stuart I. Brown | Gordon J. Florence | Alfred Cuschieri
Use of a care bundle in the emergency department for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a feasibility study

Author(s): McCarthy C | Brennan JR | Brown L | Donaghy D | Jones P | Whelan R | McCormack N | Callanan I | Ryan J | McDonnell TJ
How do integrated care initiatives impact on consumer experience?

Author(s): Petra T Bywood | Lynsey Brown | Jodie Oliver-Baxter
Organisational integration: Challenges, models and mechanisms to facilitate integrated care

Author(s): Petra T Bywood | Lynsey Brown | Jodie Oliver-Baxter
Interprofessional Education – a potential bridge over the commissioner–provider divide?

Author(s): Robin Miller | Gill Coombes | Hilary Brown | Alys Harwood
An Organisational Level Approach to Integrated Care: Models and Mechanisms

Author(s): Petra Bywood | Lynsey Brown | Jodie Oliver-Baxter
Initiatives to integrate primary health care services

Author(s): Petra Bywood | Belinda Lunnay | Jodie Oliver-Baxter | Lynsey Brown
A systems level approach to integrated care: four key functions

Author(s): Petra Bywood | Jodie Oliver-Baxter | Lynsey Brown
Leitlinie der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe (OEGGG) bei Verdacht auf Vorliegen von Sexualdelikten

Author(s): Loimer L | Bichler A | Brezinka C | Brown A | Denk W | Friedrich E | Hohenbichler U | Mayerhofer K | Pateisky N | Rieger A | Schaffer M | Spacek K | Stadlbauer G | Stöger H | Vytiska-Binsdorfer E
Analysis of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) measurements in the National Ignition Facility's target bay and chamber

Author(s): Brown C.G. | Clancy T.J. | Eder D.C. | Ferguson W. | Throop A.L.
Software Updating in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey and Lacunae

Author(s): Stephen Brown | Cormac J. Sreenan
Results Chains: a Tool for Conservation Action Design, Management, and Evaluation

Author(s): Richard Margoluis | Caroline Stem | Vinaya Swaminathan | Marcia Brown | Arlyne Johnson | Guillermo Placci | Nick Salafsky | Ilke Tilders
Microalgal Species Selection for Biodiesel Production Based on Fuel Properties Derived from Fatty Acid Profiles

Author(s): Muhammad Aminul Islam | Marie Magnusson | Richard J. Brown | Godwin A. Ayoko | Md. Nurun Nabi | Kirsten Heimann
Bee health in Europe – Facts & figures. An Opera document

Author(s): Alix, Anne | Brown, Mike | Campbell, Peter | Capri, Ettore | Kafka, Amalia | Kasiotis, Konstantinos | Machera, Kiki | Maus, Christian | Miles, Mark | Moraru, Petru | Navarro, Lisa | Pistorius, Jens | Thompson, Helen | Marchis, Alexandru
The Paleobiolinguistics of Domesticated Manioc (Manihot esculenta)

Author(s): Cecil H. Brown | Charles R. Clement | Patience Epps | Eike Luedeling | Søren Wichmann
The Paleobiolinguistics of Domesticated Chili Pepper (Capsicum spp.)

Author(s): Cecil H. Brown | Charles R. Clement | Patience Epps | Eike Luedeling | Søren Wichmann
Pathological and Evolutionary Implications of Retroviruses as Mobile Genetic Elements

Author(s): Madeline Hayes | Mackenzie Whitesell | Mark A. Brown
The Triglyceride Paradox in Stroke Survivors: A Prospective Study

Author(s): Minal Jain | Anunaya Jain | Neeraja Yerragondu | Robert D. Brown | Alejandro Rabinstein | Babak S. Jahromi | Lekshmi Vaidyanathan | Brian Blyth | Latha Ganti Stead
Youth Gang Members: Psychiatric Disorders and Substance Use

Author(s): Toi Blakley Harris | Sara Elkins | Ashley Butler | Matthew Shelton | Barbara Robles | Stephanie Kwok | Sherri Simpson | Dennis W. Young | Amy Mayhew | Ayanna Brown | Albert John Sargent

Author(s): Ana Maria Abreu Velez | Vickie M. Brown | Michael S. Howard
A survey design for monitoring butterflies

Author(s): Jennifer Ann Brown | Mark Stephen Boyce
Regenerative Neurology - The Future

Author(s): Fraser Brown
Skills versus Concepts: Attendance and Grades in Information Technology Courses

Author(s): Jollean K Sinclaire | Judith C. Simon | Charles J. Campbell | Judith C. Brown
Suspected chyle leak during complex spine surgery A unique case of propofol infusion resulting in lipid emulsion pooling in the surgical field

In Vivo Measurement of Phosphorous Markers of Disease

Author(s): Fernando Arias-Mendoza | Truman R. Brown
Cancer Genetics Services in Europe

Author(s): S. Hodgson | B. Milner | I. Brown | G. Bevilacqua | J. Chang-Claude | D. Eccles | G. Evans | H. Gregory | P. Møller | P. Morrison | M. Steel | D. Stoppa-Lyonnet | H. Vasen | N. Haites

Author(s): Neva Haites | Iain Brown | Ben Milner | Michael Steel
Utilizing Technology to Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Author(s): Cynthia Shuster | Patricia Brinkman | Lisa Barlage | Michelle Treber | Dana Brown | Linnette Goard
Methods for estimating uncertainty in factor analytic solutions

Author(s): P. Paatero | S. Eberly | S. G. Brown | G. A. Norris
Cavity ring-down spectroscopy sensor for detection of hydrogen chloride

Author(s): C. L. Hagen | B. C. Lee | I. S. Franka | J. L. Rath | T. C. VandenBoer | J. M. Roberts | S. S. Brown | A. P. Yalin
Intercomparison of the Charnock and COARE bulk wind stress formulations for coastal ocean modelling

Author(s): J. M. Brown | L. O. Amoudry | F. M. Mercier | A. J. Souza
Pediatric Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Author(s): Leonard Jason | Kristen Barker | Abigail Brown
Long-Term Effect of Photoperiod, Temperature and Feeding Regimes on the Respiration Rates of Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba)

Author(s): Matthew Brown | So Kawaguchi | Steven Candy | Toshihiro Yoshida | Patti Virtue | Steve Nicol
Determining Environmental Impacts for Sensitive Species: Using Iconic Species as Bioindicators for Management and Policy

Author(s): Joanna Burger | Michael Gochfeld | Charles W. Powers | James H. Clarke | Kevin Brown | David Kosson | Lawrence Niles | Amanda Dey | Christian Jeitner | Taryn Pittfield
Family responsibility dynamics for young adults in transition to adult health care

Author(s): Pat Rapley | Gwen Babel | Joey Kaye | Suzanne Brown
A Green, One-Pot Route to the Biphenyldicarboxylic Acids: Useful Intermediates in Polymer Synthesis

Author(s): Richard S. Clary | Christopher D. Lee | William G. Monroe IV | David A. Vaughn | Ragy T. Ragheb | Jack W. Erter III | David M. Brown | David A. Schiraldi
Drought and Associated Impacts in the Great Plains of the United States—A Review

Author(s): Jeffrey B. Basara | Joanna N. Maybourn | Casey M. Peirano | Jennifer E. Tate | Parker J. Brown | Jake D. Hoey | Brandon R. Smith
Faculty and students perceive common tenets associated with medical student curriculum reform

Author(s): Alexandria J. Bear | Deborah Simpson | Diane Brown | Dawn Bragg | Karen Marcdante
Distributed Sensor Logging: As Easy as a Mesh of Yoyos

Author(s): Corey Wallis | Alison Hutton | Steve Brown | Romana Challans | Paul Gardner-Stephen
Cropland area estimates using Modis NDVI time series in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil Estimativa de área agrícola por meio de séries temporais Modis NDVI no Estado do Mato Grosso

Author(s): Daniel de Castro Victoria | Adriano Rolim da Paz | Alexandre Camargo Coutinho | Jude Kastens | J. Christopher Brown
Earthworm communities in organic and conventional coffee cultivation Comunidades de minhocas em cultivo de café orgânico e convencional

Author(s): Marie Luise Carolina Bartz | George Gardner Brown | Amarildo Pasini | Juliana de Oliveira Fernandes | Pierre Curmi | Julie Dorioz | Ricardo Ralisch
Reducing the impact of climate change

Author(s): Hannah Brown
Integrating social entrepreneurs into the "health for all" formula

Author(s): William Drayton | Charlie Brown | Karin Hillhouse
The Public Health Act of 1848

Author(s): Elizabeth Fee | Theodore M. Brown
Making malaria deaths easier to count

Author(s): Hannah Brown
Rwanda’s road-safety transformation

Author(s): Hannah Brown
Effective aid in a complex environment

Author(s): Peter S Hill | Scott Brown | Just Haffeld
Primary bone neoplasms in dogs: 90 cases Neoplasmas ósseos primários em cães: 90 casos

Author(s): Maria E. Trost | Glaucia D. Kommers | Corrie C. Brown | Claudio S.L. Barros | Luiz F. Irigoyen | Rafael A. Fighera | Maria A. Inkelmann | Taiara M. da Silva
Guías ACC/AHA 2006. Estado del arte de la evaluación cardiovascular perioperatoria para cirugía no cardiaca: Enfocado en la terapia perioperatoria con betabloqueadores

Author(s): Lee A Fleisher | Chair, Joshua A Beckman | Kenneth A Brown | Hugh Calkins | Elliott Chaikof | Kirsten E Fleischmann | William K Freeman | James B Froehlich | Edward K. Kasper | Judy R Kersten | Barbara Riegel | John F Robb | Sidney C Smith, Jr | Chair, Alice K | Jacobs Vice-Chair | Cynthia D Adams | Jeffrey L. Anderson | Elliott M Antman | David P Faxon | Valentin Fuster | Jonathan L. Halperin | Loren F Hiratzka | Sharon A. Hunt | Bruce W. Lytle | Rick Nishimura | Richard L Page | Barbara Riegel
Anestesia Regional en el paciente anticoagulado: Definición de riesgos

Author(s): Terese T Horlocker | Honorio T Benzon | David L Brown | F. Kayser Enneking | John A Heit
Sex, shoulder pain, and range of motion in manual wheelchair users

Author(s): Karla K. Wessels, MS, ATC | Jennifer L. Brown, MS, ATC | Kyle T. Ebersole, PhD, ATC | Jacob J. Sosnoff, PhD
The Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Identifying Sustainable Biodiesel Feedstocks

Author(s): Mohammed I. Jahirul | Richard J. Brown | Wijitha Senadeera | Ian M. O'Hara | Zoran D. Ristovski
Evaluation of the Zoonotic Potential of Transmissible Mink Encephalopathy

Author(s): Emmanuel E. Comoy | Jacqueline Mikol | Marie-Madeleine Ruchoux | Valérie Durand | Sophie Luccantoni-Freire | Capucine Dehen | Evelyne Correia | Cristina Casalone | Juergen A. Richt | Justin J. Greenlee | Juan Maria Torres | Paul Brown | Jean-Philippe Deslys
Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture in Vineyards Using Airborne and Ground-Based Thermal Inertia Data

Author(s): Aiman Soliman | Richard J. Heck | Alexander Brenning | Ralph Brown | Stephen Miller
Regional Deforestation Trends within Local Realities: Land-Cover Change in Southeastern Peru 1996–2011

Author(s): Andrea Chávez Michaelsen | Leticia Huamani Briceño | Ronny Fernandez Menis | Nemin Bejar Chura | Frank Valera Tito | Stephen Perz | I. Foster Brown | Sandro Domínguez Del Aguila | Raúl Pinedo Mora | Gabriel Alarcón Aguirre
Assessing the social and physical determinants of circumpolar population health

Author(s): David L. Driscoll | Bruce Dotterrer | Richard A. Brown II
Random Mutagenesis of the Aspergillus oryzae Genome Results in Fungal Antibacterial Activity

Author(s): Cory A. Leonard | Stacy D. Brown | J. Russell Hayman
Approaching a collaborative research agenda for health systems performance in circumpolar regions

Author(s): Susan Chatwood | Jessica Bytautas | Anthea Darychuk | Peter Bjerregaard | Adalsteinn Brown | Donald Cole | Howard Hu | Micheal Jong | Malcolm King | Siv Kvernmo | Jeremy Veillard
The Role of Thyroid Hormone Signaling in the Prevention of Digestive System Cancers

Author(s): Adam R. Brown | Rosalia C. M. Simmen | Frank A. Simmen
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