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Thermal conductivity prediction of nanoscale phononic crystal slabs using a hybrid lattice dynamics-continuum mechanics technique

Author(s): Charles M. Reinke | Mehmet F. Su | Bruce L. Davis | Bongsang Kim | Mahmoud I. Hussein | Zayd C. Leseman | Roy H. Olsson-III | Ihab El-Kady
Profound Vitamin D Deficiency in a Diverse Group of Women during Pregnancy Living in a Sun-Rich Environment at Latitude 32°N

Author(s): Stuart A. Hamilton | Rebecca McNeil | Bruce W. Hollis | Deborah J. Davis | Joyce Winkler | Carolina Cook | Gloria Warner | Betty Bivens | Patrick McShane | Carol L. Wagner
Lutein-fortified infant formula fed to healthy term infants: evaluation of growth effects and safety

Author(s): Capeding Rosario | Gepanayao Connie | Calimon Nerrisa | Lebumfacil Jowena | Davis Anne | Stouffer Nicole | Harris Bruce
Expression of early transcription factors Oct-4, Sox-2 and Nanog by porcine umbilical cord (PUC) matrix cells

Author(s): Carlin Ryan | Davis Duane | Weiss Mark | Schultz Bruce | Troyer Deryl
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