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Analysis of Conservative and Magnetically Induced Electric Fields in a Low-Frequency Birdcage Coil

Author(s): Bu S. Park | Sunder S. Rajan | Christopher M. Collins | Leonardo M. Angelone
Efficacy and Safety of Gwakhyangjeonggi-San Retention Enema in Normal Rats and Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats

Author(s): Eunyoung Song | Euiju Lee | Yongmin Bu | Junhee Lee | Seungwon Shin | Junghee Yoo | Jaewoo Park | Jinhyeok Kwon
Determination of Thyroid Volume by Ultrasonography among Schoolchildren in Philippines

Author(s): Bu Kyung Kim | Young Sik Choi | Chul Ho Oak | Yo-Han Park | Jae Hyun Kim | Dae Jin Park | Cindy Mora | Donald Wilson | Eun-Kee Park
Soybeans Ameliolate Diabetic Nephropathy in Rats

Author(s): Young Eun Choi | Soo Kyung Ahn | Won Taek Lee | Jong Eun Lee | Seung Hwa Park | Bang Bu Yoon | Kyung Ah Park
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