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The Botryosphaeriaceae: genera and species known from culture

Author(s): A.J.L. Phillips | A. Alves | J. Abdollahzadeh | B. Slippers | M.J. Wingfield | J.Z. Groenewald | P.W. Crous
Phylogenetic lineages in the Botryosphaeriales: a systematic and evolutionary framework

Author(s): B. Slippers | E. Boissin | A.J.L. Phillips | J.Z. Groenewald | L. Lombard | M.J. Wingfield | A. Postma | T. Burgess | P.W. Crous
New direction for the Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry

Author(s): Kai Da JIANG | Michael R. PHILLIPS | Li Wei WANG
Applications of semiochemicals for managing stored-product insects: research and product development

Author(s): Phillips, T. W. | Mahroof, R. M. | Hasan, M. M. | Edde, P. A. | Campos-Figueroa, M.
Foodborne Campylobacter: Infections, Metabolism, Pathogenesis and Reservoirs

Author(s): Sharon V. R. Epps | Roger B. Harvey | Michael E. Hume | Timothy D. Phillips | Robin C. Anderson | David J. Nisbet
Establishing arbitrariness

Author(s): Stephen Phillips
Genetic Relationships of Cassava Genotypes That are Susceptible or Tolerant to Cassava Brown Streak Disease in Uganda

Author(s): Alex Abaca | Robert Kawuki | Phenihas Tukamuhabwa | Yona Baguma | Anthony Pariyo | Titus Alicai | C. Christopher Omongo.A | Phillips Abidrabo | Kasifa Katono | Anton Bua
Certification of a meat reference material based on a collaborative study Certificación de un material de referencia de carne en base a un estudio de colaboración

Author(s): Claudia Marcela Salazar Arzate | Laura Regalado | Alberto Pazos | Enrique Vivino | Vania García | María Rosa Pantoja | Eliana Rocha | Patricia Vacaflor | Rodrigo Casiano | Mónica Regina Cucatti | Luciana Miyagushu | Renata Sousa | Thais Uekane | Monique Gonçalves de Melo | Xiomara Acevedo | Elizabeth Jiménez | Linda Patricia Jiménez | Myriam Jessel Rivera | Pedro Hernán Torres | Elena Larrea | Lucía Navas | Susana Silva | Andrene Phillips | Dwight Random | Steve Acco | Ana Ramos | Christian Uribe | Galia Ticona | Cristina Toro | Lorena Francini | Rosana Reinares
Prevalence of Hypertension among Working Adults in Rwanda

Author(s): Jacques Banyangiriki | Joliana Phillips
On intersections of Cantor sets: Hausdorff measure

Author(s): Steen Pedersen | Jason D. Phillips
Novel, Non-Radioactive, Simple and Multiplex PCR-cRFLP Methods for Genotyping Human SP-A and SP-D Marker Alleles

Author(s): Susan DiAngelo | Zhenwu Lin | Guirong Wang | Scott Phillips | Mika Ramet | Junming Luo | Joanna Floros
Smartphone Delivery of Mobile HIV Risk Reduction Education

Author(s): Karran A. Phillips | David H. Epstein | Mustapha Mezghanni | Massoud Vahabzadeh | David Reamer | Daniel Agage | Kenzie L. Preston
Linked routine data to enhance health-economics analysis

Author(s): Muhammad Jami Husain | Sinead Brophy | Stefan Siebert | Ceri J. Phillips
The Effect of Aflatoxin-B1 on Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) and Assessment of Dietary Supplementation of NovaSil for the Prevention of Aflatoxicosis

Author(s): Katherine E. Zychowski | Aline Rodrigues Hoffmann | Hoai J. Ly | Camilo Pohlenz | Alejandro Buentello | Amelia Romoser | Delbert M. Gatlin | Timothy D. Phillips
Canadian university students’ perceptions of future personal infertility

Author(s): Amanda N. Whitten | Olivia Remes | Kelley-Anne Sabarre | Zainab Khan | Karen P. Phillips
Assessing the relationship between the level of pain control and patient satisfaction

Author(s): Phillips S | Gift M | Gelot S | Duong M | Tapp H
Validation of Circumferential Notched Tensile (CNT) Test Procedure for KISCC Determination

Author(s): O. Phillips Agboola | Filiz Sarioglu | Cafer Kizilors
Green tea extract: A potential cause of acute liver failure

Author(s): Shreena S Patel | Stacey Beer | Debra L Kearney | Garrett Phillips | Beth A Carter
Translated and annotated version of China's new Mental Health Law

Author(s): Chen HH | Phillips MR | Cheng H | Chen QQ | Chen XD | Fralick D | Zhang YE | Liu M | Huang J | Bueber M
Application of magnetic field hyperthermia and superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles to HIV-1-specific T-cell cytotoxicity

Author(s): Williams JP | Southern P | Lissina A | Christian HC | Sewell AK | Phillips R | Pankhurst Q | Frater J
The Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology

Author(s): Thomas E. Phillips
The costs of traumatic brain injury: a literature review

Author(s): Humphreys I | Wood RL | Phillips CJ | Macey S
Monthly and seasonal evaluation of dietary nutrients and their relationships with blood and milk parameters in lactating dairy cows

Author(s): Nozad S.H. | Ramin A.G. | Moghadam G.H. | Asri-Rezaei S. | Kalantary Leila | Babapour Azadeh | Ramin S. | Phillips C.J.C.
Guest Foreword by Lord Phillips KG PC

Author(s): Nicholas A. Phillips
Developing an integrated approach to interpret New Testament use of the Old Testament

Author(s): Gregory Y. Phillips | Fika Janse van Rensburg | Herrie F. van Rooy
Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine among Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease

Author(s): Gurjeet S. Birdee | Russell S. Phillips | Robert S. Brown
Glomerulopathy in the KK.Cg-Ay/J Mouse Reflects the Pathology of Diabetic Nephropathy

Author(s): Stephen P. O'Brien | Mandy Smith | Hong Ling | Lucy Phillips | William Weber | John Lydon | Colleen Maloney | Steven Ledbetter | Cynthia Arbeeny | Stefan Wawersik
Hypertension and obstructive sleep apnea

Author(s): Phillips CL | O'Driscoll DM
Neurovascular Coupling of the Posterior Cerebral Artery in Spinal Cord Injury: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Aaron A. Phillips | Andrei V. Krassioukov | Mei Mu Zi Zheng | Darren E. R. Warburton
Use of powered mobile arm supports by people with neuromuscular conditions

Author(s): Arun Kumar, MSc, BSc | Margaret Frances Phillips, MD
Device to monitor sock use in people using prosthetic limbs: Technical report

Author(s): Joan E. Sanders, PhD | Revathi Murthy, MSE | John C. Cagle, BSE | Katheryn J. Allyn, CPO | Reid H. Phillips, BSE | Brian P. Otis, PhD
The Convention: on paper and in practice

Author(s): Cassandra Phillips | Steve Estey | Mary Ennis
Cicadatra lorestanica, a new species of cicada from Iran (Hemiptera: Cicadidae)

Author(s): Fariba Mozaffarian | Allen F. Sanborn | Polly K. Phillips
The Future of Speculation?

Author(s): Wesley Phillips
Chronic Wounds, Biofilms and Use of Medicinal Larvae

Author(s): Linda J. Cowan | Joyce K. Stechmiller | Priscilla Phillips | Qingping Yang | Gregory Schultz
Ultrasound Diagnosis of a Left Atrial Myxoma in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Joelle Torregrossa, | Phillips Perera | Thomas Mailhot | Diku Mandavia
Ultrasound Detection of a Molar Pregnancy in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Amin Abdi | Shannon Stacy | Thomas Mailhot | Phillips Perera
Bedside Ultrasound in a Case of Blunt Scrotal Trauma

Author(s): Mark Cannis | Thomas Mailhot | Phillips Perera
Ultrasound Detection of a Renal Mass in a Patient with Flank Pain and Hematuria

Author(s): Karl Marzec | Thomas Mailhot | Phillips Perera
Innovation Fair Abstracts, SPARC 2012 Open Access Meeting

Author(s): Marianne Buehler | Leslie Carr | Stephanie Davis-Kahl | Mel DeSart | Ann Devenish | Lori Ellingford | Sarah K. Brem | Isaac Gilman | Marlee Givens | Robert Hilliker | Kristi L. Holmes | Rhonda Marker | Stacey Meeker | Jenny Oleen | Jennifer Phillips | Jason Priem | Trish Rose-Sandler | Elizabeth Smart | Greg Tananbaum | Donald Taylor
Stoichiometry constrains microbial response to root exudation- insights from a model and a field experiment in a temperate forest

Author(s): J. E. Drake | B. A. Darby | M.-A. Giasson | M. A. Kramer | R. P. Phillips | A. C. Finzi
The detection of nocturnal N2O5 as HNO3 by alkali- and aqueous-denuder techniques

Author(s): G. J. Phillips | U. Makkonen | G. Schuster | N. Sobanski | H. Hakola | J. N. Crowley
Predicting infectious complications in neutropenic children and young people with cancer (IPD protocol)

Author(s): Phillips Robert S | Sutton Alex J | Riley Richard D | Chisholm Julia C | Picton Susan V | Stewart Lesley A
BMPR2 expression is suppressed by signaling through the estrogen receptor

Author(s): Austin Eric D | Hamid Rizwan | Hemnes Anna R | Loyd James E | Blackwell Tom | Yu Chang | Phillips III John A | Gaddipati Radhika | Gladson Santhi | Gu Everett | West James | Lane Kirk B
Semantic validation of the use of SNOMED CT in HL7 clinical documents

Author(s): Heymans Stijn | McKennirey Matthew | Phillips Joshua
Australian clinicians and chemoprevention for women at high familial risk for breast cancer

Author(s): Keogh Louise A | Hopper John L | Rosenthal Doreen | Phillips Kelly-Anne
Prostate screening uptake in Australian BRCA1 and BRCA2 carriers

Author(s): McKinley Joanne M | Weideman Prue C | Jenkins Mark A | Friedlander Michael L | Hopper John L | McLachlan Sue-Anne | Lindeman Geoffrey J | Investigators kConFab | Phillips Kelly-Anne
The challenges of finding the gene responsible for a rare, autosomal dominant gastric cancer susceptibility syndrome

Author(s): Li JJ | Healey S | Phillips K | Makunin I | Wayte N | Schrader I | Worthley D | Lindor N | Huntsman D | Goldgar D | Suthers G | Chenevix-Trench G
Validation study of risk prediction models for female relatives of Australian women with breast cancer

Author(s): MacInnis R | Dite G | Bickerstaffe A | Dowty J | Aujard K | Apicella C | Phillips K | Weideman P | Hopper J
Association of tamoxifen use and reduced risk of contralateral breast cancer for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers

Author(s): Phillips KA | Milne RL | Rookus MA | Goldgar D | Friedlander M | McLachlan SA | Buys S | Antoniou AC | Birch K | Terry MB | Easton DF | Weideman P | Daly M | Andrieu N | John EM | Hooning MJ | Andrulis IL | Caldes T | Olsson H | Hopper JL
Haemoglobin and anaemia in the SMART study

Author(s): Mocroft A | Lifson AR | Touloumi G | Neuhaus J | Fox Z | Palfreeman A | Vjecha M | Hodder S | De Wit S | Lundgren JD | Phillips AN
Relating protease inhibitor resistance at time of virological failure with drug exposure

Author(s): Van Luin M | Bannister WP | Paredes R | Phillips AN | Bruun J | Van Lunzen J | Kirk O | d'Arminio Monforte A | Cozzi-Lepri A | Burger DM
O212 Rate of change in CD4 counts in patients with stable HIV viremia

Author(s): Phillips AN | Ledergerber B | Bogner JR | Lacombe K | Wiercinska-Drapalo A | Reiss P | Kirk O | Lundgren JD | Mocroft A
A molecular analysis of desiccation tolerance mechanisms in the anhydrobiotic nematode Panagrolaimus superbus using expressed sequenced tags

Author(s): Tyson Trevor | O'Mahony Zamora Georgina | Wong Simon | Skelton Máirin | Daly Brian | Jones John T | Mulvihill Eoin D | Elsworth Benjamin | Phillips Mark | Blaxter Mark | Burnell Ann M
Development, screening, and analysis of DNA aptamer libraries potentially useful for diagnosis and passive immunity of arboviruses

Author(s): Bruno John G | Carrillo Maria P | Richarte Alicia M | Phillips Taylor | Andrews Carrie | Lee John S
Renal quality outcomes framework and eGFR: impact on secondary care

Author(s): Phillips LA | Donovan KL | Phillips AO
Multivariate association analysis of the components of metabolic syndrome from the Framingham Heart Study

Author(s): Baker Allison R | Goodloe Robert J | Larkin Emma K | Baechle Dan J | Song Yeunjoo E | Phillips Lynette S | Gray-McGuire Courtney L
Mid-Infrared Observations of Planetary Nebulae detected in the GLIMPSE 3D Survey

Author(s): J. A. Quino-Mendoza | J. P. Phillips | G. Ramos-Larios

Author(s): G. Ramos-Larios | J. P. Phillips | J. A. Quino-Mendoza

Author(s): P. Benaglia | S. M. Dougherty | C. Phillips | B. Koribalski | T. Tzioumis
The use of Ks band photometric excesses to Investigate H2 emission in planetary nebulae

Author(s): G. Ramos-Larios | J. P. Phillips | S. N. Kemp
Ordinary faith, ordinary science

Author(s): William D. Phillips
Necromass in forests of Madre de Dios, Peru: a comparison between terra firme and lowland forests Necromasa de los bosques de Madre de Dios, Perú; una comparación entre bosques de tierra firme y de bajíos

Author(s): Alejandro Araujo-Murakami | Alexander G. Parada | Jeremy J. Terán | Tim R. Baker | Ted R. Feldpausch | Oliver L. Phillips | Roel J.W. Brienen
The Relation between Five-Factor Personality Traits and Risk-Taking Behavior in Preadolescents

Author(s): Ronnie L. McGhee | David J. Ehrler | Joseph A. Buckhalt | Carol Phillips
Effect of Dietary Lipids and Drumstick Leaves (Moringa oleifera) on Lipid Profile & Antioxidant Parameters in Rats

Author(s): Neveda Oinam | Asna Urooj | Preetham Paul Phillips | Narayan Prasad Niranjan
An Alternative Approach to Water Regulations for Public Health Protection at Bathing Beaches

Author(s): Amir M. Abdelzaher | Helena M. Solo-Gabriele | Matthew C. Phillips | Samir M. Elmir | Lora E. Fleming

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