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Prediction of cutability of beef carcasses processed in Jalisco State, Mexico

Author(s): J. M. Zorrilla-Ru00EDos | P.A. Lancaster | G. W. Horn | C. L. Goad | G. G. Hilton | D. M. Carrasco
Applicability of prediction equations for cutability in beef carcasses in Jalisco, Mexico

Author(s): J.M. Zorrilla-Ru00EDos | P. A. Lancaster | C. L: Goad | D. M. Carrasco
The Next Generation Transit Survey (NGTS)

Author(s): Wheatley Peter J. | Pollacco Don L. | Queloz Didier | Rauer Heike | Watson Christopher A. | West Richard G. | Chazelas Bruno | Louden Tom M. | Walker Simon | Bannister Nigel | Bento Joao | Burleigh Matthew | Cabrera Juan | Eigmüller Philipp | Erikson Anders | Genolet Ludovic | Goad Michael | Grange Andrew | Jordán Andrés | Lawrie Katherine | McCormac James | Neveu Marion
Algorithm for Minimizing Wavelength and Number of Hops in WDM Network

Author(s): Bhushan V.Patil | Kalpesh V.Joshi | Sonawane Kiran H. | Prashant Goad
Control of Intracellular Calcium Signaling as a Neuroprotective Strategy

Author(s): R. Scott Duncan | Daryl L. Goad | Michael A. Grillo | Simon Kaja | Andrew J. Payne | Peter Koulen
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