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Modeling and Control of Complex Dynamic Systems 2013

Author(s): Zhiwei Gao | Dexing Kong | Chuanhou Gao | Michael Chen
Numerical Analysis of Flow Erosion on Sand Discharge Pipe in Nitrogen Drilling

Author(s): Hongjun Zhu | Yuanhua Lin | Guang Feng | Kuanhai Deng | Xiangwei Kong | Qijun Wang | Dezhi Zeng
Effect of Alcohol on Diffuse Axonal Injury in Rat Brainstem: Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Aquaporin-4 Expression Study

Author(s): Lingmei Kong | Gengpeng Lian | Wenbin Zheng | Huimin Liu | Haidu Zhang | Ruowei Chen
Cupping Therapy May be Harmful for Eczema: A PubMed Search

Author(s): Kam Lun E. Hon | David Chi Kong Luk | Kin Fon Leong | Alexander K. C. Leung
A Doppler Transient Model Based on the Laplace Wavelet and Spectrum Correlation Assessment for Locomotive Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Author(s): Changqing Shen | Fang Liu | Dong Wang | Ao Zhang | Fanrang Kong | Peter W. Tse
Essential Human Body Points Tracking Using Kalman Filter

Author(s): Win Kong | Aini Hussain | Mohd. Hanif Md Saad
Efficient ion generation in laser-foil interaction

Author(s): Kawata S. | Takahashi K. | Satoh D. | Barada D. | Ma Y.Y. | Kong Q. | Wang P.X. | Wang W.M. | Li Y.T. | Sheng Z.M. | Klimo O. | Limpouch J. | Andreev A.A.
Laser-plasma booster for ion post acceleration

Author(s): Satoh D. | Kawata S. | Takahashi K. | Izumiyama T. | Barada D. | Ma Y.Y. | Kong Q. | Wang P.X. | Wang W.M. | Li Y.T. | Sheng Z.M. | Klimo O. | Limpouch J. | Andreev A.A.
Size-Dependent Cytotoxicity of Nanocarbon Blacks

Author(s): Huating Kong | Yu Zhang | Yongjun Li | Zhifen Cui | Kai Xia | Yanhong Sun | Qunfen Zhao | Ying Zhu
AlPOs Synthetic Factor Analysis Based on Maximum Weight and Minimum Redundancy Feature Selection

Author(s): Yuting Guo | Jianzhong Wang | Na Gao | Miao Qi | Ming Zhang | Jun Kong | Yinghua Lv
Retinal vasculitis in systemic lupus erythematosus: an indication of active disease

Author(s): Umi Kalthum Md Noh | Aida Zairani A. Zahidin | Then Kong Yong
Melanocytoma of the optic nerve head - a diagnostic dilemma

Author(s): Zalilawati Mohmad | Tan Aik Kah | Ku Chui Yong | Wan Haslina Wan Abdul Halim | Then Kong Yong
Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of paclitaxel loaded in six-arm star-shaped poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)

Author(s): Chen Y | Yang Z | Liu C | Wang C | Zhao S | Yang J | Sun H | Zhang Z | Kong D | Song C
Bilateral tubulocystic renal cell carcinomas in diabetic end-stage renal disease: first case report with cytogenetic and ultrastructural studies

Author(s): Max Xiangtian Kong | Christopher Hale | Antonio Subietas-Mayol | Peng Lee | Nicholas D. Cassai | Gerald McRae | David S. Goldfarb | Ming Zhou | Rosemary Wieczorek
Molecular Imaging-Guided Theranostics and Personalized Medicine

Author(s): David J. Yang | Fong Y. Tsai | Tomio Inoue | Mei-Hsiu Liao | Fan-Lin Kong | Shaoli Song
Design of Passive Components in Quadruple Sub-harmonic Image Rejection Mixer

Author(s): Bin Kong | Xi Luo | Yuanchuan Guo | Wei Zhao | Ruimin Xu
Inhibition of SIRT1 Transcription inResveratrol-differentiated Medulloblastoma Cells

Author(s): Jing-Xin Ma | Hong Li | Xiao-Xin Cheng | Mo-Li Wu | Li-Jun Yu | Qing-You Kong | Ming Liu | Jia Liu
Bioactive form of resveratrol in glioblastoma cells and its safety for normal brain cells

Author(s): Xiao-Hong Shu | Hong Li | Xiao-Xin Sun | Zheng Sun | Li-Li Wang | Xue Song | Shun Shi | Mo-Li Wu | Xiao-Yan Chen | Qing-You Kong | Liu Jia
A Genome-Wide Expression Profile of Salt-Responsive Genes in the Apple Rootstock Malus zumi

Author(s): Qingtian Li | Jia Liu | Dunxian Tan | Andrew C. Allan | Yuzhuang Jiang | Xuefeng Xu | Zhenhai Han | Jin Kong
Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry for Quantification of Dioscin in Rat Plasma

Author(s): Tae Yeon Kong | Hye Young Ji | Sang-Zin Choi | Miwon Son | Hye Suk Lee
A Quality Ratio-Based Novel Unequal Loss Protection Scheme in Wi-Fi Broadcasting System

Author(s): Dong Hyun Kim | Jong Min Kong | Jong Deok Kim
Multiple solutions for systems of multi-point boundary value problems

Author(s): John R. Graef | Shapour Heidarkhani | Lingju Kong
Transcriptomic response to stress in marine bivalves

Author(s): Q Li | X Zhao | L Kong | H Yu
Inter-annual precipitation fluctuations alter the responses of above- and belowground biomass to water and N enrichment

Author(s): D. L. Kong | X. T. Lü | L. L. Jiang | H. F. Wu | Y. Miao | P. Kardol
Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection Disrupts Monolayer Integrity and Function in Cystic Fibrosis Airway Cells

Author(s): Michele Kong | Patrick Maeng | Jeong Hong | Rhonda Szczesniak | Eric Sorscher | Wayne Sullender | John Paul Clancy
Characteristics Analysis of Chemical Concentration Sensor Based on Three-layer FBG

Author(s): Zhaoxia Wu | Xinyan Yu | Erdan Gu | Zhi Kong | Wenchao Li
Visible photoluminescence of polyoxoniobates in aqueous solution and their high electrocatalytic activities for water oxidation

Author(s): Yichen Ye | Congcong Chen | Hui Feng | Jin Zhou | Juanjuan Ma | Jianrong Chen | Junhua Yuan | Lichun Kong | Zhaosheng Qian
BMP signaling in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and bone formation

Author(s): Maureen Beederman | Joseph D. Lamplot | Guoxin Nan | Jinhua Wang | Xing Liu | Liangjun Yin | Ruidong Li | Wei Shui | Hongyu Zhang | Stephanie H. Kim | Wenwen Zhang | Jiye Zhang | Yuhan Kong | Sahitya Denduluri | Mary Rose Rogers | Abdullah Pratt | Rex C. Haydon | Hue H. Luu | Jovito Angeles | Lewis L. Shi | Tong-Chuan He
Urinary retention and the role of indwelling catheterization following total knee arthroplasty

Author(s): P. Kumar | K. Mannan | A.M. Chowdhury | K.C. Kong | J. Pati
A Categorical Data Analysis on Financial Failures in Vietnam, 2007-2013

Author(s): Quan Hoang Vuong | Nancy K. Napier | Tri Dung Tran | Hong Kong T. Nguyen
Differentiating nest sites characteristics of four sympatric cavity-nesting birds

Author(s): Chunfa Zhou | Daqing Zhou | Xiangkun Kong | Wenhong Deng
Parameter Estimation for Bivariate Mixed Lognormal Distribution

Author(s): Ching Yee Kong | Suhaila Jamaludin | Fadhilah Yusof | Hui Mean Foo
Total Synthesis, Cytotoxic Effects of Damnacanthal, Nordamnacanthal and Related Anthraquinone Analogues

Author(s): Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar | Seema Zareen | Swee Keong Yeap | Wan Yong Ho | Kong Mun Lo | Aurangzeb Hasan | Noorjahan Banu Alitheen
An Adaptive CBPR Approach to Create Weight Management Materials for a School-Based Health Center Intervention

Author(s): Andrew L. Sussman | Carolyn Montoya | Olaf Werder | Sally Davis | Nina Wallerstein | Alberta S. Kong
Automatic and Direct Identification of Blink Components from Scalp EEG

Author(s): Wanzeng Kong | Zhanpeng Zhou | Sanqing Hu | Jianhai Zhang | Fabio Babiloni | Guojun Dai
Connective tissue diseases in primary biliary cirrhosis: A population-based cohort study

Author(s): Li Wang | Feng-Chun Zhang | Hua Chen | Xuan Zhang | Dong Xu | Yong-Zhe Li | Qian Wang | Li-Xia Gao | Yun-Jiao Yang | Fang Kong | Ke Wang
Molecular and Functional Analyses of the Fast Skeletal Myosin Light Chain2 Gene of the Korean Oily Bitterling, Acheilognathus koreensis

Author(s): Hee Jeong Kong | Ye-Ji Lee | Woo-Jin Kim | Hyung Soo Kim | Bong-Seok Kim | Cheul Min An | Sang-Yeob Yeo | Hyun Kook Cho
Three Novel Xanthones from Garcinia paucinervis and Their Anti-TMV Activity

Author(s): Yu-Ping Wu | Wei Zhao | Zhen-Yuan Xia | Guang-Hui Kong | Xiu-Ping Lu | Qiu-Fen Hu | Xue-Mei Gao
Adaptive Fuzzy plus Integral Control for Double Variable Electric Furnace

Author(s): Xiang-Ling Kong | Hong-Xing Li | Dong Fang
Towards Formalizing Time-Constrained System Models in TCOZ

Author(s): Kong Xiangying | Chen yanhui | Zhuang Yi
Development of Web GIS-Based VFSMOD System with Three Modules for Effective Vegetative Filter Strip Design

Author(s): Youn Shik Park | Bernie A. Engel | Yongchul Shin | Joongdae Choi | Nam-Won Kim | Seong-Joon Kim | Dong Soo Kong | Kyoung Jae Lim
A clinical study on the therapeutic effect of rituximab in combination with autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in treatment of CD20+ B cellulous non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Author(s): Yong-sheng CHEN | Pei-yan KONG | Dong-feng ZENG | Jie-ping LI | Xing-hua CHEN | Xi ZHANG | Jia-li LI | Xiao-lin YIN | Cheng ZHANG | Qing-yu WANG | Xiang-jing KONG | Yuan-yuan HE
Formation of Silicon/Carbon Core-Shell Nanowires Using Carbon Nitride Nanorods Template and Gold Catalyst

Author(s): Ilyani Putri Jamal | Su Kong Chong | Kee Wah Chan | Maisara Othman | Saadah Abdul Rahman | Zarina Aspanut
Deqi Sensations of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Auricular Points

Author(s): Xiaoling Wang | Jiliang Fang | Qing Zhao | Yangyang Fan | Jun Liu | Yang Hong | Honghong Wang | Yunyao Ma | Chunhua Xu | Shan Shi | Jian Kong | Peijing Rong
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of O-[3-18F-fluoropropyl]-α-methyl Tyrosine in Mesothelioma-Bearing Rodents

Author(s): I-Hong Shih | Fan-Lin Kong | Mohammad S. Ali | Yinhan Zhang | Dong-Fang Yu | Xudong Duan | David J. Yang
Diorganotin(IV) Derivatives of N-Methyl p-Fluorobenzo-Hydroxamic Acid: Preparation, Spectral Characterization, X-ray Diffraction Studies and Antitumor Activity

Author(s): Naqeebullah | Yang Farina | Kok Meng Chan | Lo Kong Mun | Nor Fadilah Rajab | Theng Choon Ooi
A Longitudinal Study of the Reliability of Acupuncture Deqi Sensations in Knee Osteoarthritis

Author(s): Rosa B. Spaeth | Stephanie Camhi | Javeria A. Hashmi | Mark Vangel | Ajay D. Wasan | Robert R. Edwards | Randy L. Gollub | Jian Kong
TMPRSS4 as a Poor Prognostic Factor for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Author(s): Daye Cheng | Hong Kong | Yunhui Li
Rice Seed Cultivar Identification Using Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging and Multivariate Data Analysis

Author(s): Wenwen Kong | Chu Zhang | Fei Liu | Pengcheng Nie | Yong He
Effects of propranolol or propranolol plus isosorbide-5-mononitrate on variceal pressure in schistosomiasis

Author(s): De-Run Kong | Chao Ma | Min Wang | Jing-Guang Wang | Chen Chen | Lei Zhang | Jia-Hu Hao | Pan Li | Jian-Ming Xu
Cap polyposis: A rare cause of rectal bleeding in children

Author(s): Jia Hui Li | May Ying Leong | Kong Boo Phua | Yee Low | Ajmal Kader | Veena Logarajah | Lin Yin Ong | Joyce HY Chua | Christina Ong
Reversal of multidrug resistance in gastric cancer cells by CDX2 downregulation

Author(s): Lin-Hai Yan | Xiao-Tong Wang | Jie Yang | Chao Lian | Fan-Biao Kong | Wei-Yuan Wei | Wen Luo | Qiang Xiao | Yu-Bo Xie
Integrative TCM Conservative Therapy for Low Back Pain due to Lumbar Disc Herniation: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Author(s): Wei An Yuan | Shi Rong Huang | Kai Guo | Wu Quan Sun | Xiao Bing Xi | Ming Cai Zhang | Ling Jun Kong | Hua Lu | Hong Sheng Zhan | Ying Wu Cheng
Design of Eye Movement Interactive Interface and Example Development

Author(s): Fang Zhi-Gang | Kong Xiang-Zong | Xu Jie
Study on Fault Current of DFIG during Slight Fault Condition

Author(s): Xiangping Kong | Zhe Zhang | Xianggen Yin | Zhenxing Li
3D Model-Based Simulation Analysis of Energy Consumption in Hot Air Drying of Corn Kernels

Author(s): Shiwei Zhang | Ninghua Kong | Yufang Zhu | Zhijun Zhang | Chenghai Xu
Efficient Semantics-Based Compliance Checking Using LTL Formulae and Unfolding

Author(s): Liang Song | Jianmin Wang | Lijie Wen | Hui Kong
In Vitro Antimetastatic Effect of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Inhibitor ZSTK474 on Prostate Cancer PC3 Cells

Author(s): Wennan Zhao | Wenzhi Guo | Qianxiang Zhou | Sheng-Nan Ma | Ran Wang | Yuling Qiu | Meihua Jin | Hong-Quan Duan | Dexin Kong
PLAC1 Expression Decreases in Chorionic Villi in Response to Labor

Author(s): Yahdira M. Rodriguez-Prado | Xiaoyuan Kong | Michael E. Fant
Advances in Murine Models of Diabetic Nephropathy

Author(s): Li-li Kong | Hao Wu | Wen-peng Cui | Wen-hua Zhou | Ping Luo | Jing Sun | Hang Yuan | Li-ning Miao
Ocotillol Enhanced the Antitumor Activity of Doxorubicin via p53-Dependent Apoptosis

Author(s): Hongbo Wang | Pengfei Yu | Jing Bai | Jianqiao Zhang | Liang Kong | Fangxi Zhang | Guangying Du | Shiqian Pei | Lixia Zhang | Yongtao Jiang | Jingwei Tian | Fenghua Fu
Pregnancy with Concomitant Chorioangioma and Placental Mesenchymal Dysplasia: A Rare Placental Abnormality

Author(s): Wu Qichang | Wang Wenbo | Zheng Liangkai | Kong Hui | He Xiaoqin | Sun Li | Xu Yasong
Study on the MoN/Nitrogen-doped Graphene Sheets Composite for Lithium Ion Capacitor Electrode Materials

Author(s): MA Wen, HAN Peng-Xian, KONG Qing Shan, ZHANG Ke Jun, BI Cai Feng, CUI Guang Lei
The Investigation on the Microstructure and Electrical Properties of p-type ZnO∶In-N Films

Author(s): ZHAO Yong-hong | KONG Chun-yang | QIN Guo-ping | LI Wan-jun | RUAN Hai-bo | MENG Xiang-dan | BIAN Ping | XU Qing | ZHANG Ping
Effects of Cd Doping on Optical and Electrical Properties of ZnO∶In Films

Author(s): MENG Xiang-dan | KONG Chun-yang | LI Wan-jun | QIN Guo-ping | RUAN Hai-bo | ZHAO Yong-hong | BIAN Ping
Research on Energy-Saving Operation of Screw Air Compressor

Author(s): Chong liu | Dewen Kong | Maolin Cai
Online coupled regional meteorology-chemistry models in Europe: current status and prospects

Author(s): A. Baklanov | K. H. Schluenzen | P. Suppan | J. Baldasano | D. Brunner | S. Aksoyoglu | G. Carmichael | J. Douros | J. Flemming | R. Forkel | S. Galmarini | M. Gauss | G. Grell | M. Hirtl | S. Joffre | O. Jorba | E. Kaas | M. Kaasik | G. Kallos | X. Kong | U. Korsholm | A. Kurganskiy | J. Kushta | U. Lohmann | A. Mahura | A. Manders-Groot | A. Maurizi | N. Moussiopoulos | S. T. Rao | N. Savage | C. Seigneur | R. Sokhi | E. Solazzo | S. Solomos | B. Sørensen | G. Tsegas | E. Vignati | B. Vogel | Y. Zhang
Health innovations in patient decision support: Bridging the gaps and challenges

Author(s): Chirk Jenn Ng | Yew Kong Lee | Ping Yein Lee | Khatijah Lim Abdullah
Identification of Lung-Cancer-Related Genes with the Shortest Path Approach in a Protein-Protein Interaction Network

Author(s): Bi-Qing Li | Jin You | Lei Chen | Jian Zhang | Ning Zhang | Hai-Peng Li | Tao Huang | Xiang-Yin Kong | Yu-Dong Cai
Endoplasmic Reticulum Is at the Crossroads of Autophagy, Inflammation, and Apoptosis Signaling Pathways and Participates in the Pathogenesis of Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Jing Su | Lei Zhou | Xiaoxia Kong | Xiaochun Yang | Xiyan Xiang | Yu Zhang | Xiaoning Li | Liankun Sun
Understanding Central Mechanisms of Acupuncture Analgesia Using Dynamic Quantitative Sensory Testing: A Review

Author(s): Jiang-Ti Kong | Rosa N. Schnyer | Kevin A. Johnson | Sean Mackey

Author(s): Sabrina Tiun | Rosni Abdullah | Tang Enya Kong
Psychosomatic health of military personnel recruited from minorities and influential factors thereof

Author(s): Li-yi ZHANG | Gui-sen MEI | Zhong-wen REN | Zhi-bin ZHANG | Hua-gen ZOU | Xiao-hui LIU | Ji-jun CHEN | Ling-ming KONG | Chun-xia CHEN | Gao-feng YAO
Time feature of Chinese military personnel’s suicide ideation and its relationship with psychosomatic health

Author(s): Li-yi ZHANG | Ling-ming KONG | Gui-sen MEI | Zhong-wen REN | Zhi-bin ZHANG | Hua-gen ZOU | Xiao-hui LIU | Ji-jun CHEN | Chun-xia CHEN | Gao-feng YAO
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