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Prescribed burning experiences in Italy: an integrated approach to prevent forest fires

Author(s): Ascoli D | Catalanotti A | Valese E | Cabiddu S | Delogu G | Driussi M | Esposito A | Leone V | Lovreglio R | Marchi E | Mazzoleni S | Rutigliano FA | Strumia S | Bovio G
Effect of different pastures on CLA content in milk and sheep cheese

Author(s): A. Cabiddu | M. Decandia | G. Molle | G. Pinna | M. Addis | S. Spada | A. Pirisi | G. Piredda
Effect of different forage species supplemented with two carbohydrate sources on short and medium chain fatty acids in sheep milk

Author(s): A. Cabiddu | M. Addis | G. Pinna | M. Decandia | M. Sitzia | A. Pirisi | G. Piredda
A survey on the milk fatty acid composition of forty dairy sheep flocks in Sardinia

Author(s): M. Addis | A. Cabiddu | M. Decandia | M. Fiori | S. Spada | C. Bulleddu | R. Cammelli | A. Caria | V. Lai | G. Lutzoni | A. Natale | P. Oppia | C. Pintus | A. Spiga | G. Piredda | C. Porqueddu | G. Molle
Re-visiting the nutrition of dairy sheep grazing Mediterranean pastures

Author(s): G. Molle | A. Cabiddu | M. Decandia
Effects of different fat-enriched concentrates on fatty acid profile of cheese from grazing dairy sheep

Author(s): Margherita Addis | Andrea Cabiddu | Mauro Decandia | Simona Spada | Marco Acciaro | Antonio Pirisi | Maria Sitzia | Edmondo Costa | Antonello Cannas | Giovanni Molle
Effect of species, cultivar and phenological stage of different forage legumes on herbage fatty acid composition

Author(s): Andrea Cabiddu | Mauro Decandia | Lorenzo Salis | Giuseppe Scanu | Myriam Fiori | Margherita Addis | Maria Sitzia | Giovanni Molle
Effect of corn and beet pulp based concentrate on ruminal parameters in wethers fed with fresh forage

Author(s): Andrea Cabiddu | Francesco Masoero | René Baumont | Andrea Branca | Mauro Decandia | Giovanni Molle
On-line Hemofiltration in Chronic Renal Failure: Advantages and Limits

Author(s): Altieri Paolo | Sorba Gianbattista | Bolasco Piergiorgio | Ledebo Ingrid | Bolasco Ferruccio | Ganadu Marino | Cadinu Franco | Ferrara Rocco | Cabiddu Gianfranca

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