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Membrane Surface Nanostructures and Adhesion Property of T Lymphocytes Exploited by AFM

Author(s): Wu Yangzhe | Lu Hongsong | Cai Jiye | He Xianhui | Hu Yi | Zhao HongXia | Wang Xiaoping
Self-assembly and Fractal Feature of Chitosan and Its Conjugate with Metal Ions: Cu (II) / Ag (I)

Author(s): Yi Hu | Yangzhe Wu | Jiye Cai | Yufeng Ma | Bin Wang | Ke Xia | Xiaoqing He
Atomic Force Microscope Imaging of the Aggregation of Mouse Immunoglobulin G Molecules

Author(s): Jiye Cai | Yao Chen | Qingcai Xu | Yong Chen | Tao Zhao | Xiaoyan Wang | Ke Xia
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