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The spiral code of prime numbers

Author(s): Vinoo Cameron
Plasma Insulin, Glucose, IGF-I, IGF-II, and IGFBP-3 and Risk of Recurrent Colorectal Adenomas

Author(s): Melissa Kang | Anne F Peery | Joseph A Galanko | Robert S Sandler | Temitope O Keku | Cameron Locklear
Sexual desire, not hypersexuality, is related to neurophysiological responses elicited by sexual images

Author(s): Vaughn R. Steele | Cameron Staley | Timothy Fong | Nicole Prause
Anemia management: development of a rapid-access anemia and intravenous iron service

Author(s): Radia D | Momoh I | Dillon R | Francis Y | Cameron L | Fagg TL | Overl | H | Robinson S | Harrison CN
Formative Evaluation for a Healthy Corner Store Initiative in Pitt County, North Carolina: Engaging Stakeholders for a Healthy Corner Store Initiative, Part 2

Author(s): Stephanie B. Jilcott Pitts, PhD | Karamie R. Bringolf, MPH | Cameron L. Lloyd, MPH | Jared T. McGuirt, MPH | Katherine K. Lawton, MPH | Jo Morgan, MAEd
Best Available Evidence in Cochrane Reviews on Herbal Medicine?

Author(s): Elyad Davidson | Julia Vlachojannis | Melainie Cameron | Sigrun Chrubasik
Motivations for Proactive Environmental Management

Author(s): Madhu Khanna | Cameron Speir
Evaluation of California's Alcohol and Drug Screening and Brief Intervention Project for Emergency Department Patients

Author(s): Susan I Woodruff | Kimberly Eisenberg | Cameron T McCabe | John D Clapp | Melinda Hohman

Author(s): Cameron Tristram | Graeme J. Gainsford | Simon Hinkley
4-Cyano-1-methylpyridinium nitrate

Author(s): Cameron A. McCormick | Vu D. Nguyen | Heather E. Renfro | Lynn V. Koplitz | Joel T. Mague
Current and future initiatives for vascular health management in clinical practice

Author(s): Cameron JD | Asmar R | Struijker-Boudier H | Shirai K | Sirenko Y | Kotovskaya Y | Topouchian J
Technology for health: A qualitative study on barriers to using the iPad for diet change

Author(s): Cameron Lister | Joshua H. West | Rickelle Richards | Benjamin Crookston | Parley Cougar Hall | Alisha H. Redelfs
A Reflection on European Security

Author(s): Cameron R. Hume
Leadership in Crisis Situations

Author(s): Cameron R. Hume
Are dopamine-related genotypes risk factors for excessive gestational weight gain?

Author(s): Goldfield GS | Dowler LM | Walker M | Cameron JD | Ferraro ZM | Doucet E | Adamo KB
Investigation of dmyc Promoter and Regulatory Regions

Author(s): Jasmine Kharazmi | Cameron Moshfegh
Book Review: Reggaeton

Author(s): Cameron White
Sun Valley

Author(s): Bruce Cameron
A design of evaluation method for SaaS in cloud computing

Author(s): Chekfoung Tan | Kecheng Liu | Lily Sun | Cameron Spence
The journal 'chiropractic & osteopathy' changes its title to 'chiropractic & manual therapies'. a new name, a new era

Author(s): Walker Bruce F | French Simon D | Cameron Melanie | Perle Stephen M | Lebouef-Yde Charlotte | Rubinstein Sidney M
Myeloid dendritic cells induce HIV-1 latency in non-proliferating CD4+ T cells

Author(s): Evans VA | Saleh S | Haddad EK | Cameron PU | Sekaly R-P | Lewin SR
Clinical descriptive measures of shoulder range of motion for a healthy, young and physically active cohort

Author(s): Vairo Giampietr L | Duffey Michele L | Owens Brett D | Cameron Kenneth L
Control of directional change after mechanical stimulation in Drosophila

Author(s): Zhou Yating | Cameron Scott | Chang Wen-Tzu | Rao Yong
Development of a neural network model for predicting glucose levels in a surgical critical care setting

Author(s): Pappada Scott M | Borst Marilyn J | Cameron Brent D | Bourey Raymond E | Lather Jason D | Shipp Desmond | Chiricolo Antonio | Papadimos Thomas J
A novel peptide to enhance recombinant BMP-2 production in mammalian cell cultures

Author(s): Zhou Aileen J | Clokie Cameron ML | Peel Sean AF
Kinetics of neutralizing antibodies in patients naturally infected by H5N1 virus

Author(s): Buchy Philippe | Vong Sirenda | Chu Simon | Garcia Jean-Michel | Hien Tran | Hien Vo | Channa Mey | Ha Do | Van Vinh Chau Nguyen | Simmons Cameron | Farrar Jeremy J | Peiris JS | de Jong Menno D
Computational Tools for the Secondary Analysis of Metabolomics Experiments

Author(s): Sean Cameron Booth | Aalim Weljie | Raymond Joseph Turner
The amphibians and reptiles of Luzon Island, Philippines, VIII: the herpetofauna of Cagayan and Isabela Provinces, northern Sierra Madre Mountain Range

Author(s): Rafe Brown | Cameron Siler | Carl Oliveros | Luke Welton | Ashley Rock | John Swab | Merlijn Van Weerd | Jonah van Beijnen | Dominic Rodriguez | Edmund Jose | Arvin Diesmos
Comparison of Pentax HiLine and Olympus Lucera systems at screening colonoscopy

Author(s): Alexey Chernolesskiy | David Swain | James C Lee | Gareth D Corbett | Ewen AB Cameron
A First Analysis of Metallome Biosignatures of Hyperthermophilic Archaea

Author(s): Vyllinniskii Cameron | Christopher H. House | Susan L. Brantley
Collaborating with Industry to Enhance Financial Planning and Accounting Education

Author(s): Mark Brimble | Craig Cameron | Brett Freudenberg | Campbell Fraser | Kirsten MacDonald

Author(s): Karel G. Von Eschwege | Jannie C. Swarts | Manuel A. S. Aquino | T. Stanley Cameron
The Variation in the Absence of the Palmaris Longus in a Multiethnic Population of the United States: An Epidemiological Study

Author(s): Ali M. Soltani | Mirna Peric | Cameron S. Francis | Thien-Trang J. Nguyen | Linda S. Chan | Alidad Ghiassi | Milan V. Stevanovic | Alex K. Wong
How Feasible Is Baby-Led Weaning as an Approach to Infant Feeding? A Review of the Evidence

Author(s): Sonya L. Cameron | Anne-Louise M. Heath | Rachael W. Taylor
Environmental change impacts on the C- and N-cycle of European forests: a model comparison study

Author(s): D. R. Cameron | M. Van Oijen | C. Werner | K. Butterbach-Bahl | E. Haas | G. B. M. Heuvelink | R. Grote | R. Kiese | M. Kuhnert | J. Kros | A. Leip | G. J. Reinds | H. I. Reuter | M. J. Schelhaas | W. De Vries | J. Yeluripati
Extension of the diet of an extreme foraging specialist, the aardwolf (Proteles cristata)

Author(s): J.L. De Vries | C.W.W. Pirk | P.W. Bateman | E.Z. Cameron | F. Dalerum
Producing High-Accuracy Lattice Models from Protein Atomic Coordinates Including Side Chains

Author(s): Martin Mann | Rhodri Saunders | Cameron Smith | Rolf Backofen | Charlotte M. Deane
Bioeconomical Ricker's model of marine protected areas

Author(s): Cameron N. Christou | Lev V. Idels
Bridges and Barriers to Developing and Conducting Interdisciplinary Graduate-Student Team Research

Author(s): Wayde Cameron. Morse | Max Nielsen-Pincus | Jo Ellen Force | J. D. Wulfhorst

Author(s): A. Lami | N. Cameron | A. Korhola
A Dietary Supplement Containing Chlorophytum Borivilianum and Velvet Bean Improves Sleep Quality in Men and Women

Author(s): Cameron G. McCarthy | Rick J. Alleman | Zach W. Bell | Richard J. Bloomer
An Orthopedic-, Surgical-, and Epidemiological-Based Investigation of Leprosy, in the Tamil Nadu State of India

Author(s): Jason Samona | Scott Samona | Cameron Samona | S. Gopalakrishnan | P. Shekhar | D. Kubern | P. S. Mohan Kumar | Reza Nassiri
2-Cyano-1-methylpyridinium nitrate

Author(s): Lynn V. Koplitz | Joel T. Mague | Michael N. Kammer | Cameron A. McCormick | Heather E. Renfro | David J. Vumbaco
Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration with an Oscillating Platform for People with Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Sebastião David Santos-Filho | Michelle H. Cameron | Mario Bernardo-Filho
The Role of Preoperative Bilateral Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patient Selection for Partial Breast Irradiation in Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

Author(s): Kristin V. Kowalchik | Laura A. Vallow | Michelle McDonough | Colleen S. Thomas | Michael G. Heckman | Jennifer L. Peterson | Cameron D. Adkisson | Christopher Serago | Steven J. Buskirk | Sarah A. McLaughlin
Measurements of 5-FU Plasma Concentrations in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer: 5-FU Levels Reflect the 5-FU Dose Applied

Author(s): Martina Blaschke | Jutta Blumberg | Ulrike Wegner | Martin Nischwitz | Giuliano Ramadori | Silke Cameron
Thermodynamic contributions of 5’- and 3’-single strand dangling-ends to the stability of short duplex DNAs

Author(s): Rebekah Dickman | Fidelis Manyanga | Greg P. Brewood | Daniel J. Fish | Cameron A. Fish | Charlie Summers | M. Todd Horne | Albert S. Benight
Prevention of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation on metallic surgical implants via controlled release of gentamicin

Author(s): David J. McMillan | Cameron Lutton | Natalie Rosenzweig | Kadaba S. Sriprakash | Ben Goss | Michaela Stemberger | Michael A. Schuetz | Roland Steck
Impact of Marijuana on Response Inhibition: an fMRI Study in Young Adults

Author(s): Andra M. Smith | Rocío A. López Zunini | Christopher D. Anderson | Carmelinda A. Longo | Ian Cameron | Matthew J. Hogan | Peter A. Fried
Dead or alive: animal sampling during Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreaks in humans

Author(s): Sarah H. Olson | Patricia Reed | Kenneth N. Cameron | Benard J. Ssebide | Christine K. Johnson | Stephen S. Morse | William B. Karesh | Jonna A. K. Mazet | Damien O. Joly
Cognitive Control and Discourse Comprehension in Schizophrenia

Author(s): Megan A. Boudewyn | Cameron S. Carter | Tamara Y. Swaab
Inaccuracy of Death Certificate Diagnosis of Tuberculosis and Potential Underdiagnosis of TB in a Region of High HIV Prevalence

Author(s): Theresa T. Liu | Douglas Wilson | Halima Dawood | D. William Cameron | Gonzalo G. Alvarez
Mitochondrial Genome-Knockout Cells Demonstrate a Dual Mechanism of Action for the Electron Transport Complex I Inhibitor Mycothiazole

Author(s): Kirsten J. Meyer | A. Jonathan Singh | Alanna Cameron | An S. Tan | Dora C. Leahy | David O’Sullivan | Praneta Joshi | Anne C. La Flamme | Peter T. Northcote | Michael V. Berridge | John H. Miller
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