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Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay Targeting the MOMP Gene for Rapid Detection of Chlamydia psittaci Abortus Strain

Author(s): Guo-Zhen Lin, Fu-Ying Zheng, Ji-Zhang Zhou, Guang-Hua Wang, Xiao-An Cao, Xiao-Wei Gong and Chang-Qing Qiu*
Fabrication and Performance of a Photonic-Microfluidic Integrated Device

Author(s): Benjamin R. Watts | Thomas Kowpak | Zhiyi Zhang | Chang-Qing Xu | Shiping Zhu | Xudong Cao | Min Lin
Neuropathic Nav1.3-mediated sensitization to P2X activation is regulated by protein kinase C

Author(s): Mo Gary | Grant Rebecca | O'Donnell Dajan | Ragsdale David | Cao Chang-Qing | Séguéla Philippe
Subtype-specific regulation of P2X3 and P2X2/3 receptors by phosphoinositides in peripheral nociceptors

Author(s): Mo Gary | Bernier Louis-Philippe | Zhao Qi | Chabot-Doré Anne-Julie | Ase Ariel R | Logothetis Diomedes | Cao Chang-Qing | Séguéla Philippe
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