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Testing Synchrony in Historical Biogeography: The Case of New World Primates and Hystricognathi Rodents

Author(s): Leticia Loss-Oliveira | Barbara O. Aguiar | Carlos G. Schrago*
Profile of small interfering RNAs from cotton plants infected with the polerovirus Cotton leafroll dwarf virus

Author(s): Silva Tatiane | Romanel Elisson | Andrade Roberto | Farinelli Laurent | Østerås Magne | Deluen Cécile | Corrêa Régis | Schrago Carlos | Vaslin Maite
Phylogenetic nomenclature and evolution of mannose-binding lectin (MBL2) haplotypes

Author(s): Boldt Angelica | Messias-Reason Iara | Meyer Diogo | Schrago Carlos | Lang Florian | Lell Bertrand | Dietz Klaus | Kremsner Peter | Petzl-Erler Maria | Kun Jürgen
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