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Outcomes of Disconnective Surgery in Intractable Pediatric Hemispheric and Subhemispheric Epilepsy

Author(s): Santhosh George Thomas | Ari George Chacko | Maya Mary Thomas | K. Srinivasa Babu | Paul Swamidhas Sudhakar Russell | Roy Thomas Daniel
Multiple extracranial metastases from intradiploic meningioma

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Chacko Geeta | Chacko Ari | Haran R
Unusual cause of brain abscess in an infant

Author(s): Thomas Vinu | Sathish Kumar T | Agarwal Indira | Chacko Ari
Post-traumatic intracranial fibrosarcoma – case report and review of literature

Author(s): Biji Bahuleyan | Samson Sujith Kumar | Geeta Chacko | Ari G Chacko
Spinal intramedullary metastasis from intracranial germinoma

Author(s): Shah K | Chacko Geeta | John Subhashini | Chacko Ari
Unusual presentation of the 'syndrome of the trephined'

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Chacko Ari | Rajshekhar Vedantam
Alveolar soft-part sarcoma presenting with multiple intracranial metastases

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Chacko Geeta | Chacko Ari | Rajshekhar Vedantam
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