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Chromatin remodeling enzyme Brg1 is required for mouse lens fiber cell terminal differentiation and its denucleation

Author(s): He Shuying | Pirity Melinda K | Wang Wei-Lin | Wolf Louise | Chauhan Bharesh K | Cveklova Kveta | Tamm Ernst R | Ashery-Padan Ruth | Metzger Daniel | Nakai Akira | Chambon Pierre | Zavadil Jiri | Cvekl Ales
The inhibition of fat cell proliferation by n-3 fatty acids in dietary obese mice

Author(s): Hensler Michal | Bardova Kristina | Jilkova Zuzana | Wahli Walter | Meztger Daniel | Chambon Pierre | Kopecky Jan | Flachs Pavel
Smooth muscle cell specific deletion of the PKGI╬▒ target RGS2 induces vascular dysfunction and hypertension

Author(s): Thoonen Robrecht | Zhang Haihua | Abe Yuichi | Nickerson Heather | Aronovitz Mark | Chambon Pierre | Karas Richard | Mendelsohn Michael

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