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Differential Expression and Functional Analysis of the Tristetraprolin Family during Early Differentiation of 3T3-L1 Preadipocytes

Author(s): Nien-Yi Lin, Tzi-Yang Lin, Wen-Hsuan Yang, Shun-Chang Wang, Kuan-Ting Wang, Yu-Lun Su, Yu-Wun Jiang, Geen-Dong Chang, Ching-Jin Chang
Drosophila eyes absent is a Novel mRNA Target of the Tristetraprolin (TTP) Protein DTIS11

Author(s): Po-An Yeh, Wen-Hsuan Yang, Pei-Yu Chiang, Shun-Chang Wang, Mau-Sun Chang, Ching-Jin Chang
Phosphorylation at Ser473 regulates heterochromatin protein 1 binding and corepressor function of TIF1beta/KAP1

Author(s): Chang Chiung-Wen | Chou Han-Yi | Lin Yu-Sheng | Huang Kuo-Hsiang | Chang Ching-Jin | Hsu Tsui-Chun | Lee Sheng-Chung
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