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Introducing the Journal of Integrative Medicine

Author(s): Wei-kang Zhao | Lixing Lao | Chang-quan Ling
Natural Products for Liver Diseases: Basic, Clinical, and Translational Research

Author(s): Chang-Quan Ling | Jen-Hwey Chiu | Byeongsang Oh | William C. S. Cho
New Triterpenoids with Cytotoxic Activity from Actinidia Valvata

Author(s): Li-Ping Qu | Guo-Yin Zheng | Yong-Hua Su | Hui-Qing Zhang | Yan-Long Yang | Hai-Liang Xin | Chang-Quan Ling
Total Saponin from Root of Actinidia valvata Dunn Inhibits Hepatoma 22 Growth and Metastasis In Vivo by Suppression Angiogenesis

Author(s): Guo-Yin Zheng | Hai-Liang Xin | Yan-Fen Xu | Bai Li | Xiao-Feng Zhai | Yuan-Hui Zhang | Chang-Quan Ling
Health-related quality of life evaluated by tumor node metastasis staging system in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Cui-Xia Qiao | Xiao-Feng Zhai | Chang-Quan Ling | Qing-Bo Lang | Hui-Juan Dong | Qun Liu | Mou-Duo Li
Treatment of cholecystitis with Chinese herbal medicines: A systematic review of the literature

Author(s): Zhi-Yong Dong | Guan-Liang Wang | Xing Liu | Jia Liu | De-Zeng Zhu | Chang-Quan Ling

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