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How long is a piece of loop?

Author(s): Yoonjoo Choi | Sumeet Agarwal | Charlotte M. Deane
Mutual information and variants for protein domain-domain contact prediction

Author(s): Gomes Mireille | Hamer Rebecca | Reinert Gesine | Deane Charlotte M
Producing High-Accuracy Lattice Models from Protein Atomic Coordinates Including Side Chains

Author(s): Martin Mann | Rhodri Saunders | Cameron Smith | Rolf Backofen | Charlotte M. Deane
The function of communities in protein interaction networks at multiple scales

Author(s): Lewis Anna | Jones Nick | Porter Mason | Deane Charlotte
Directionality in protein fold prediction

Author(s): Ellis Jonathan | Huard Fabien | Deane Charlotte | Srivastava Sheenal | Wood Graham
Deciphering chemotaxis pathways using cross species comparisons

Author(s): Hamer Rebecca | Chen Pao-Yang | Armitage Judith | Reinert Gesine | Deane Charlotte
Electrostatic and Functional Analysis of the Seven-Bladed WD β-Propellers

Author(s): Najl V. Valeyev | A. Kristina Downing | John Sondek | Charlotte Deane
Linking evolution of protein structures through fragments

Author(s): Abeln Sanne | Deane Charlotte
Protein protein interactions, evolutionary rate, abundance and age

Author(s): Saeed Ramazan | Deane Charlotte
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