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Long-term efficacy and safety of exemestane in the treatment of breast cancer

Author(s): Walker GA | Xenophontos M | Chen LC | Cheung KL
Wound-healing effect of micronized sacchachitin (mSC) nanogel on corneal epithelium

Author(s): Chen RN | Lee LW | Chen LC | Ho HO | Lui SC | Sheu MT | Su CH
Correlation between radioactivity and chemotherapeutics of the 111In-VNB-liposome in pharmacokinetics and biodistribution in rats

Author(s): Lee WC | Chang CH | Huang CM | Wu YT | Chen LC | Ho CL | Chang TJ | Lee TW | Tsai TH
Biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of 188Re-liposomes and their comparative therapeutic efficacy with 5-fluorouracil in C26 colonic peritoneal carcinomatosis mice

Author(s): Tsai CC | Chang CH | Chen LC | Chang YJ | Lan KL | Wu YH | Hsu CW | Liu IH | Ho CL | Lee WC | Ni HC | Chang TJ | Ting G | Lee TW
Hot Photoluminescence in γ-In2Se3Nanorods

Author(s): Yang MD | Hu CH | Shen JL | Lan SM | Huang PJ | Chi GC | Chen KH | Chen LC | Lin TY
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