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Comparative recognition by human IgG antibodies of recombinant proteins representing three asexual erythrocytic stage vaccine candidates of Plasmodium vivax

Author(s): Mayara B Barbedo | Ricardo Ricci | Maria Carolina S Jimenez | Maristela G Cunha | Syed S Yazdani | Chetan E Chitnis | Mauricio M Rodrigues | Irene S Soares
The Spring Framework: An Open Source Java Platform for Developing Robust Java Applications

Author(s): Mr Dashrath Mane, | Miss Namrata Ojha, | Miss Ketaki Chitnis,
Assessment of Definitions of Sustained Disease Progression in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Brian C. Healy | David Engler | Bonnie Glanz | Alexander Musallam | Tanuja Chitnis

Author(s): Khanvilkar Vineeta V. | Chitnis Aditi P. | Shirode Abhay | Kadam Vilasrao J.
Measurement of overall insecticidal effects in experimental hut trials

Author(s): Briët Olivier JT | Smith Thomas A | Chitnis Nakul

Author(s): P.D. Shankpal, J.H. Hotwani, K.A. Chitnis and A.S. Limaye*
Case management for at-risk elderly patients in the English Integrated Care Pilots: observational study of staff and patient experience and secondary care utilisation

Author(s): Martin Roland | Richard Lewis | Adam Steventon | Gary Abel | John Adams | Martin Bardsley | Laura Brereton | Xavier Chitnis | Annalijn Conklin | Laura Staetsky | Sarah Tunkel | Tom Ling
Observations with the High Altitude GAmma-Ray (HAGAR) telescope array in the Indian Himalayas

Author(s): R. J. Britto | B. S. Acharya | G. C. Anupama | N. Bhatt | P. Bhattacharjee | S. Bhattacharya | V. R. Chitnis | R. Cowsik | N. Dorji | S. K. Duhan | K. S. Gothe | P. U. Kamath | R. Koul | J. Manoharan | P. K. Mahesh | A. Mitra | B. K. Nagesh | N. K. Parmar | T. P. Prabhu | R. C. Rannot | S. K. Rao | L. Saha | F. Saleem | A. K. Saxena | S. K. Sharma | A. Shukla | B. B. Singh | R. Srinivasan | G. Srinivasulu | P. V. Sudersanan | A. K. Tickoo | D. Tsewang | S. S. Upadhya | P. R. Vishwanath | K. K. Yadav
Simulating Real-Time Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Pagano Paolo | Chitnis Mangesh | Lipari Giuseppe | Nastasi Christian | Liang Yao
"Stereological analysis of renal glomeruli following chronic lead intoxication in rat during a continuos period of 8 weeks "

Author(s): "Mahmoodzadeh Sagheb HR | Dezfoulian A | Noori SMH | Heidari Z | Chitnis P "
Pharmaceutical Advertisements in Indian Scientific Journals: Analysis of Completeness of Information Content

Author(s): Dr. Jignesh K Ved, | Dr. Sagar S Jagtiani, | Dr. Kunal A Chitnis
Modeling the effects of vector control interventions in reducing malaria transmission, morbidity and mortality

Author(s): Chitnis Nakul | Hardy Diggory | Gnaegi Guillaume | Boutsika Konstantina | Maire Nicolas | Steketee Richard | Schapira Allan | Smith Tom
Role of bronchoalviolar lavage in pulmonary infections

Author(s): Bhatia G | Hemvani N | Chitnis D
Simulating Real-Time Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Paolo Pagano | Mangesh Chitnis | Giuseppe Lipari | Christian Nastasi | Yao Liang
Tetrabenazine in Huntington’s Disease Chorea

Author(s): Shilpa Chitnis | Cherian Abraham Karunapuzha
Surface disinfection by exposure to germicidal UV light

Author(s): Katara G | Hemvani N | Chitnis S | Chitnis V | Chitnis D
Preservation of Vibrio cholerae by suspension in normal saline

Author(s): Chitnis S | Chitnis V | Nanda H | Chitnis D
T-cell deficiency with recurrent mucocutaneous candidiasis

Author(s): Karnik A | Vijayvargiya R | Chitnis D | Sethi N
Phagocytic activity and the response to autovaccines in recurrent staphylococcal boils

Author(s): Karnik A | Vijayvargiya R | Chitnis D | Sethi N
Royal Bank, The Pursuit of a New Virtual Strategy, June 24, 1999

Author(s): William Kane, James Mumma, Margaret Salgado, Sunny Stastny | John Yang, Todd Underhill, Eric Falkjar, Rachelle Dupuis, Jana Tait | Cédric Brac de la Perrière, Ambrish Chitnis, Neil Gall, Sarab Hans, Anne Reutenauer
Comparison of traditional hand wash with alcoholic hand rub in ICU setup

Author(s): Maliekal Mona | Hemvani Nanda | Ukande Usha | Geed Sanjay | Bhattacherjee Maitreyee | George Julie | Chitnis D
Elisa kit evaluation for IGG and IGM antibodies to A-60 tubercular protein antigen

Author(s): Kalantri Y | Hemvani N | Bhatia G | Chitnis D
Biomedical waste in laboratory medicine: Audit and management

Author(s): Chitnis V | Vaidya K | Chitnis D
Nocardial abscess of spinal cord.

Author(s): Mehta R | Jain D | Chitnis D
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