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Multi-Finger Centric Gripper and Experimental Determination of Prehension Force

Author(s): Călin-Octavian Miclosină | Ion Vela | Codruţa-Oana Hamat
Mobile Robot Command

Author(s): Călin-Octavian Miclosină | Codruţa-Oana Hamat | Dorian Nedelcu | Vasile Cojocaru
The Action of Variable Strains on the Remanent Tensions

Author(s): Codruţa-Oana Hamat | Micloşină Călin-Octavian | Constantin Marta | Liviu Coman, | Adrian Cuzmos
The Optimum Vibration Generator for the Technological Process in Casting Bays

Author(s): Codruţa-Oana Hamat | Constantin Marta | Călin-Octavian Miclosină | Liviu Coman | Adrian Cuzmos
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