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Maternal mortality in rural South Africa: the impact of case definition on levels and trends

Author(s): Garenne M | Kahn K | Collinson MA | Gómez-Olivé FX | Tollman S
Health and demographic surveillance systems: contributing to an understanding of the dynamics in migration and health

Author(s): Annette Gerritsen | Philippe Bocquier | Michael White | Cheikh Mbacké | Nurul Alam | Donatien Beguy | Frank Odhiambo | Charfudin Sacoor | Ho Dang Phuc | Sureeporn Punpuing | Mark A. Collinson
The contribution of spatial analysis to understanding HIV/TB mortality in children: a structural equation modelling approach

Author(s): Eustasius Musenge | Penelope Vounatsou | Mark Collinson | Stephen Tollman | Kathleen Kahn
Convergence in fertility of South Africans and Mozambicans in rural South Africa, 1993–2009

Author(s): Jill Williams | Latifat Ibisomi | Benn Sartorius | Kathleen Kahn | Mark Collinson | Stephen Tollman | Michel Garenne
Using verbal autopsy to track epidemic dynamics: the case of HIV-related mortality in South Africa

Author(s): Byass Peter | Kahn Kathleen | Fottrell Edward | Mee Paul | Collinson Mark | Tollman Stephen
Paleogene floras and global change events: Introduction

Author(s): Collinson M E | DeVore M L | Pigg K B
Fruit and seed floras from exceptionally preserved biotas in the European Paleogene

Author(s): Collinson M | Manchester S R | Wilde V | Hayes P
Young and vulnerable: Spatial-temporal trends and risk factors for infant mortality in rural South Africa (Agincourt), 1992-2007

Author(s): Sartorius Benn | Kahn Kathleen | Vounatsou Penelope | Collinson Mark | Tollman Stephen
Assessing a population's exposure to heat and humidity: an empirical approach

Author(s): Peter Byass | Wayne Twine | Mark Collinson | Stephen Tollman | Tord Kjellstrom
Space and time clustering of mortality in rural South Africa (Agincourt HDSS), 1992–2007

Author(s): Benn Sartorius | Kathleen Kahn | Penelope Vounatsou | Mark A. Collinson | Stephen M. Tollman
Improving public health training and research capacity in Africa: a replicable model for linking training to health and socio-demographic surveillance data

Author(s): Jill R. Williams | Enid J. Schatz | Benjamin D. Clark | Mark A. Collinson | Samuel J. Clark | Jane Menken | Kathleen Kahn | Stephen M. Tollman
The implications of long term community involvement for the production and circulation of population knowledge

Author(s): Sangeetha Madhavan | Mark Collinson | Kathleen Kahn | Stephen Tollman | Nicholas W. Townsend
The molecular basis of defective lens development in the Iberian mole

Author(s): Carmona F David | Jiménez Rafael | Collinson J Martin
Birth season and environmental influences on blood leucocyte and lymphocyte subpopulations in rural Gambian infants

Author(s): Collinson Andrew | Ngom Pa Tamba | Moore Sophie | Morgan Gareth | Prentice Andrew
Penetrance of eye defects in mice heterozygous for mutation of Gli3 is enhanced by heterozygous mutation of Pax6

Author(s): Zaki Paulette | Collinson J Martin | Toraiwa Junko | Simpson T Ian | Price David | Quinn Jane
The roles of calcium signaling and ERK1/2 phosphorylation in a Pax6+/- mouse model of epithelial wound-healing delay

Author(s): Leiper Lucy | Walczysko Petr | Kucerova Romana | Ou Jingxing | Shanley Lynne | Lawson Diane | Forrester John | McCaig Colin | Zhao Min | Collinson J Martin
Identification of novel mutant PAX6 alleles in Indian cases of familial aniridia

Author(s): Neethirajan Guruswamy | Nallathambi Jeyabalan | Krishnadas Subbaiah | Vijayalakshmi Perumalsamy | Shashikanth Shetty | Collinson Jon | Sundaresan Periasamy
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