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Meroterpenes from Marine Invertebrates: Structures, Occurrence, and Ecological Implications

Author(s): Marialuisa Menna | Concetta Imperatore | Filomena D'Aniello | Anna Aiello
Further Investigation of the Mediterranean Sponge Axinella polypoides: Isolation of a New Cyclonucleoside and a New Betaine

Author(s): Marialuisa Menna | Anna Aiello | Filomena D'Aniello | Ernesto Fattorusso | Concetta Imperatore | Paolo Luciano | Rocco Vitalone
New Bioactive Alkyl Sulfates from Mediterranean Tunicates

Author(s): Concetta Imperatore | Anna Aiello | Filomena D'Aniello | Paolo Luciano | Rocco Vitalone | Rosaria Meli | Giuseppina Mattace Raso | Marialuisa Menna
Alkaloids from Marine Ascidians

Author(s): Marialuisa Menna | Ernesto Fattorusso | Concetta Imperatore
Zorrimidazolone, a Bioactive Alkaloid from the Non-Indigenous Mediterranean Stolidobranch Polyandrocarpa zorritensis

Author(s): Anna Aiello | Ernesto Fattorusso | Concetta Imperatore | Carlo Irace | Paolo Luciano | Marialuisa Menna | Rita Santamaria | Rocco Vitalone
Iodocionin, a Cytotoxic Iodinated Metabolite from the Mediterranean Ascidian Ciona edwardsii

Author(s): Anna Aiello | Ernesto Fattorusso | Concetta Imperatore | Marialuisa Menna | Werner E.G. Müller

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