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Continuation of Long-Term Care for Cervical Dystonia at an Academic Movement Disorders Clinic

Author(s): Chandler E. Gill | Neil D. Manus | Michael W. Pelster | Jason A. Cook | Wallace Title | Anna L. Molinari | David Charles
The future of DNA sequence archiving

Author(s): Cochrane Guy | Cook Charles E | Birney Ewan
First line treatment of acute and chronic ATLL with zidovudine (AZT) and interferon alpha (IFN-α): haematological and molecular responses

Author(s): Hodson Andrew | Demontis Maria | Gillet Nicolas | Cook Lucy | Bangham Charles | Fields Paul | Taylor Graham
The impact of antiplatelet therapy on pelvic fracture outcomes

Author(s): Christy Jonathan | Stawicki S | Jarvis Amy | Evans David | Gerlach Anthony | Lindsey David | Rhoades Peggy | Whitmill Melissa | Steinberg Steven | Phieffer Laura | Cook Charles
An EIAV field isolate reveals much higher levels of subtype variability than currently reported for the equine lentivirus family

Author(s): Craigo Jodi | Barnes Shannon | Zhang Baoshan | Cook Sheila | Howe Laryssa | Issel Charles | Montelaro Ronald
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